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An empty island in the middle of the ocean... how realistic is it to survive here? Ready to check?

  • Type: Survival
  • Biom: Warm Ocean
  • Features: Survival mode, Version 1.17 and higher
  • Difficulty: High
File: 2.74Mb, zip
Downloads: 20 times
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You spawn in the world next to the portals to the Nether, which leads directly to the fortress. Now you can get into it right away - without long and tedious searches.

  • Type: Survival
  • Biom: Nether
  • Features: Version 1.18 and higher
  • Difficulty: Medium
File: 5Mb, zip
Downloads: 38 times
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Finding a forest mansion is quite problematic. But on this map you spawn next to them. It's time to see what's inside!

  • Type: Structures, Survival
  • Biom: Dark Forest
  • Features: Survival mode, Version 1.18 and higher
  • Difficulty: Medium
File: 11Mb, zip
Downloads: 47 times
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Here you can choose and download maps for Minecraft for free. You can find the map you need by using a convenient filter.

  • Type: Find button
  • Version:
  • Features: Limited size of the world, Version 1.16 and higher
  • Difficulty: Medium
Downloads: 15 times
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This map is intended for use with the WorldEdit plugin. Using WorldEdit, a building from this map can be placed on your own map or personal server

  • Type: Scematic, Structures
File: 3.41Kb, schem
Downloads: 605 times
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  • Type: Island, Structures
File: 18.56Kb, zip
Downloads: 2335 times
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  • Type: Structures
File: 7Mb, zip
Downloads: 4793 times
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  • Type: Island, Scematic, Structures
  • Version:
File: 195Kb, schem
Downloads: 905 times
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  • Type: Structures
  • Version:
File: 1.78Mb, zip
Downloads: 1595 times
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Minecraft maps will diversify the gameplay, open thousands of new worlds, and help you learn Minecraft from a new side.

In this section you can find new or already popular maps for Minecraft of different genres:

  • Adventure maps
  • Parkour maps
  • PVP maps
  • Puzzle maps
  • Survival maps
  • Maps with buildings and cities
  • Maps with mechanisms
  • Horror maps

On our website, all maps for Minecraft can be downloaded for free. Downloading maps for Minecraft is easy, and the installation will take only a few minutes. You can select or find the desired map using a convenient filter and sorting.

Information on how to download and install any map in Minecraft is indicated on the page with the description of the map.