Item IDs in Minecraft


Farmer 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:farmer, level:2, type:plains}}
Librarian 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:librarian, level:2, type:plains}}
Cleric 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:cleric, level:2, type:plains}}
Butcher 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:butcher, level:2, type:plains}}
Villager 120 villager
Cartographer 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:cartographer, level:2, type:plains}}
Armorer villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:armorer, level:2, type:plains}}
Fletcher villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:fletcher, level:2, type:plains}}
Mason villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:mason, level:2, type:plains}}
Weaponsmith villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:weaponsmith, level:2, type:plains}}
Shepherd villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:shepherd, level:2, type:plains}}
Fisherman villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:fisherman, level:2, type:plains}}
Leatherworker villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:leatherworker, level:2, type:plains}}
Toolsmith villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:toolsmith, level:2, type:plains}}
Nitwit 120 villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:nitwit, level:2, type:plains}}

Cauldron 380 cauldron
Cartography Table cartography_table
Smoker smoker
Barrel barrel
Lectern lectern
Blast Furnace blast_furnace
Grindstone grindstone
Stonecutter stonecutter


Pig 383:90 pig
Cow 383:92 cow
Sheep 383:91 sheep
Chicken 383:93 chicken
Horse 383:100 horse
Squid 383:94 squid
Red Mooshroom 383:96 mooshroom
Ocelot 383:98 ocelot
Cat 383:98 cat
Bat 383:65 bat
Snow Golem 97 snow_golem
Turtle turtle
Donkey 383:100 donkey
Mule 383:100 mule
Rabbit 101 rabbit
Fox fox
Wandering Trader wandering_trader
Panda panda
Parrot parrot
Dolphin dolphin
Cod cod
Salmon salmon
Strider strider
Axolotl axolotl
Brown Mooshroom 383:96 mooshroom

Tropical Fish tropical_fish

Zombified Piglin 383:57 zombified_piglin
Wolf 383:95 wolf
Iron Golem 99 iron_golem
Llama llama
Bee bee
Zombified Piglin Baby zombified_piglin ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Polar Bear 102 polar_bear

Zombie 383:54 zombie
Spider 383:52 spider
Creeper 383:50 creeper
Skeleton 383:51 skeleton
Wither Skeleton 51 wither_skeleton
Spider Jockey spider ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:"skeleton"}]}
Chicken jockey 383:54 chicken ~ ~ ~ {IsChickenJockey:1,Passengers:[{id:"zombie",IsBaby:1}]}
Endermite 67 endermite
Slime 383:55 slime
Ghast 383:56 ghast
Enderman 383:58 enderman
Zombie Villager 383:54 zombie_villager
Cave Spider 383:59 cave_spider
Silverfish 383:62 silverfish
Magma Cube 383:62 magma_cube
Blaze 383:61 blaze
Witch 383:66 witch
Ender Dragon ender_dragon
Wither wither
Guardian 68 guardian
Elder Guardian 68 elder_guardian
The Killer Bunny 101 rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}
Hostile wolf 383:95 wolf ~ ~ ~ {Angry:1}
Charged Creeper 383:50 creeper ~ ~ ~ {powered:1}
Zombie Villager Baby 383:54 zombie_villager ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Zombie Baby 383:54 zombie ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Stray 51 stray
Husk 54 husk
Shulker 69 shulker
Evoker 34 evoker
Vex 35 vex
Vindicator 36 vindicator
Pillager pillager
Phantom phantom
Piglin piglin_banner_pattern.desc
Hoglin hoglin
Drowned drowned
Ravager ravager
Pufferfish pufferfish
Baby Husk 54 husk
Baby Drowned drowned
Baby Piglin piglin_banner_pattern.desc

White Wool 35 white_wool
Magma Cream 378 magma_cream
Sponge 19 sponge
Dragon Egg 122 dragon_egg
String 287 string
Feather 288 feather
Gunpowder 289 gunpowder
Raw Porkchop 319 porkchop
Leather 334 leather
Slimeball 341 slime_ball
Egg 344 egg
Glowstone Dust 348 glowstone_dust
Ink Sac 351 ink_sac
Bone 352 bone
Ender Pearl 368 ender_pearl
Blaze Rod 369 blaze_rod
Ghast Tear 370 ghast_tear
Nether Star 399 nether_star
Rabbit Hide 415 rabbit_hide
Rabbit's Foot 414 rabbit_foot
Shulker Shell shulker_shell
Scute scute
Phantom Membrane phantom_membrane
Nautilus Shell nautilus_shell
Glow Ink Sac glow_ink_sac

Zombie Horse 383:100 EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:3}
Skeleton Horse 383:100 skeleton_horse
Giant giant
Illusioner illusioner

Chick chicken ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Lamb sheep ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Calf cow ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Foal horse ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Piglet pig ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Wolf cub wolf ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Kitty cat ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Foal donkey ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Mule baby mule ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Mooshroom Baby 96 mooshroom ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
Turtle Egg turtle_egg

Wolf Spawn Egg 383:95 wolf_spawn_egg
Bat Spawn Egg 383:65 bat_spawn_egg
Cave Spider Spawn Egg 383:59 cave_spider_spawn_egg
Chicken Spawn Egg 383:93 chicken_spawn_egg
Cow Spawn Egg 383:92 cow_spawn_egg
Creeper Spawn Egg 383:50 creeper_spawn_egg
Enderman Spawn Egg 383:58 enderman_spawn_egg
Endermite Spawn Egg 383:67 endermite_spawn_egg
Ghast Spawn Egg 383:56 ghast_spawn_egg
Rabbit Spawn Egg 383:101 rabbit_spawn_egg
Guardian Spawn Egg 383:68 guardian_spawn_egg
Horse Spawn Egg 383:100 horse_spawn_egg
Blaze Spawn Egg 383:61 blaze_spawn_egg
Magma Cube Spawn Egg 383:62 magma_cube_spawn_egg
Mooshroom Spawn Egg 383:96 mooshroom_spawn_egg
Ocelot Spawn Egg 383:98 ocelot_spawn_egg
Squid Spawn Egg 383:94 squid_spawn_egg
Pig Spawn Egg 383:90 pig_spawn_egg
Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg 383:57 zombified_piglin_spawn_egg
Sheep Spawn Egg 383:91 sheep_spawn_egg
Silverfish Spawn Egg 383:60 silverfish_spawn_egg
Skeleton Spawn Egg 383:51 skeleton_spawn_egg
Slime Spawn Egg 383:55 slime_spawn_egg
Spider Spawn Egg 383:52 spider_spawn_egg
Villager Spawn Egg 383:120 villager_spawn_egg
Witch Spawn Egg 383:66 witch_spawn_egg
Zombie Spawn Egg 383:54 zombie_spawn_egg
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg elder_guardian_spawn_egg
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg tropical_fish_spawn_egg
Pufferfish Spawn Egg pufferfish_spawn_egg
Vindicator Spawn Egg 383:65 vindicator_spawn_egg
Ravager Spawn Egg ravager_spawn_egg
Turtle Spawn Egg turtle_spawn_egg
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg zombie_villager_spawn_egg
Fox Spawn Egg fox_spawn_egg
Wandering Trader Spawn Egg wandering_trader_spawn_egg
Salmon Spawn Egg salmon_spawn_egg
Cod Spawn Egg cod_spawn_egg
Llama Spawn Egg llama_spawn_egg
Panda Spawn Egg panda_spawn_egg
Parrot Spawn Egg parrot_spawn_egg
Phantom Spawn Egg phantom_spawn_egg
Polar Bear Spawn Egg polar_bear_spawn_egg
Dolphin Spawn Egg dolphin_spawn_egg
Stray Spawn Egg stray_spawn_egg
Husk Spawn Egg husk_spawn_egg
Pillager Spawn Egg pillager_spawn_egg
Drowned Spawn Egg drowned_spawn_egg
Shulker Spawn Egg shulker_spawn_egg
Hoglin Spawn Egg hoglin_spawn_egg
Cat Spawn Egg cat_spawn_egg
Strider Spawn Egg strider_spawn_egg
Donkey Spawn Egg donkey_spawn_egg
Evoker Spawn Egg evoker_spawn_egg
Mule Spawn Egg mule_spawn_egg
Piglin Spawn Egg piglin_spawn_egg
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg skeleton_horse_spawn_egg
Trader Llama Spawn Egg trader_llama_spawn_egg
Vex Spawn Egg vex_spawn_egg
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg wither_skeleton_spawn_egg
Zoglin Spawn Egg zoglin_spawn_egg
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg zombie_horse_spawn_egg
Bee Spawn Egg bee_spawn_egg
Axolotl Spawn Egg axolotl_spawn_egg
Glow Squid Spawn Egg glow_squid_spawn_egg
Piglin Brute Spawn Egg piglin_brute_spawn_egg
Goat Spawn Egg goat_spawn_egg

Spawner 52 spawner

Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks infested_chiseled_stone_bricks
Infested Cobblestone infested_cobblestone
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks infested_cracked_stone_bricks
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks infested_mossy_stone_bricks
Infested Stone infested_stone
Infested Deepslate infested_deepslate


Sugar 353 sugar
Blaze Powder 377 blaze_powder
Fermented Spider Eye 376 fermented_spider_eye
Glistering Melon Slice 382 glistering_melon_slice
Pufferfish 349:3 pufferfish
Nether Wart 372 nether_wart
Spider Eye 375 spider_eye
Dragon's Breath dragon_breath

Potion of Water Breathing potion.effect.water_breathing
Potion of Water Breathing (long) potion{Potion:"long_water_breathing"}
Splash Potion of Water Breathing splash_potion.effect.water_breathing
Splash Potion of Water Breathing (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_water_breathing"}
Lingering Potion of Water Breathing lingering_potion.effect.water_breathing
Lingering Potion of Water Breathing (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_water_breathing"}

Potion of Harming 373:8204 potion.effect.harming
Potion of Harming II 373:8236 potion{Potion:"strong_harming"}
Splash Potion of Harming II 373:8236 splash_potion{Potion:"strong_harming"}
Splash Potion of Harming 373:8236 splash_potion.effect.harming
Lingering Potion of Harming lingering_potion.effect.harming

Potion of Slowness 373:8202 potion.effect.slowness
Potion of Slowness + 373:8266 potion{Potion:"long_slowness"}
Splash Potion of Slowness splash_potion.effect.slowness
Splash Potion of Slowness (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_slowness"}
Lingering Potion of Slowness lingering_potion.effect.slowness
Potion of Slowness II 373:8266 potion{Potion:"strong_slowness"}
Splash Potion of Slowness II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_slowness"}
Lingering Potion of Slowness (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_slowness"}
Lingering Potion of Slowness II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_slowness"}

Potion of Healing 373:8197 potion.effect.healing
Potion of Healing II 373:8229 potion{Potion:"strong_healing"}
Splash Potion of Healing 373:8197 splash_potion.effect.healing
Lingering Potion of Healing 373:8197 lingering_potion.effect.healing
Splash Potion of Healing II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_healing"}
Lingering Potion of Healing II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_healing"}

Potion of Invisibility 373:8206 potion.effect.invisibility
Potion of Invisibility + 373:8270 potion{Potion:"long_invisibility"}
Splash Potion of Invisibility 373:8206 splash_potion.effect.invisibility
Lingering Potion of Invisibility 373:8206 lingering_potion.effect.invisibility
Splash Potion of Invisibility (long) 373:8206 splash_potion{Potion:"long_invisibility"}
Lingering Potion of Invisibility (long) 373:8206 lingering_potion{Potion:"long_invisibility"}

Potion of Night Vision 373:8198 potion.effect.night_vision
Potion of Night Vision + 373:8262 potion{Potion:"long_night_vision"}
Splash Potion of Night Vision 373:8198 splash_potion.effect.night_vision
Lingering Potion of Night Vision 373:8198 lingering_potion.effect.night_vision
Splash Potion of Night Vision (long) 373:8198 splash_potion{Potion:"long_night_vision"}
Lingering Potion of Night Vision (long) 373:8198 lingering_potion{Potion:"long_night_vision"}

Potion of Fire Resistance 373:8195 potion.effect.fire_resistance
Potion of Fire Resistance + 373:8259 potion{Potion:"long_fire_resistance"}
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 373:8195 splash_potion.effect.fire_resistance
Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance 373:8195 lingering_potion.effect.fire_resistance
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (long) 373:8195 splash_potion{Potion:"long_fire_resistance"}
Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance (long) 373:8195 lingering_potion{Potion:"long_fire_resistance"}

Potion of Poison potion.effect.poison
Potion of Poison + 373:8260 potion{Potion:"long_poison"}
Potion of Poison II 373:8228 potion{Potion:"strong_poison"}
Splash Potion of Poison 373:8228 splash_potion.effect.poison
Lingering Potion of Poison 373:8228 lingering_potion.effect.poison
Splash Potion of Poison (long) 373:8228 splash_potion{Potion:"long_poison"}
Splash Potion of Poison II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_poison"}
Lingering Potion of Poison (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_poison"}
Lingering Potion of Poison II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_poison"}

Potion of Slow Falling potion.effect.slow_falling
Potion of Slow Falling (long) potion{Potion:"long_slow_falling"}
Splash Potion of Slow Falling (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_slow_falling"}
Splash Potion of Slow Falling splash_potion.effect.slow_falling
Lingering Potion of Slow Falling lingering_potion.effect.slow_falling
Lingering Potion of Slow Falling (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_slow_falling"}

Potion of Leaping 8203 potion.effect.leaping
Potion of Leaping II 8203 potion{Potion:"strong_leaping"}
Splash Potion of Leaping 8203 splash_potion.effect.leaping
Lingering Potion of Leaping 8203 lingering_potion.effect.leaping
Potion of Leaping (long) 8203 potion{Potion:"long_leaping"}
Splash Potion of Leaping (long) 8203 splash_potion{Potion:"long_leaping"}
Splash Potion of Leaping II 8203 splash_potion{Potion:"strong_leaping"}
Lingering Potion of Leaping II 8203 lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_leaping"}
Lingering Potion of Leaping (long) 8203 lingering_potion{Potion:"long_leaping"}

Potion of Regeneration 373:8193 potion.effect.regeneration
Potion of Regeneration + potion{Potion:"long_regeneration"}
Potion of Regeneration II potion{Potion:"strong_regeneration"}
Splash Potion of Regeneration splash_potion.effect.regeneration
Splash Potion of Regeneration (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_regeneration"}
Lingering Potion of Regeneration lingering_potion.effect.regeneration
Splash Potion of Regeneration II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_regeneration"}
Lingering Potion of Regeneration (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_regeneration"}
Lingering Potion of Regeneration II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_regeneration"}

Potion of Strength 373:8201 potion.effect.strength
Potion of Strength + 373:8265 potion{Potion:"long_strength"}
Potion of Strength II 373:8233 potion{Potion:"strong_strength"}
Splash Potion of Strength 373:8201 splash_potion.effect.strength
Lingering Potion of Strength 373:8201 lingering_potion.effect.strength
Splash Potion of Strength II 373:8201 splash_potion{Potion:"strong_strength"}
Splash Potion of Strength (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_strength"}
Lingering Potion of Strength (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_strength"}
Lingering Potion of Strength II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_strength"}

Potion of Weakness 373:8200 potion.effect.weakness
Potion of Weakness + 373:8264 potion{Potion:"long_weakness"}
Lingering Potion of Weakness 373:8200 lingering_potion.effect.weakness
Splash Potion of Weakness 373:8200 splash_potion.effect.weakness
Splash Potion of Weakness (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_weakness"}
Lingering Potion of Weakness (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_weakness"}

Potion of Swiftness potion.effect.swiftness
Splash Potion of Swiftness splash_potion.effect.swiftness
Potion of Swiftness (long) potion{Potion:"long_swiftness"}
Potion of Swiftness II potion{Potion:"strong_swiftness"}
Lingering Potion of Swiftness lingering_potion.effect.swiftness
Splash Potion of Swiftness (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_swiftness"}
Splash Potion of Swiftness II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_swiftness"}
Lingering Potion of Swiftness II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_swiftness"}
Lingering Potion of Swiftness (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_swiftness"}

Potion of Luck potion.effect.luck
Splash Potion of Luck splash_potion.effect.luck
Lingering Potion of Luck lingering_potion.effect.luck

Potion of the Turtle Master potion.effect.turtle_master
Potion of the Turtle Master (long) potion{Potion:"long_turtle_master"}
Potion of the Turtle Master II potion{Potion:"strong_turtle_master"}
Splash Potion of the Turtle Master splash_potion.effect.turtle_master
Splash Potion of the Turtle Master (long) splash_potion{Potion:"long_turtle_master"}
Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master lingering_potion.effect.turtle_master
Splash Potion of the Turtle Master II splash_potion{Potion:"strong_turtle_master"}
Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master II lingering_potion{Potion:"strong_turtle_master"}
Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master (long) lingering_potion{Potion:"long_turtle_master"}

Awkward Potion 373:16 potion.effect.awkward
Thick Potion 373:32 potion.effect.thick
Mundane Splash Potion splash_potion.effect.mundane
Mundane Potion potion.effect.mundane
Mundane Lingering Potion lingering_potion.effect.mundane
Awkward Splash Potion 373:16 splash_potion.effect.awkward
Awkward Lingering Potion 373:16 lingering_potion.effect.awkward
Thick Splash Potion splash_potion.effect.thick
Thick Lingering Potion lingering_potion.effect.thick


Bookshelf 47 bookshelf
Book 340 book
Glass Bottle 374 glass_bottle
Water Bottle 373 potion.effect.water
Enchanted Book 403 enchanted_book

Unbreaking 34 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:unbreaking,lvl:1}]} 1
Efficiency 32 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:efficiency,lvl:1}]} 1
Silk Touch 33 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:silk_touch,lvl:1}]} 1
Fortune 35 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:fortune,lvl:1}]} 1
Mending enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:mending,lvl:1}]} 1

Thorns 7 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:thorns,lvl:1}]} 1
Feather Falling 2 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:feather_falling,lvl:1}]} 1
Respiration 5 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:respiration,lvl:1}]} 1
Aqua Affinity 6 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:aqua_affinity,lvl:1}]} 1
Protection 0 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:protection,lvl:1}]} 1
Fire Protection 1 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:fire_protection,lvl:1}]} 1
Blast Protection 3 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:blast_protection,lvl:1}]} 1
Projectile Protection 4 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:projectile_protection,lvl:1}]} 1
Depth Strider enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:depth_strider,lvl:1}]} 1
Frost Walker enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:frost_walker,lvl:1}]} 1
Soul Speed enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:soul_speed,lvl:1}]} 1

Punch 49 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:punch,lvl:1}]} 1
Sharpness 16 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:1}]} 1
Smite 17 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:smite,lvl:1}]} 1
Bane of Arthropods 18 enchenchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:bane_of_arthropods,lvl:1}]} 1
Fire Aspect 20 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:fire_aspect,lvl:1}]} 1
Looting 21 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:looting,lvl:1}]} 1
Sweeping Edge enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:sweeping,lvl:1}]} 1

Power 48 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:power,lvl:1}]} 1
Flame 50 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:flame,lvl:1}]} 1
Infinity 51 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:infinity,lvl:1}]} 1
Knockback 19 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:knockback,lvl:1}]} 1

Multishot enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:multishot,lvl:1}]} 1
Quick Charge enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:1}]} 1
Piercing enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:piercing,lvl:1}]} 1

Luck of the Sea 61 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:luck_of_the_sea,lvl:1}]} 1
Lure 62 enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:lure,lvl:1}]} 1

Loyalty enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:loyalty,lvl:1}]} 1
Impaling enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:impaling,lvl:1}]} 1
Riptide enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:riptide,lvl:1}]} 1
Channeling enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:channeling,lvl:1}]} 1

Curse of Binding enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:binding_curse,lvl:1}]} 1


Stone Button 77 stone_button
Oak Button 143 oak_button
Warped Button warped_button
Crimson Button crimson_button
Acacia Button acacia_button
Birch Button birch_button
Dark Oak Button dark_oak_button
Jungle Button jungle_button
Spruce Button spruce_button
Polished Blackstone Button polished_blackstone_button

Light Weighted Pressure Plate 147 light_weighted_pressure_plate
Stone Pressure Plate 70 stone_pressure_plate
Oak Pressure Plate 72 oak_pressure_plate
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate 147 heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
Warped Pressure Plate warped_pressure_plate
Crimson Pressure Plate crimson_pressure_plate
Spruce Pressure Plate 72 spruce_pressure_plate
Birch Pressure Plate 72 birch_pressure_plate
Jungle Pressure Plate 72 jungle_pressure_plate
Acacia Pressure Plate 72 acacia_pressure_plate
Dark Oak Pressure Plate 72 dark_oak_pressure_plate
Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate polished_blackstone_pressure_plate

Command Block 137 command_block
Repeating Command Block repeating_command_block
Chain Command Block chain_command_block

Redstone Torch 76 redstone_torch
Lever 69 lever
Redstone Repeater 356 repeater
Redstone Comparator 404 comparator
Tripwire Hook 131 tripwire_hook
Daylight Detector 151 daylight_detector
Block of Redstone 152 redstone_block
Observer 251 observer
Target target
Sculk Sensor sculk_sensor
Lightning Rod lightning_rod

Piston 33 piston
Sticky Piston 29 sticky_piston

Oak Door 324 oak_door
Iron Door 330 iron_door
Birch Door 428 birch_door
Spruce Door 427 spruce_door
Jungle Door 429 jungle_door
Acacia Door 430 acacia_door
Dark Oak Door 431 dark_oak_door
Warped Door warped_door
Crimson Door crimson_door

Oak Fence Gate 107 oak_fence_gate
Birch Fence Gate 184 birch_fence_gate
Spruce Fence Gate 183 spruce_fence_gate
Acacia Fence Gate 187 acacia_fence_gate
Jungle Fence Gate 185 jungle_fence_gate
Dark Oak Fence Gate 186 dark_oak_fence_gate
Warped Fence Gate warped_fence_gate
Crimson Fence Gate crimson_fence_gate

Oak Trapdoor 96 oak_trapdoor
Iron Trapdoor 167 iron_trapdoor
Dark Oak Trapdoor dark_oak_trapdoor
Spruce Trapdoor spruce_trapdoor
Birch Trapdoor birch_trapdoor
Acacia Trapdoor acacia_trapdoor
Jungle Trapdoor jungle_trapdoor
Warped Trapdoor warped_trapdoor
Crimson Trapdoor crimson_trapdoor

Note Block 25 note_block
Jukebox 84 jukebox

Music Disc (13) 2256 music_disc_13
Music Disc (Cat) 2257 music_disc_cat
Music Disc (Blocks) 2258 music_disc_blocks
Music Disc (Chirp) 2259 music_disc_chirp
Music Disc (Far) 2260 music_disc_far
Music Disc (Mall) 2261 music_disc_mall
Music Disc (Mellohi) 2262 music_disc_mellohi
Music Disc (Stal) 2263 music_disc_stal
Music Disc (Strad) 2264 music_disc_strad
Music Disc (Ward) 2265 music_disc_ward
Music Disc (Wait) 2267 music_disc_wait
Music Disc 2256 music_disc_pigstep
Music Disc 2256 music_disc_11
Disk Otherside 2256 music_disc_13

Dropper 158 dropper
Dispenser 23 dispenser
Hopper 154 hopper

Rail 66 rail
Powered Rail 27 powered_rail
Detector Rail 28 detector_rail
Activator Rail 157 activator_rail

Minecart 328 minecart
Minecart with Furnace 343 furnace_minecart
Minecart with Chest 342 chest_minecart
Minecart with TNT 407 tnt_minecart
Minecart with Hopper 408 hopper_minecart
Minecart with Command Block command_block_minecart

Birch Boat 333 birch_boat
Acacia Boat 333 acacia_boat
Dark Oak Boat 333 dark_oak_boat
Jungle Boat 333 jungle_boat
Spruce Boat 333 spruce_boat
Oak Boat 333 oak_boat

Carrot on a Stick 398 carrot_on_a_stick
Ladder 65 ladder
Saddle 329 saddle
Elytra 443 elytra
Scaffolding scaffolding
Warped Fungus on a Stick warped_fungus_on_a_stick

Crafting Table 58 crafting_table
Furnace 61 furnace
Enchanting Table 116 enchanting_table
Anvil 145 anvil
Beacon 138 beacon
Brewing Stand 379 brewing_stand
Campfire campfire
Composter composter
Fletching Table fletching_table
Smithing Table smithing_table
Loom loom
Soul Campfire soul_campfire
Water Cauldron water_cauldron
Lava Cauldron lava_cauldron
Powder Snow Cauldron powder_snow_cauldron

Chest 55 chest
Ender Chest 130 ender_chest
Trapped Chest 146 trapped_chest
Shulker Box shulker_box
Bundle bundle

Black Shulker Box black_shulker_box
Blue Shulker Box blue_shulker_box
Brown Shulker Box brown_shulker_box
Cyan Shulker Box cyan_shulker_box
Gray Shulker Box gray_shulker_box
Green Shulker Box green_shulker_box
Light Blue Shulker Box light_blue_shulker_box
Light Gray Shulker Box light_gray_shulker_box
Lime Shulker Box lime_shulker_box
Magenta Shulker Box magenta_shulker_box
Orange Shulker Box orange_shulker_box
Pink Shulker Box pink_shulker_box
Purple Shulker Box purple_shulker_box
Red Shulker Box red_shulker_box
White Shulker Box white_shulker_box
Yellow Shulker Box yellow_shulker_box

Respawn Anchor respawn_anchor


Leather Cap 298 leather_helmet
Iron Helmet 306 iron_helmet
Golden Helmet 314 golden_helmet
Diamond Helmet 310 diamond_helmet
Chainmail Helmet 302 chainmail_helmet
Netherite Helmet netherite_helmet
Turtle Shell turtle_helmet

Leather Tunic 299 leather_chestplate
Golden Chestplate 315 golden_chestplate
Iron Chestplate 307 iron_chestplate
Diamond Chestplate 311 diamond_chestplate
Chainmail Chestplate 303 chainmail_chestplate
Netherite Chestplate netherite_chestplate

Leather Pants 300 leather_leggings
Golden Leggings 316 golden_leggings
Iron Leggings 308 iron_leggings
Diamond Leggings 312 diamond_leggings
Chainmail Leggings 304 chainmail_leggings
Netherite Leggings netherite_leggings

Leather Boots 301 leather_boots
Golden Boots 317 golden_boots
Iron Boots 309 iron_boots
Diamond Boots 313 diamond_boots
Chainmail Boots 305 chainmail_boots
Netherite Boots netherite_boots

Shield shield
Blue Shield
White Shield shield.white
Cyan Shield shield.cyan
Yellow Shield shield.yellow
Light Blue Shield shield.light_blue
Light Gray Shield shield.light_gray
Green Shield
Brown Shield shield.brown
Red Shield
Lime Shield shield.lime
Orange Shield
Purple Shield shield.purple
Pink Shield
Magenta Shield shield.magenta
Black Shield
Gray Shield shield.gray

Iron Horse Armor 417 iron_horse_armor
Golden Horse Armor 418 golden_horse_armor
Diamond Horse Armor 419 diamond_horse_armor
Leather Horse Armor leather_horse_armor

Iron Sword 267 iron_sword
Stone Sword 272 stone_sword
Diamond Sword 276 diamond_sword
Golden Sword 283 golden_sword
Wooden Sword 268 wooden_sword
Netherite Sword netherite_sword

Bow 261 bow
Arrow 262 arrow
Crossbow crossbow
Arrow of Harming tipped_arrow.effect.harming
Spectral Arrow spectral_arrow
Arrow of Water Breathing tipped_arrow.effect.water_breathing
Arrow of Night Vision tipped_arrow.effect.night_vision
Arrow of Invisibility tipped_arrow.effect.invisibility
Arrow of Leaping tipped_arrow.effect.leaping
Arrow of Healing tipped_arrow.effect.healing
Arrow of Fire Resistance tipped_arrow.effect.fire_resistance
Arrow of Strength tipped_arrow.effect.strength
Arrow of Poison tipped_arrow.effect.poison
Arrow of Luck tipped_arrow.effect.luck
Arrow of Weakness tipped_arrow.effect.weakness
Arrow of Swiftness tipped_arrow.effect.swiftness
Arrow of Regeneration tipped_arrow.effect.regeneration
Arrow of Slow Falling tipped_arrow.effect.slow_falling
Arrow of the Turtle Master tipped_arrow.effect.turtle_master
Arrow of Slowness tipped_arrow.effect.slowness

Iron Pickaxe 257 iron_pickaxe
Wooden Pickaxe 270 wooden_pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe 274 stone_pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe 278 diamond_pickaxe
Golden Pickaxe 285 golden_pickaxe
Netherite Pickaxe netherite_pickaxe

Iron Axe 258 iron_axe
Wooden Axe 271 wooden_axe
Stone Axe 275 stone_axe
Diamond Axe 279 diamond_axe
Golden Axe 286 golden_axe
Netherite Axe netherite_axe

Iron Shovel 256 iron_shovel
Wooden Shovel 269 wooden_shovel
Stone Shovel 273 stone_shovel
Diamond Shovel 277 diamond_shovel
Golden Shovel 284 golden_shovel
Netherite Shovel netherite_shovel

Wooden Hoe 290 wooden_hoe
Stone Hoe 291 stone_hoe
Diamond Hoe 293 diamond_hoe
Golden Hoe 294 golden_hoe
Iron Hoe 292 iron_hoe
Netherite Hoe netherite_hoe

Bucket 325 bucket
Water Bucket 326 water_bucket
Lava Bucket 327 lava_bucket
Milk Bucket 335 milk_bucket
Bucket of Pufferfish 326 pufferfish_bucket
Bucket of Tropical Fish 326 tropical_fish_bucket
Bucket of Cod 326 cod_bucket
Bucket of Salmon 326 salmon_bucket
Powder Snow Bucket powder_snow_bucket
Bucket of Axolotl axolotl_bucket

Stick 280 stick
Flint and Steel 259 flint_and_steel
Fishing Rod 346 fishing_rod
Shears 359 shears
Bowl 281 bowl
Lead 420 lead
Name Tag 421 name_tag
Totem of Undying 449 totem_of_undying


Andesite 1:5 andesite
Polished Andesite 1:6 polished_andesite

Nether Bricks 112 nether_bricks
Netherrack 87 netherrack
Red Nether Bricks red_nether_bricks
Chiseled Nether Bricks chiseled_nether_bricks
Cracked Nether Bricks cracked_nether_bricks

Glowstone 89 glowstone
Block of Lapis Lazuli 22 lapis_block
Block of Gold 41 gold_block
Block of Iron 42 iron_block
Block of Diamond 57 diamond_block
Block of Emerald 133 emerald_block
Slime Block 165 slime_block
Block of Coal 173 coal_block
Bone Block 216 bone_block
Block of Netherite netherite_block

Black Concrete black_concrete
Blue Concrete blue_concrete
Brown Concrete brown_concrete
Cyan Concrete cyan_concrete
Gray Concrete gray_concrete
Green Concrete green_concrete
Light Blue Concrete light_blue_concrete
Light Gray Concrete light_gray_concrete
Lime Concrete lime_concrete
Magenta Concrete magenta_concrete
Orange Concrete orange_concrete
Pink Concrete pink_concrete
Purple Concrete purple_concrete
Red Concrete red_concrete
White Concrete white_concrete
Yellow Concrete yellow_concrete

Black Concrete Powder black_concrete_powder
Blue Concrete Powder blue_concrete_powder
Brown Concrete Powder brown_concrete_powder
Cyan Concrete Powder cyan_concrete_powder
Gray Concrete Powder gray_concrete_powder
Green Concrete Powder green_concrete_powder
Light Blue Concrete Powder light_blue_concrete_powder
Light Gray Concrete Powder light_gray_concrete_powder
Lime Concrete Powder lime_concrete_powder
Magenta Concrete Powder magenta_concrete_powder
Orange Concrete Powder orange_concrete_powder
Pink Concrete Powder pink_concrete_powder
Purple Concrete Powder purple_concrete_powder
Red Concrete Powder red_concrete_powder
White Concrete Powder white_concrete_powder
Yellow Concrete Powder yellow_concrete_powder

Clay 82 clay
Bricks 45 bricks
Terracotta 172 terracotta

Block of Amethyst amethyst_block
Small Amethyst Bud small_amethyst_bud
Medium Amethyst Bud medium_amethyst_bud
Large Amethyst Bud large_amethyst_bud
Amethyst Cluster amethyst_cluster
Budding Amethyst budding_amethyst

Basalt basalt
Polished Basalt polished_basalt
Smooth Basalt smooth_basalt

Deepslate deepslate
Cobbled Deepslate cobbled_deepslate
Chiseled Deepslate chiseled_deepslate
Polished Deepslate polished_deepslate
Deepslate Bricks deepslate_bricks
Deepslate Tiles deepslate_tiles
Cracked Deepslate Bricks cracked_deepslate_bricks
Cracked Deepslate Tiles cracked_deepslate_tiles

Granite 1:1 granite
Polished Granite 1:4 polished_granite

Diorite 1:3 diorite
Polished Diorite 1:2 polished_diorite

Oak Log 17 oak_log
Spruce Log 17:1 spruce_log
Birch Log 17:2 birch_log
Jungle Log 17:3 jungle_log
Acacia Log 162 acacia_log
Dark Oak Log 162:1 dark_oak_log
Crimson Stem crimson_stem
Warped Stem warped_stem

Oak Planks 5 oak_planks
Spruce Planks 5:1 spruce_planks
Birch Planks 5:2 birch_planks
Jungle Planks 5:3 jungle_planks
Acacia Planks 5:4 acacia_planks
Dark Oak Planks 5:5 dark_oak_planks
Crimson Planks crimson_planks
Warped Planks warped_planks

Stripped Crimson Stem stripped_crimson_stem
Stripped Warped Stem stripped_warped_stem
Stripped Acacia Log stripped_acacia_log
Stripped Birch Log stripped_birch_log
Stripped Dark Oak Log stripped_dark_oak_log
Stripped Jungle Log stripped_jungle_log
Stripped Oak Log stripped_oak_log
Stripped Spruce Log stripped_spruce_log
Stripped Crimson Hyphae stripped_crimson_hyphae
Stripped Warped Hyphae stripped_warped_hyphae

Oak Leaves 18 oak_leaves
Spruce Leaves 18:1 spruce_leaves
Birch Leaves 18:2 birch_leaves
Jungle Leaves 18:3 jungle_leaves
Acacia Leaves 161 acacia_leaves
Dark Oak Leaves 161:1 dark_oak_leaves
Azalea Leaves azalea_leaves
Flowering Azalea Leaves flowering_azalea_leaves

Stripped Dark Oak Wood stripped_dark_oak_wood
Stripped Acacia Wood stripped_acacia_wood
Stripped Birch Wood stripped_birch_wood
Stripped Jungle Wood stripped_jungle_wood
Stripped Oak Wood stripped_oak_wood
Stripped Spruce Wood stripped_spruce_wood

Crimson Hyphae crimson_hyphae
Warped Hyphae warped_hyphae
Acacia Wood acacia_wood
Birch Wood birch_wood
Dark Oak Wood dark_oak_wood
Jungle Wood jungle_wood
Oak Wood oak_wood
Spruce Wood spruce_wood

Snow snow-2
Grass Block 2 grass_block
Dirt 3 dirt
Podzol 3:2 podzol
Farmland 60 farmland
Mycelium 110 mycelium
Coarse Dirt coarse_dirt
Dirt Path 198 dirt_path
Warped Nylium warped_nylium
Crimson Nylium crimson_nylium
Soul Soil soul_soil

Stone Bricks 98 stone_bricks
Stone 1 stone
Cobblestone 4 cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone 48 mossy_cobblestone
Mossy Stone Bricks 98:1 mossy_stone_bricks
Cracked Stone Bricks 98:2 cracked_stone_bricks
Chiseled Stone Bricks 98:3 chiseled_stone_bricks
Infested Stone Bricks infested_stone_bricks
Smooth Stone smooth_stone

Block of Quartz 155 quartz_block
Quartz Pillar 155:2 quartz_pillar
Chiseled Quartz Block 155:1 chiseled_quartz_block
Smooth Quartz Block smooth_quartz
Quartz Bricks quartz_bricks

White Terracotta 159 white_terracotta
Orange Terracotta 159:1 orange_terracotta
Magenta Terracotta 159:2 magenta_terracotta
Light Blue Terracotta 159:3 light_blue_terracotta
Yellow Terracotta 159:4 yellow_terracotta
Lime Terracotta 159:5 lime_terracotta
Pink Terracotta 159:6 pink_terracotta
Gray Terracotta 159:7 gray_terracotta
Light Gray Terracotta 159:8 light_gray_terracotta
Cyan Terracotta 159:9 cyan_terracotta
Purple Terracotta 159:10 purple_terracotta
Blue Terracotta 159:11 blue_terracotta
Brown Terracotta 159:12 brown_terracotta
Green Terracotta 159:13 green_terracotta
Red Terracotta 159:14 red_terracotta
Black Terracotta 159:15 black_terracotta

White Glazed Terracotta 159 white_glazed_terracotta
Orange Glazed Terracotta 159 orange_glazed_terracotta
Magenta Glazed Terracotta 159 magenta_glazed_terracotta
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta 159 light_blue_glazed_terracotta
Yellow Glazed Terracotta 159 yellow_glazed_terracotta
Lime Glazed Terracotta 159 lime_glazed_terracotta
Pink Glazed Terracotta 159 pink_glazed_terracotta
Gray Glazed Terracotta gray_glazed_terracotta
Light Gray Glazed Terracotta 159 light_gray_glazed_terracotta
Cyan Glazed Terracotta 159 cyan_glazed_terracotta
Purple Glazed Terracotta 159 purple_glazed_terracotta
Blue Glazed Terracotta 159 blue_glazed_terracotta
Brown Glazed Terracotta 159 brown_glazed_terracotta
Green Glazed Terracotta 159 green_glazed_terracotta
Red Glazed Terracotta 159 red_glazed_terracotta
Black Glazed Terracotta 159 black_glazed_terracotta

Tube Coral Block tube_coral_block
Brain Coral Block brain_coral_block
Bubble Coral Block bubble_coral_block
Fire Coral Block fire_coral_block
Horn Coral Block horn_coral_block

Dead Tube Coral Block dead_tube_coral_block
Dead Brain Coral Block dead_brain_coral_block
Dead Bubble Coral Block dead_bubble_coral_block
Dead Fire Coral Block dead_fire_coral_block
Dead Horn Coral Block dead_horn_coral_block

Sandstone 24 sandstone
Smooth Sandstone 24:2 smooth_sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone 24:1 chiseled_sandstone
Sand 12 sand
Red Sand 12:1 red_sand
Soul Sand 88 soul_sand
Red Sandstone 179 red_sandstone
Chiseled Red Sandstone 179:1 chiseled_red_sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone 179:2 smooth_red_sandstone
Cut Red Sandstone cut_red_sandstone
Cut Sandstone cut_sandstone

Prismarine 168 prismarine
Prismarine Bricks 168:1 prismarine_bricks
Dark Prismarine 168:2 dark_prismarine

Gold Ore 14 gold_ore
Iron Ore 15 iron_ore
Coal Ore 16 coal_ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore 21 lapis_ore
Diamond Ore 56 diamond_ore
Redstone Ore 73 redstone_ore
Emerald Ore 129 emerald_ore
Nether Quartz Ore 153 nether_quartz_ore
Nether Gold Ore nether_gold_ore
Ancient Debris ancient_debris
Deepslate Gold Ore deepslate_gold_ore
Deepslate Iron Ore deepslate_iron_ore
Deepslate Coal Ore deepslate_coal_ore
Deepslate Diamond Ore deepslate_diamond_ore
Deepslate Redstone Ore deepslate_redstone_ore
Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore deepslate_lapis_ore
Deepslate Emerald Ore deepslate_emerald_ore
Copper Ore copper_ore
Deepslate Copper Ore deepslate_copper_ore
Block of Copper copper_block
Exposed Copper exposed_copper
Weathered Copper weathered_copper
Oxidized Copper oxidized_copper
Cut Copper cut_copper
Exposed Cut Copper exposed_cut_copper
Weathered Cut Copper weathered_cut_copper
Oxidized Cut Copper oxidized_cut_copper
Waxed Block of Copper waxed_copper_block
Waxed Exposed Copper waxed_exposed_copper
Waxed Weathered Copper waxed_weathered_copper
Waxed Oxidized Copper waxed_oxidized_copper
Waxed Cut Copper waxed_cut_copper
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper waxed_exposed_cut_copper
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper waxed_weathered_cut_copper
Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper waxed_oxidized_cut_copper
Block of Raw Iron raw_iron_block
Block of Raw Copper raw_copper_block
Block of Raw Gold raw_gold_block

Snow Block 80 snow_block
Snow 78 snow
Ice 79 ice
Packed Ice 174 packed_ice
Snowball 332 snowball
Blue Ice blue_ice
Powder Snow powder_snow

Glass 20 glass
White Stained Glass 95 white_stained_glass
Orange Stained Glass 95:1 orange_stained_glass
Magenta Stained Glass 95:2 magenta_stained_glass
Light Blue Stained Glass 95:3 light_blue_stained_glass
Yellow Stained Glass 95:4 yellow_stained_glass
Lime Stained Glass 95:5 lime_stained_glass
Pink Stained Glass 95:6 pink_stained_glass
Gray Stained Glass 95:7 gray_stained_glass
Light Gray Stained Glass 95:8 light_gray_stained_glass
Cyan Stained Glass 95:9 cyan_stained_glass
Purple Stained Glass 95:10 purple_stained_glass
Blue Stained Glass 95:11 blue_stained_glass
Brown Stained Glass 95:12 brown_stained_glass
Green Stained Glass 95:13 green_stained_glass
Red Stained Glass 95:14 red_stained_glass
Black Stained Glass 95:15 black_stained_glass
Tinted Glass tinted_glass

Glass Pane 102 glass_pane
White Stained Glass Pane white_stained_glass_pane
Red Stained Glass Pane red_stained_glass_pane
Orange Stained Glass Pane orange_stained_glass_pane
Light Blue Stained Glass Pane light_blue_stained_glass_pane
Purple Stained Glass Pane purple_stained_glass_pane
Pink Stained Glass Pane pink_stained_glass_pane
Magenta Stained Glass Pane magenta_stained_glass_pane
Black Stained Glass Pane black_stained_glass_pane
Gray Stained Glass Pane gray_stained_glass_pane
Brown Stained Glass Pane brown_stained_glass_pane
Lime Stained Glass Pane lime_stained_glass_pane
Green Stained Glass Pane green_stained_glass_pane
Light Gray Stained Glass Pane light_gray_stained_glass_pane
Blue Stained Glass Pane blue_stained_glass_pane
Yellow Stained Glass Pane yellow_stained_glass_pane
Cyan Stained Glass Pane cyan_stained_glass_pane

Purpur Block 201 purpur_block
Purpur Pillar 202 purpur_pillar

Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks cracked_polished_blackstone_bricks
Polished Blackstone Bricks polished_blackstone_bricks
Blackstone blackstone
Chiseled Polished Blackstone chiseled_polished_blackstone
Gilded Blackstone gilded_blackstone
Polished Blackstone polished_blackstone

Orange Wool 35:1 orange_wool
Magenta Wool 35:2 magenta_wool
Yellow Wool 35:4 yellow_wool
Light Blue Wool 35:3 light_blue_wool
Lime Wool 35:5 lime_wool
Pink Wool 35:6 pink_wool
Gray Wool 35:7 gray_wool
Light Gray Wool 35:8 light_gray_wool
Cyan Wool 35:9 cyan_wool
Purple Wool 35:10 purple_wool
Blue Wool 35:11 blue_wool
Brown Wool 35:12 brown_wool
Green Wool 35:13 green_wool
Red Wool 35:14 red_wool
Black Wool 35:15 black_wool

End Stone 121 end_stone
End Stone Bricks 206 end_stone_bricks

Brown Mushroom Block 99:14 brown_mushroom_block
Red Mushroom Block 100:14 red_mushroom_block
Mushroom Stem 99:10 mushroom_stem
Nether Wart Block 214 nether_wart_block
Warped Wart Block warped_wart_block

Bedrock 7 bedrock
Water 8 water
Lava 11 lava
Gravel 13 gravel
Obsidian 49 obsidian
Magma Block 213 magma_block
Structure Block 255 structure_block
Crying Obsidian crying_obsidian
Wet Sponge wet_sponge
Calcite calcite
Tuff tuff
Dripstone Block dripstone_block
Moss Block moss_block
Rooted Dirt rooted_dirt

Stone Slab 44 stone_slab
Sandstone Slab 44:1 sandstone_slab
Cobblestone Slab 44:3 cobblestone_slab
Brick Slab 44:4 brick_slab
Stone Brick Slab 44:5 stone_brick_slab
Nether Brick Slab 44:6 nether_brick_slab
Quartz Slab 44:7 quartz_slab
Oak Slab 126 oak_slab
Birch Slab 126:2 birch_slab
Jungle Slab 126:3 jungle_slab
Acacia Slab 126:4 acacia_slab
Dark Oak Slab 126:5 dark_oak_slab
Red Sandstone Slab 182 red_sandstone_slab
Purpur Slab 205 purpur_slab
End Stone Brick Slab end_stone_brick_slab
Polished Granite Slab polished_granite_slab
Andesite Slab andesite_slab
Prismarine Brick Slab prismarine_brick_slab
Prismarine Slab prismarine_slab
Dark Prismarine Slab dark_prismarine_slab
Mossy Stone Brick Slab mossy_stone_brick_slab
Polished Diorite Slab polished_diorite_slab
Diorite Slab diorite_slab
Cut Sandstone Slab cut_sandstone_slab
Smooth Sandstone Slab smooth_sandstone_slab
Crimson Slab crimson_slab
Warped Slab warped_slab
Smooth Stone Slab smooth_stone_slab
Mossy Cobblestone Slab mossy_cobblestone_slab
Polished Andesite Slab polished_andesite_slab
Granite Slab granite_slab
Smooth Red Sandstone Slab smooth_red_sandstone_slab
Cut Red Sandstone Slab cut_red_sandstone_slab
Polished Blackstone Slab polished_blackstone_slab
Blackstone Slab blackstone_slab
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab polished_blackstone_brick_slab
Petrified Oak Slab petrified_oak_slab
Red Nether Brick Slab red_nether_brick_slab
Smooth Quartz Slab smooth_quartz_slab
Spruce Slab spruce_slab
Cut Copper Slab cut_copper_slab
Exposed Cut Copper Slab exposed_cut_copper_slab
Weathered Cut Copper Slab weathered_cut_copper_slab
Oxidized Cut Copper Slab oxidized_cut_copper_slab
Waxed Cut Copper Slab waxed_cut_copper_slab
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Slab waxed_exposed_cut_copper_slab
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Slab waxed_weathered_cut_copper_slab
Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Slab waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_slab
Cobbled Deepslate Slab cobbled_deepslate_slab
Polished Deepslate Slab polished_deepslate_slab
Deepslate Brick Slab deepslate_brick_slab
Deepslate Tile Slab deepslate_tile_slab

Oak Stairs 54 oak_stairs
Cobblestone Stairs 67 cobblestone_stairs
Brick Stairs 108 brick_stairs
Stone Brick Stairs 109 stone_brick_stairs
Nether Brick Stairs 114 nether_brick_stairs
Sandstone Stairs 128 sandstone_stairs
Spruce Stairs 134 spruce_stairs
Birch Stairs 135 birch_stairs
Jungle Stairs 136 jungle_stairs
Quartz Stairs 156 quartz_stairs
Acacia Stairs 163 acacia_stairs
Dark Oak Stairs 164 dark_oak_stairs
Red Sandstone Stairs 180 red_sandstone_stairs
Purpur Stairs 203 purpur_stairs
Prismarine Stairs prismarine_stairs
Dark Prismarine Stairs dark_prismarine_stairs
Prismarine Brick Stairs prismarine_brick_stairs
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs mossy_cobblestone_stairs
Warped Stairs warped_stairs
Crimson Stairs crimson_stairs
Mossy Stone Brick Stairs mossy_stone_brick_stairs
Granite Stairs granite_stairs
Polished Granite Stairs polished_granite_stairs
Diorite Stairs diorite_stairs
Polished Diorite Stairs polished_diorite_stairs
Andesite Stairs andesite_stairs
Polished Andesite Stairs polished_andesite_stairs
End Stone Brick Stairs end_stone_brick_stairs
Smooth Quartz Stairs smooth_quartz_stairs
Red Nether Brick Stairs red_nether_brick_stairs
Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs smooth_red_sandstone_stairs
Blackstone Stairs blackstone_stairs
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs polished_blackstone_brick_stairs
Polished Blackstone Stairs polished_blackstone_stairs
Smooth Sandstone Stairs smooth_sandstone_stairs
Stone Stairs stone_stairs
Cut Copper Stairs cut_copper_stairs
Exposed Cut Copper Stairs exposed_cut_copper_stairs
Weathered Cut Copper Stairs weathered_cut_copper_stairs
Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs oxidized_cut_copper_stairs
Waxed Cut Copper Stairs waxed_cut_copper_stairs
Waxed Exposed Cut Copper Stairs waxed_exposed_cut_copper_stairs
Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs waxed_weathered_cut_copper_stairs
Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs waxed_oxidized_cut_copper_stairs
Cobbled Deepslate Stairs cobbled_deepslate_stairs
Polished Deepslate Stairs polished_deepslate_stairs
Deepslate Brick Stairs deepslate_brick_stairs
Deepslate Tile Stairs deepslate_tile_stairs

Oak Fence 85 oak_fence
Iron Bars 101 iron_bars
Nether Brick Fence 113 nether_brick_fence
Cobblestone Wall 139 cobblestone_wall
Mossy Cobblestone Wall 139:1 mossy_cobblestone_wall
Birch Fence 189 birch_fence
Spruce Fence 188 spruce_fence
Dark Oak Fence 191 dark_oak_fence
Acacia Fence 192 acacia_fence
Jungle Fence 190 jungle_fence
Nether Brick Wall nether_brick_wall
Red Nether Brick Wall red_nether_brick_wall
End Stone Brick Wall end_stone_brick_wall
Red Sandstone Wall red_sandstone_wall
Sandstone Wall sandstone_wall
Prismarine Wall prismarine_wall
Granite Wall granite_wall
Diorite Wall diorite_wall
Andesite Wall andesite_wall
Mossy Stone Brick Wall mossy_stone_brick_wall
Stone Brick Wall stone_brick_wall
Brick Wall brick_wall
Warped Fence warped_fence
Crimson Fence crimson_fence
Blackstone Wall blackstone_wall
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall polished_blackstone_brick_wall
Polished Blackstone Wall polished_blackstone_wall
Cobbled Deepslate Wall cobbled_deepslate_wall
Polished Deepslate Wall polished_deepslate_wall
Deepslate Brick Wall deepslate_brick_wall
Deepslate Tile Wall deepslate_tile_wall

Oak Sign 323 oak_sign
Acacia Sign acacia_sign
Birch Sign birch_sign
Crimson Sign crimson_sign
Dark Oak Sign dark_oak_sign
Jungle Sign jungle_sign
Spruce Sign spruce_sign
Warped Sign warped_sign

Light Gray Dye 351:7 light_gray_dye
Gray Dye 351:8 gray_dye
Red Dye 351:1 red_dye
Orange Dye 351:14 orange_dye
Yellow Dye 351:11 yellow_dye
Lime Dye 351:10 lime_dye
Light Blue Dye 351:12 light_blue_dye
Cyan Dye 351:6 cyan_dye
Purple Dye 351:5 purple_dye
Magenta Dye 351:13 magenta_dye
Pink Dye 351:9 pink_dye
Green Dye 351:2 green_dye
Black Dye black_dye
Brown Dye brown_dye
Blue Dye blue_dye
White Dye white_dye

White Bed 355 white_bed
Orange Bed 355 orange_bed
Magenta Bed 355 magenta_bed
Light Blue Bed 355 light_blue_bed
Yellow Bed 355 yellow_bed
Lime Bed 355 lime_bed
Pink Bed 355 pink_bed
Gray Bed 355 gray_bed
Light Gray Bed 355 light_gray_bed
Cyan Bed 355 cyan_bed
Purple Bed 355 purple_bed
Blue Bed 355 blue_bed
Brown Bed 355 brown_bed
Green Bed 355 green_bed
Red Bed 355 red_bed
Black Bed 355 black_bed

White Banner 425 white_banner
Black Banner black_banner
Blue Banner blue_banner
Brown Banner brown_banner
Cyan Banner cyan_banner
Gray Banner gray_banner
Green Banner green_banner
Lime Banner lime_banner
Magenta Banner magenta_banner
Ominous Banner ominous_banner
Orange Banner orange_banner
Pink Banner pink_banner
Purple Banner purple_banner
Red Banner red_banner
Yellow Banner yellow_banner

White Carpet 171 white_carpet
Orange Carpet 171 orange_carpet
Magenta Carpet 171 magenta_carpet
Light Blue Carpet 171 light_blue_carpet
Yellow Carpet 171 yellow_carpet
Lime Carpet 171 lime_carpet
Pink Carpet 171 pink_carpet
Gray Carpet 171 gray_carpet
Light Gray Carpet 171 light_gray_carpet
Cyan Carpet 171 cyan_carpet
Brown Carpet 171 brown_carpet
Blue Carpet 171 blue_carpet
Purple Carpet 171 purple_carpet
Green Carpet 171 green_carpet
Red Carpet 171 red_carpet
Black Carpet 171 black_carpet

Banner Pattern (Piglin) piglin_banner_pattern
Banner Pattern (skull) skull_banner_pattern
Banner Pattern (creeper) creeper_banner_pattern
Banner Pattern (flower) flower_banner_pattern
Banner Pattern (globe) globe_banner_pattern
Banner Pattern (mojang) mojang_banner_pattern

Candle candle
White Candle white_candle
Orange Candle orange_candle
Magenta Candle magenta_candle
Yellow Candle yellow_candle
Lime Candle lime_candle
Pink Candle pink_candle
Gray Candle gray_candle
Cyan Candle cyan_candle
Purple Candle purple_candle
Blue Candle blue_candle
Brown Candle brown_candle
Green Candle green_candle
Red Candle red_candle
Black Candle black_candle

Skeleton Skull 397 skeleton_skull
Wither Skeleton Skull 397:1 wither_skeleton_skull
Zombie Head 397:2 zombie_head
Player Head 397:3 player_head
Creeper Head 397:4 creeper_head
Dragon Head 397:5 dragon_head

Painting 321 painting
Flower Pot 390 flower_pot
Item Frame 389 item_frame
Armor Stand 416 armor_stand
Bell bell
Glow Item Frame glow_item_frame


Mushroom Stew 282 mushroom_stew
Bread 297 bread
Cake 354 cake
Cookie 357 cookie
Pumpkin Pie 400 pumpkin_pie
Cooked Cod 350 cooked_cod
Cooked Salmon 350:1 cooked_salmon
Cooked Porkchop 320 cooked_porkchop
Steak 364 cooked_beef
Cooked Chicken 366 cooked_chicken
Baked Potato 393 baked_potato
Cooked Rabbit 412 cooked_rabbit
Cooked Mutton 424 cooked_mutton
Rabbit Stew 413 rabbit_stew
Dried Kelp dried_kelp
Beetroot Soup 282 beetroot_soup

Apple 260 apple
Raw Cod 349 cod
Raw Salmon 349:1 salmon
Tropical Fish 349:2 tropical_fish
Melon Slice 360 melon_slice
Raw Beef 363 beef
Raw Chicken 365 chicken
Rotten Flesh 367 rotten_flesh
Carrot 391 carrot
Raw Rabbit 411 rabbit
Raw Mutton 423 mutton
Chorus Fruit 432 chorus_fruit
Sweet Berries sweet_berries
Honey Bottle honey_bottle
Glow Berries glow_berries

Suspicious Stew (Regeneration) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Leaping) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Poisoning) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Desiccation) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Weakness) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Blindness) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Fire resistance) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Saturation) suspicious_stew
Suspicious Stew (Night vision) suspicious_stew

Cake with Candle candle_cake
Cake with White Candle white_candle_cake
Cake with Orange Candle orange_candle_cake
Cake with Magenta Candle magenta_candle_cake
Cake with Yellow Candle yellow_candle_cake
Cake with Lime Candle lime_candle_cake
Cake with Pink Candle pink_candle_cake
Cake with Gray Candle gray_candle_cake
Cake with Cyan Candle cyan_candle_cake
Cake with Purple Candle purple_candle_cake
Cake with Blue Candle blue_candle_cake
Cake with Brown Candle brown_candle_cake
Cake with Green Candle green_candle_cake
Cake with Red Candle red_candle_cake
Cake with Black Candle black_candle_cake
Cake with Light Gray Candle light_gray_candle_cake
Cake with Light Blue Candle light_blue_candle_cake

Golden Apple 322 golden_apple
Golden Carrot 396 golden_carrot
Popped Chorus Fruit 433 popped_chorus_fruit
Honey Block honey_block
Enchanted Golden Apple enchanted_golden_apple


Dandelion 37 dandelion
Poppy 38 poppy
Blue Orchid 38:1 blue_orchid
Allium 38:2 allium
Cornflower 38:3 cornflower
Red Tulip 38:4 red_tulip
Orange Tulip 38:5 orange_tulip
White Tulip 38:6 white_tulip
Pink Tulip 38:7 pink_tulip
Sunflower 175 sunflower
Lilac 175:1 lilac
Rose Bush 175:4 rose_bush
Peony 175:5 peony
Oxeye Daisy 38:8 oxeye_daisy
Lily of the Valley lily_of_the_valley
Wither Rose wither_rose
Azure Bluet azure_bluet
Spore Blossom spore_blossom

Tall Grass 31:1 tall_grass
Fern 31:2 fern
Dead Bush 32 dead_bush
Cactus 81 cactus
Vines 106 vine
Large Fern 175:3 large_fern
Lily Pad 111 lily_pad
Chorus Flower 200 chorus_flower
Bamboo bamboo
Bamboo Shoot bamboo_sapling
Twisting Vines Plant twisting_vines_plant
Weeping Vines Plant weeping_vines_plant
Cocoa cocoa
Grass grass
Cave Vines cave_vines
Azalea azalea
Flowering Azalea flowering_azalea
Big Dripleaf big_dripleaf
Small Dripleaf small_dripleaf

Brown Mushroom 39 brown_mushroom
Red Mushroom 40 red_mushroom
Crimson Fungus crimson_fungus
Warped Fungus warped_fungus

Tube Coral tube_coral
Brain Coral brain_coral
Bubble Coral bubble_coral
Fire Coral fire_coral
Horn Coral horn_coral

Horn Coral Fan horn_coral_fan
Tube Coral Fan tube_coral_fan
Bubble Coral Fan bubble_coral_fan
Fire Coral Fan fire_coral_fan
Brain Coral Fan brain_coral_fan

Dead Tube Coral dead_tube_coral
Dead Brain Coral dead_brain_coral
Dead Fire Coral dead_fire_coral
Dead Bubble Coral dead_bubble_coral
Dead Horn Coral dead_horn_coral

Dead Fire Coral Fan dead_fire_coral_fan
Dead Tube Coral Fan dead_tube_coral_fan
Dead Horn Coral Fan dead_horn_coral_fan
Dead Bubble Coral Fan dead_bubble_coral_fan
Dead Brain Coral Fan dead_brain_coral_fan

Potted Acacia Sapling potted_acacia_sapling
Potted Allium potted_allium
Potted Azure Bluet potted_azure_bluet
Potted Bamboo potted_bamboo
Potted Birch Sapling potted_birch_sapling
Potted Blue Orchid potted_blue_orchid
Potted Brown Mushroom potted_brown_mushroom
Potted Cactus potted_cactus
Potted Cornflower potted_cornflower
Potted Crimson Fungus potted_crimson_fungus
Potted Crimson Roots potted_crimson_roots
Potted Dandelion potted_dandelion
Potted Dark Oak Sapling potted_dark_oak_sapling
Potted Dead Bush potted_dead_bush
Potted Fern potted_fern
Potted Jungle Sapling potted_jungle_sapling
Potted Lily of the Valley potted_lily_of_the_valley
Potted Oak Sapling potted_oak_sapling
Potted Orange Tulip potted_orange_tulip
Potted Oxeye Daisy potted_oxeye_daisy
Potted Pink Tulip potted_pink_tulip
Potted Poppy potted_poppy
Potted Red Mushroom potted_red_mushroom
Potted Red Tulip potted_red_tulip
Potted Spruce Sapling potted_spruce_sapling
Potted Warped Fungus potted_warped_fungus
Potted Warped Roots potted_warped_roots
Potted White Tulip potted_white_tulip
Potted Wither Rose potted_wither_rose
Potted Azalea potted_azalea_bush
Potted Flowering Azalea potted_flowering_azalea_bush

Oak Sapling 6 oak_sapling
Spruce Sapling 6:1 spruce_sapling
Birch Sapling 6:2 birch_sapling
Jungle Sapling 6:3 jungle_sapling
Acacia Sapling 6:4 acacia_sapling
Dark Oak Sapling 6:5 dark_oak_sapling

Sweet Berry Bush sweet_berry_bush
Melon Stem melon_stem
Pumpkin Stem pumpkin_stem
Wheat Crops wheat
Beetroots beetroots
Carrots carrots
Potatoes potatoes
Sugar Cane sugar_cane
Nether Wart nether_wart

Melon 103 melon
Hay Bale 170 hay_block
Wheat 296 wheat
Pumpkin 86 pumpkin
Sugar Cane 338 sugar_cane
Potato 392 potato
Poisonous Potato 394 poisonous_potato
Beetroot beetroot
Carved Pumpkin carved_pumpkin

Melon Seeds 362 melon_seeds
Pumpkin Seeds 361 pumpkin_seeds
Wheat Seeds 295 wheat_seeds
Cocoa Beans 351:3 cocoa_beans
Beetroot Seeds 362 beetroot_seeds

Seagrass seagrass
Weeping Vines weeping_vines
Twisting Vines twisting_vines
Warped Roots warped_roots
Crimson Roots crimson_roots
Nether Sprouts nether_sprouts
Kelp kelp
Sea Pickle sea_pickle
Pointed Dripstone pointed_dripstone
Moss Carpet moss_carpet
Hanging Roots hanging_roots
Glow Lichen glow_lichen


Other items

Gold Ingot 266 gold_ingot
Bone Meal 351:15 bone_meal
Gold Nugget 371 gold_nugget
Iron Ingot 265 iron_ingot
Brick 336 brick
Charcoal 263:1 charcoal
Coal 263 coal
Redstone Dust 331 redstone
Lapis Lazuli 351:4 lapis_lazuli
Diamond 264 diamond
Nether Quartz 406 quartz
Clay Ball 82 clay_ball
Flint 318 flint
Emerald 388 emerald
Nether Brick 405 nether_brick
Prismarine Crystals 410 prismarine_crystals
Prismarine Shard 409 prismarine_shard
Iron Nugget iron_nugget
Netherite Scrap netherite_scrap
Netherite Ingot netherite_ingot
Raw Copper raw_copper
Raw Iron raw_iron
Raw Gold raw_gold
Copper Ingot copper_ingot
Amethyst Shard amethyst_shard

TNT 46 tnt
Fire Charge 385 fire_charge
Paper 339 paper
Book and Quill 386 writable_book
Eye of Ender 381 ender_eye
Cobweb 30 cobweb
Fire 51 fire
Bottle o' Enchanting 384 experience_bottle
Written Book written_book
Barrier 166 barrier
Heart of the Sea heart_of_the_sea
Chain chain

Dried Kelp Block dried_kelp_block
Light Blue Banner light_blue_banner
Light Gray Banner light_gray_banner

Firework Rocket firework_rocket

Twinkle firework_star.twinkle
Trail firework_star.trail

Small Ball firework_star.shape.small_ball
Large Ball firework_star.shape.large_ball
Creeper-shaped firework_star.shape.creeper

Firework Star 402 firework_star

Torch 50 torch
Jack o'Lantern 91 jack_o_lantern
Sea Lantern 169 sea_lantern
End Rod 198 end_rod
Redstone Lamp redstone_lamp
Shroomlight shroomlight
Soul Torch soul_torch
Lantern lantern
Soul Lantern soul_lantern
Soul Fire soul_fire

Compass 345 compass
Map 395 filled_map
Clock 347 clock
Buried Treasure Map filled_map.buried_treasure
Empty Map 395 map
Ocean Explorer Map filled_map.monument
Woodland Explorer Map filled_map.mansion
Lodestone lodestone
Lodestone Compass lodestone_compass
Spyglass spyglass

In mods

Emerald Shovel emeralds_shovel

Trident trident

Cooked Chicken Cuts cooked_chicken_cuts
Cooked Bacon cooked_bacon
Cooked Cod Slice cooked_cod_slice
Cooked Salmon Slice cooked_salmon_slice
Cooked Mutton Chops cooked_mutton_chops

Bamboo Door bamboo_door

Acrua's ortiva acrua_weapon
Acrua Spawn Egg acrua_sniper_spawn_egg
Acrua bow acrua_sniper_weapon
Item just for bullet acrua_weapon_sniper_ammo_arrow_as_mob
Blood blood
Wither essense wither_essense
Acrua Spawn Egg acrua_spawn_egg
Soul soul
Acrua arrow acrua_sniper_weapon_ammo_arrow

Oh My God oh_my_god
Can i Get It can_i_get_it
Easy On Me easy_on_me

Ancient Debris Finder ancientdebrisfinder

Netherite Apple netheriteapple
Diamond Apple diamondapple
Redstone Apple redstoneapple
Redstoneapple redstoneapple
Diamond Apple diamondapple
Lapis Lazuli Apple lapislazuliapple
Copper Apple copperapple
Netherite Apple netheriteapple
Lapislazuliapple lapislazuliapple
Emeraldapple emeraldapple
Iron Apple ironapple
Copper Apple copperapple
Ironapple ironapple

Vilit Helmet vilit_armor_helmet
Graphite graphite
Vilit Boots vilit_armor_boots
Vilit Ore vilit_ore
Indium Ingot indium_ingot
Indium Knife indium_knife
Graphite Ore graphite_ore
Ralum Helmet ralum_armor_helmet
Vilit Leggings vilit_armor_leggings
Ralum Ingot ralum_ingot
Indium Block indium_block
Ralum Leggings ralum_armor_leggings
Ralum Block ralum_block
Ralum Chestplate ralum_armor_chestplate
Raw Indium Ore raw_indium_ore
Indium Chestplate indium_armor_chestplate
Indium Ore indium_ore
Indium Helmet indium_armor_helmet
Indium Boots indium_armor_boots
Indium Leggings indium_armor_leggings
Vilit Chestplate vilit_armor_chestplate
Ralum Boots ralum_armor_boots
Vilit Ingot vilit_ingot
Block of Vilit vilit_block
Raw Vilite Ore rawviliteore

Backpack backpack

Goat Horn goat_horn
Sacrifical Altar sacrifical_altar
Lava Goat Horn lava_goat_horn
Water Goat Horn water_goat_horn

Speed Ice (SLOW) speed_ice_slow
Eternal Ice eternal_ice
Speed Ice (SLUG) speed_ice
Speed Ice (What have you done?) speed_ice_ohno
Speed Ice (EXTREME) speed_ice_extreme
Speed Ice (FAST) speed_ice_fast
Speed Ice (MEDIUM) speed_ice_medium

Netherite pickaxe better netheritebetterpickaxe
Diamond pickaxe better diamondbetterpickaxe

Stove stove
Cooking Pot cooking_pot
Basket basket
Cutting Board cutting_board
Skillet skillet
Oak Pantry oak_pantry
Birch Pantry birch_pantry
Spruce Pantry spruce_pantry
Jungle Pantry jungle_pantry
Acacia Pantry acacia_pantry
Dark Oak Pantry dark_oak_pantry
Crimson Pantry crimson_pantry
Warped Pantry warped_pantry
Rope rope
Safety Net safety_net
Canvas Rug canvas_rug
Tatami Block tatami
Full Tatami Mat full_tatami_mat
Half Tatami Mat half_tatami_mat
Organic Compost organic_compost
Rich Soil rich_soil
Rich Soil Farmland rich_soil_farmland
Carrot Crate carrot_crate
Potato Crate potato_crate
Beetroot Crate beetroot_crate
Cabbage Crate cabbage_crate
Tomato Crate tomato_crate
Onion Crate onion_crate
Rice Bale rice_bale
Bag of Rice rice_bag
Straw Bale straw_bale
Canvas Sign canvas_sign
White Canvas Sign white_canvas_sign
Orange Canvas Sign orange_canvas_sign
Magenta Canvas Sign magenta_canvas_sign
Light Blue Canvas Sign light_blue_canvas_sign
Yellow Canvas Sign yellow_canvas_sign
Lime Canvas Sign lime_canvas_sign
Pink Canvas Sign pink_canvas_sign
Gray Canvas Sign gray_canvas_sign
Light Gray Canvas Sign light_gray_canvas_sign
Cyan Canvas Sign cyan_canvas_sign
Purple Canvas Sign purple_canvas_sign
Blue Canvas Sign blue_canvas_sign
Brown Canvas Sign brown_canvas_sign
Green Canvas Sign green_canvas_sign
Red Canvas Sign red_canvas_sign
Black Canvas Sign black_canvas_sign
Tomatoes tomatoes
Cabbage cabbages
Onions onions
Rice Crops rice_crop
Rice Crops rice_upper_crop
Brown Mushroom Colony brown_mushroom_colony
Red Mushroom Colony red_mushroom_colony
Wild Cabbage wild_cabbages
Tomato Vines wild_tomatoes
Wild Onions wild_onions
Wild Carrots wild_carrots
Wild Potatoes wild_potatoes
Sea Beet wild_beetroots
Wild Rice wild_rice
Apple Pie apple_pie
Sweet Berry Cheesecake sweet_berry_cheesecake
Chocolate Pie chocolate_pie
Tomato tomato
Cabbage cabbage
Onion onion
Rice rice
Cabbage Seeds cabbage_seeds
Tomato Seeds tomato_seeds
Rice Panicle rice_panicle
Straw straw
Canvas canvas
Tree Bark tree_bark
Tomato Sauce tomato_sauce
Fried Egg fried_egg
Milk Bottle milk_bottle
Hot Cocoa hot_cocoa
Apple Cider apple_cider
Melon Juice melon_juice
Wheat Dough wheat_dough
Raw Pasta raw_pasta
Pumpkin Slice pumpkin_slice
Cabbage Leaf cabbage_leaf
Minced Beef minced_beef
Beef Patty beef_patty
Raw Chicken Cuts chicken_cuts
Raw Bacon bacon
Raw Cod Slice cod_slice
Raw Salmon Slice salmon_slice
Raw Mutton Chops mutton_chops
Ham ham
Smoked Ham smoked_ham
Pie Crust pie_crust
Slice of Cake cake_slice
Slice of Apple Pie apple_pie_slice
Slice of Sweet Berry Cheesecake sweet_berry_cheesecake_slice
Slice of Chocolate Pie chocolate_pie_slice
Fruit Salad fruit_salad
Sweet Berry Cookie sweet_berry_cookie
Honey Cookie honey_cookie
Melon Popsicle melon_popsicle
Earthworm earthworm
Flint Knife flint_knife
Iron Knife iron_knife
Golden Knife golden_knife
Diamond Knife diamond_knife
Netherite Knife netherite_knife
Barbecue on a Stick barbecue_stick
Egg Sandwich egg_sandwich
Chicken Sandwich chicken_sandwich
Hamburger hamburger
Bacon Sandwich bacon_sandwich
Mutton Wrap mutton_wrap
Dumplings dumplings
Stuffed Potato stuffed_potato
Cabbage Rolls cabbage_rolls
Cooked Rice cooked_rice
Mixed Salad mixed_salad
Nether Salad nether_salad
Beef Stew beef_stew
Chicken Soup chicken_soup
Vegetable Soup vegetable_soup
Fish Stew fish_stew
Fried Rice fried_rice
Pumpkin Soup pumpkin_soup
Baked Cod Stew baked_cod_stew
Noodle Soup noodle_soup
Bacon and Eggs bacon_and_eggs
Pasta with Meatballs pasta_with_meatballs
Pasta with Mutton Chop pasta_with_mutton_chop
Roasted Mutton Chops roasted_mutton_chops
Steak and Potatoes steak_and_potatoes
Vegetable Noodles vegetable_noodles
Ratatouille ratatouille
Squid Ink Pasta squid_ink_pasta
Grilled Salmon grilled_salmon
Roast Chicken roast_chicken_block
Plate of Roast Chicken roast_chicken
Stuffed Pumpkin stuffed_pumpkin_block
Bowl of Stuffed Pumpkin stuffed_pumpkin
Honey Glazed Ham honey_glazed_ham_block
Plate of Honey Glazed Ham honey_glazed_ham
Shepherd's Pie shepherds_pie_block
Plate of Shepherd's Pie shepherds_pie
Dog Food dog_food
Horse Feed horse_feed

Phone phone
Phone Screen phone_screen
Modem modem
Guide guide
Phone phone

Omg.exe op
Emerald_lol Chestplate emerald_lol_armor_chestplate
Emerald_lol Pickaxe emerald_lol_pickaxe
Emerald_lol Shovel emerald_lol_shovel
Emerald_lol Boots emerald_lol_armor_boots
Emerald_lol Hoe emerald_lol_hoe
Emerald_lol Helmet emerald_lol_armor_helmet
Emerald_lol Leggings emerald_lol_armor_leggings
Emerald_lol Axe emerald_lol_axe
Emerald_lol Sword emerald_lol_sword

Copper Hoe copper_hoe
Copper Leggings copper_armor_leggings
Copper Boots copper_armor_boots
Copper Helmet copper_armor_helmet
Copper Chestplate copper_armor_chestplate

ShovlCopper d
CopperPickaxe f
AxeCopper ax_copper
Swordcopper picaxecopper
Ho Copper ho_copper

Beef Boots beef_armor_boots
Beef Axe beef_axe
AncientDeleather ancient_deleather
MegaBeefy Leggings mega_beefy_armor_leggings
RawBeef Sword raw_beef_sword
MEGABEEFY Axe megabeefy_axe
MEGABEEFY Shovel megabeefy_shovel
Beef Sword beef_sword
Beef Helmet beef_armor_helmet
MEGABEEFY Pickaxe megabeefy_pickaxe
AncientDebeef Pickaxe ancient_debeef_pickaxe
AncientDeleather Leggings ancient_deleather_armor_leggings
RawBeef Shovel raw_beef_shovel
MEGABEEFY Hoe megabeefy_hoe
Block of AncientDeleather ancient_deleather_block
Cow Juice Bucket cow_juice_bucket
AncientDeleather Hoe ancient_deleather_hoe
RawBeef Axe raw_beef_axe
AncientDeleather Ore ancient_deleather_ore
AncientDebeef Hoe ancient_debeef_hoe
AncientDeleather Sword ancient_deleather_sword
AncientDebeef Ore ancient_debeef_ore
AncientDeleather Axe ancient_deleather_axe
AncientDebeef Axe ancient_debeef_axe
AncientDeleather Boots ancient_deleather_armor_boots
Beef Shovel beef_shovel
AncientDebeef Sword ancient_debeef_sword
Raw Beef raw_beef
AncientDebeef Boots ancient_debeef_armor_boots
AncientDeleather Pickaxe ancient_deleather_pickaxe
AncientDeleather Chestplate ancient_deleather_armor_chestplate
AncientDebeef Leggings ancient_debeef_armor_leggings
RawBeef Hoe raw_beef_hoe
MEGABEEFY Sword megabeefy_sword
AncientDebeef Chestplate ancient_debeef_armor_chestplate
AncientDeleather Shovel ancient_deleather_shovel
Beef Chestplate beef_armor_chestplate
MegaBeefy Helmet mega_beefy_armor_helmet
Beef Pickaxe beef_pickaxe
MegaBeefy Boots mega_beefy_armor_boots
Block of AncientDebeef ancient_debeef_block
Cow Juice cow_juice
Cooked Beef Block cooked_beef_block
Hay Grass hay_grass
AncientDebeef Shovel ancient_debeef_shovel
Mega Cow Spawn Egg mega_cow_spawn_egg
RawBeef Pickaxe raw_beef_pickaxe
MEGABEEF megabeef
Beef Hoe beef_hoe
AncientDebeef Helmet ancient_debeef_armor_helmet
AncientDebeef ancient_debeef_ingot
MegaBeefy Chestplate mega_beefy_armor_chestplate
AncientDeleather Helmet ancient_deleather_armor_helmet
Beef Leggings beef_armor_leggings
AncientDebeef Boots ancient_debeef_armor_boots
Beef Hoe beef_hoe
RawBeef Pickaxe raw_beef_pickaxe
Beef Sword beef_sword
RawBeef Hoe raw_beef_hoe
AncientDeleather Boots ancient_deleather_armor_boots
AncientDeleather Hoe ancient_deleather_hoe
AncientDebeef ancient_debeef_ingot
AncientDebeef Helmet ancient_debeef_armor_helmet
MEGABEEFY Shovel megabeefy_shovel
MEGABEEFY Sword megabeefy_sword
Cooked Beef Block cooked_beef_block
MegaBeefy Helmet mega_beefy_armor_helmet
Beef Helmet beef_armor_helmet
AncientDeleather Axe ancient_deleather_axe
Beef Pickaxe beef_pickaxe
Block of AncientDebeef ancient_debeef_block
AncientDeleather Leggings ancient_deleather_armor_leggings
Beef Shovel beef_shovel
MEGABEEF megabeef
AncientDebeef Hoe ancient_debeef_hoe
Block of AncientDeleather ancient_deleather_block
AncientDebeef Sword ancient_debeef_sword
RawBeef Shovel raw_beef_shovel
Mega Cow Spawn Egg mega_cow_spawn_egg
Beef Axe beef_axe
Beef Boots beef_armor_boots
RawBeef Sword raw_beef_sword
Beef Chestplate beef_armor_chestplate
AncientDeleather Chestplate ancient_deleather_armor_chestplate
MEGABEEFY Axe megabeefy_axe
Raw Beef raw_beef
AncientDebeef Ore ancient_debeef_ore
AncientDebeef Pickaxe ancient_debeef_pickaxe
Hay Grass hay_grass
AncientDebeef Axe ancient_debeef_axe
MegaBeefy Leggings mega_beefy_armor_leggings
AncientDebeef Leggings ancient_debeef_armor_leggings
AncientDebeef Chestplate ancient_debeef_armor_chestplate
AncientDeleather Sword ancient_deleather_sword
AncientDebeef Shovel ancient_debeef_shovel
AncientDeleather ancient_deleather
Beef Leggings beef_armor_leggings
MEGABEEFY Hoe megabeefy_hoe
AncientDeleather Ore ancient_deleather_ore
Cow Juice Bucket cow_juice_bucket
Cow Juice cow_juice
AncientDeleather Helmet ancient_deleather_armor_helmet
MegaBeefy Chestplate mega_beefy_armor_chestplate
AncientDeleather Pickaxe ancient_deleather_pickaxe
AncientDeleather Shovel ancient_deleather_shovel
MegaBeefy Boots mega_beefy_armor_boots
RawBeef Axe raw_beef_axe
MEGABEEFY Pickaxe megabeefy_pickaxe

Crafting Automat autocrafter

Pink Planks pink_planks
Pink Log pink_log
Black Planks black_planks
Black Log black_log
Block of Black black_block
Kirby kirby
Nace nace
Pinkstone2 Axe pinkstone_2_axe
Pink Slab pink_slab
Pink Stone pink_stone
Pink Wood pink_wood
Crewmate Spawn Egg crewmate_spawn_egg
Black Slab black_slab
Black Pressure Plate black_pressure_plate
Pink Stairs pink_stairs
Black Berrie black_berrie
Black Stairs black_stairs
Pink Pressure Plate pink_pressure_plate
Black Wood black_wood
Pinkstone2 Shovel pinkstone_2_shovel
Pinkstone2 Pickaxe pinkstone_2_pickaxe
Amogus amogus
Amogus Diamond amogus_diamond
Nothign nothign
Pinkstone2 Sword pinkstone_2_sword
Black Leaves black_leaves
Pinkstone2 Hoe pinkstone_2_hoe
Impostor Spawn Egg impostor_spawn_egg
Black Berrie Block black_berrie_block
Pink Stone 1 pink_stone_1
Pink Fence Gate pink_fence_gate
Mil 2 Bucket mil_2_bucket
Black Fence black_fence
Pink Fence pink_fence
Pink Leaves pink_leaves
Pink Button pink_button
Black Button black_button
Black Fence Gate black_fence_gate
Milk milk
Milk Bucket milk_bucket
Mil2 mil_2

Shulk shulk
Pillaged pillaged
18 eighteen

Rawrubber rawrubber
Titanium sword titaniumsword
Golden banana goldenbanana
Handle grip
Pistol pistol
Titanium axe titaniumaxe
Titanium ore titaniumore
Titanium pickaxe titaniumpickaxe
Chocolate chocolate
Airberries airberries
Banana juice bananajuice
Bananablock bananablock
Pistol body pistolbody
Plastic plastic
Titainumshovel titainumshovel
Titaniumhoe titaniumhoe
Banana gun bananagun
Slide slide
Banana man Spawn Egg bananaman_spawn_egg
Rubber rubber
Banana banana
Air Plant air_plant
Bananasword bananasword
Hardened plastic hardenedplastic
Banana juice Bucket bananajuice_bucket
Banana and steel thebanana
Trigger trigger
Creditcard creditcard
Mega banana sword megabanana
Amogus amogus
Titanium ingot titaniumingot
Banana box bananabox
Banana bread bananabread
Bullet bullet
Bananaplant bananaplant

Sweet Berries Jam Bottle sweet_berries_jam_bottle
Pumpkin Jam Bread pumpkin_jam_bread
Apple Jam Bottle apple_jam_bottle
Apple Jam Bread apple_jam_bread
Pumpkin Jam Bottle pumpkin_jam_bottle
Watermelon Jam Bottle watermelon_jam_bottle
Glow Berries Jam Bread glow_berries_jam_bread
Sweet Berries Jam Bread sweet_berries_jam_bread
Glow Berries Jam Bottle glow_berries_jam_bottle
Watermelon Jam Bread watermelon_jam_bread
Chorus Fruit Jam Bread chorus_fruit_jam_bread
Chorus Fruit Jam Bottle chorus_fruit_jam_bottle

Diamond Dimension Portal Igniter diamond_dimension

Dirt Sword dirt_sword
Dirt Pick dirt_pick
Dirt Armor Boots dirt_armor_boots
Dirt Axe dirt_axe
Dirt Armor Leggings dirt_armor_leggings
Dirt Armor Body dirt_armor_chestplate
Edible Dirt edible_dirt
Dirt Armor Helmet dirt_armor_helmet
Dirt Dimension Portal Igniter dirt_dimension

God Is A Woman god_is_a_woman
Sweetener sweetener
Goodnight N Go goodnight_n_go
No Tears Left To Cry no_tears_left_to_cry

Enhanced Golden Double Axe enhanced_golden_double_axe
Iron Double Axe iron_double_axe
Enhanced Diamond Double Axe enhanced_diamond_double_axe
Enhanced Netherite Double Axe enhanced_netherite_double_axe
Golden Double Axe golden_double_axe
Stone Double Axe stone_double_axe
Netherite Double Axe netherite_double_axe
Enhanced Wooden Double Axe enhanced_wooden_double_axe
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Enhanced Stone Double Axe enhanced_stone_double_axe
Diamond Double Axe diamond_double_axe
Wooden Double Axe wooden_double_axe
Enhanced Iron Double Axe enhanced_iron_double_axe

Dream Spawn Egg dream_entity_full
Dream Spawn Egg dream_entity
Dream Spawn Egg dream_potion
Dream Spawn Egg dream_bow

Edible Iron Pickaxe breadpick
Edible Iron Sword breadsword
Edible Iron Shovel breadironshovel
Edible Iron Axe breadaxe
Edible Iron Hoe breadhoe
Edible Diamond Shovel goldenapplediamondshovel

Aluminium Ore aluminium_ore
Chaosium Chesplate chaosium_chesplate_chestplate
Ruby ore rubyore
Lead Ingot leadingot
Mercury Ingot mercury_ingot
Zombie King Helmet Body zombie_king_helmet_chestplate
Pyrop pyrop
Chaosium Chesplate Boots chaosium_chesplate_boots
Plutonium Block plutonium_block
Andradit andradit
Nether Zombie Spawn Egg nether_zombie_spawn_egg
Upped Zombie King Crown Boots upped_zombie_king_crown_boots
Sulfur Ore sulfur_ore
Lithium Ore lithium_ore
Topaz ore topazore
Amethyst amethyst
Crystal Zombie King Boss crystal_zombie
Red Slime Ball redslimeball
Zombie King Spawn Egg zombieking_spawn_egg
Lead ore leadore
Sulfur Block sulfurblock
Blue Slime Ball bluesmileball
Thorium Nugget thoriumnugget
Crystal Flame of Challange flame_cyrstal
Magnesium Ore magnesium_ore
Ender Zombie Spawn Egg ender_zombie_spawn_egg
Crystal Charger crystal_charger
Sapphire sapphire
Nether Flash nether_zombie_flash
Crystal Sand Boss crystal_sand_boss
Uranium Ingot uranium_ingot
Silver Ore sliver_ore
Lead Block lead_block
Silver Block silver_block
Empty Spawning Crystal empty_crystal
Aluminium Block aluminium_block
Magnesium Block magnesium_block
Chaosium Chesplate Helmet chaosium_chesplate_helmet
Slime On The Stick slime_on_the_stick
Pyrop ore pyropore
Ruby ruby
Silver Ingot silver_ingot
Topaz topaz
Lithium Ingot lithium_ingot
Eternal Flame eternal_flame
Zinc Ore zing_ore
Neptunium Block neptunium_block
Zombie King Crown zombie_king_helmet_helmet
Sulfur Ore Nether sulfur_ore_nether
Scorpion Spawn Egg scorpion_spawn_egg
Mummy Spawn Egg mummy_spawn_egg
Sulfur sulfur
Thorium Block t_horium_block
Upped Zombie King Crown upped_zombie_king_crown_helmet
Andradit ore andraditore
Plutonium Nugget plutoniumnugget
Upped Zombie King Crown Leggings upped_zombie_king_crown_leggings
Yellow slime Spawn Egg yellowslime_spawn_egg
Sapphire ore sapphireore
Magnesium Ingot magnesium_ingot
Thorium Ingot thoriumingot
Chaosium chaosium
Mercury Block mercury_block
Aquamarine ore aquamarineore
Papyrus papyrus
Uranium Nugget uraniumnugget
Zinc Block zinc_block
Neptunium Ingot neptunium_ingot
Blue Slime Spawn Egg blue_slime_spawn_egg
Full Spawning Crystal fullcrystal
Radioactive ore radioactiveore
Zombie King Helmet Leggings zombie_king_helmet_leggings
Plutonium Ingot plutonium_ingot
Zombie King Helmet Boots zombie_king_helmet_boots
Beryl ore berylore
Ender Flash ender_zombie_flash
Chaosium Chesplate Leggings chaosium_chesplate_leggings
Chaos Spawn Spawn Egg chaos_spawn_spawn_egg
Crastal Endless Challange crastal_endless_challange
Crystal Chaos Spawn crystal_chaos_spawn
Red Slime Spawn Egg redslime_spawn_egg
Yellow slime ball yellowslimeball
Crystal Slime Boss crystal_slime_boss
Aquamarine aquamarine
Lithium Block lithium_block
Uranium Block uranium_block
Lithium Bucket With Ice lithium_bucket
Zinc Ingot zinc_ingot
Aluminium Ingot aluminium_ingot
Upped Zombie King Crown Body upped_zombie_king_crown_chestplate
Slime Boss Spawn Egg slime_boss_spawn_egg
Neptunium Nugget neptuniumnugget
Book When Pigs Fly book_when_pigs_fly
Mercury Bucket mercuryfluid_bucket
Scorpion Pincers scorpion_pincers
Mercury mercuryfluid
Black Slime Ball black_slime_ball
Amethyst ore amethystore
Beryl beryl

Emerald Pickaxe emeralds_pickaxe
Emeralds Sword emeralds_sword
Emerald Chestplate emeralda_armor_chestplate
Emerald Boots emeralda_armor_boots
Emerald Axe emeralds_axe
Emerald Hoe emeralds_hoe
Emerald Helmet emeralda_armor_helmet
Emerald Leggings emeralda_armor_leggings

Emerald Sword emerald_tools_sword
Emerald Shovel emerald_tools_shovel
Emerald Pickaxe emerald_tools_pickaxe
Emerald Pickaxe emerald_tools_pickaxe
Emerald Shovel emerald_tools_shovel
Emerald Hoe emerald_tools_hoe
Emerald Axe emerald_tools_axe
Emerald Sword emerald_tools_sword
Emerald Axe emerald_tools_axe
Emerald Hoe emerald_tools_hoe

Vertical Oak Slab vertical_oak_slab
Vertical Spruce Slab vertical_spruce_slab
Vertical Birch Slab vertical_birch_slab
Vertical Jungle Slab vertical_jungle_slab
Vertical Dark Oak Slab vertical_dark_oak_slab
Vertical Crimson Slab vertical_crimson_slab
Vertical Warped Slab vertical_warped_slab
Vertical Stone Slab vertical_stone_slab
Vertical Smooth Stone Slab vertical_smooth_stone_slab
Vertical Sandstone Slab vertical_sandstone_slab
Vertical Cut Sandstone Slab vertical_cut_sandstone_slab
Vertical Petrified Oak Slab vertical_petrified_oak_slab
Vertical Cobblestone Slab vertical_cobblestone_slab
Vertical Brick Slab vertical_brick_slab
Vertical Stone Brick Slab vertical_stone_brick_slab
Vertical Nether Brick Slab vertical_nether_brick_slab
Vertical Quartz Slab vertical_quartz_slab
Vertical Smooth Quartz Slab vertical_smooth_quartz_slab
Vertical Red Sandstone Slab vertical_red_sandstone_slab
Vertical Cut Red Sandstone Slab vertical_cut_red_sandstone_slab
Vertical Purpur Slab vertical_purpur_slab
Vertical Prismarine Slab vertical_prismarine_slab
Vertical Prismarine Brick Slab vertical_prismarine_brick_slab
Vertical Dark Prismarine Slab vertical_dark_prismarine_slab
Vertical Polished Granite Slab vertical_polished_granite_slab
Vertical Smooth Red Sandstone Slab vertical_smooth_red_sandstone_slab
Vertical Mossy Stone Brick Slab vertical_mossy_stone_brick_slab
Vertical Polished Diorite Slab vertical_polished_diorite_slab
Vertical Mossy Cobblestone Slab vertical_mossy_cobblestone_slab
Vertical End Stone Brick Slab vertical_end_stone_brick_slab
Vertical Smooth Sandstone Slab vertical_smooth_sandstone_slab
Vertical Granite Slab vertical_granite_slab
Vertical Andesite Slab vertical_andesite_slab
Vertical Red Nether Brick Slab vertical_red_nether_brick_slab
Vertical Polished Andesite Slab vertical_polished_andesite_slab
Vertical Diorite Slab vertical_diorite_slab
Vertical Cobbled Deepslate Slab vertical_cobbled_deepslate_slab
Vertical Polished Deepslate Slab vertical_polished_deepslate_slab
Vertical Deepslate Brick Slab vertical_deepslate_brick_slab
Vertical Deepslate Tile Slab vertical_deepslate_tile_slab
Vertical Blackstone Slab vertical_blackstone_slab
Vertical Polished Blackstone Slab vertical_polished_blackstone_slab
Vertical Polished Blackstone Brick Slab vertical_polished_blackstone_brick_slab
Vertical Cut Copper Slab vertical_cut_copper_slab
Vertical Exposed Cut Copper Slab vertical_exposed_cut_copper_slab
Vertical Weathered Cut Copper Slab vertical_weathered_cut_copper_slab
Vertical Oxidised Cut Copper Slab vertical_oxidized_cut_copper_slab
Vertical Acacia Slab vertical_acacia_slab

Trapper's Mask trappersmask
Dream Dimension Portal Igniter dream_dimension
Totem totem
Generator gen_1
Generator gen_0
Dimension Teleporter dimensionteleporter
Trickster Spawn Egg trickster_spawn_egg
Krampus Spawn Egg krampus_spawn_egg
Misterious Iron misterious_iron
Crow Spawn Egg crow_spawn_egg
Error Spawn Egg error_spawn_egg
Hatchet hatchet
Medkit medkit_item
Hatchet Bullet hatchet_bullet
Raw Corrupted raw_corrupted
Corrupted Fence corrupted_wood_fence
Myers Mask Boots myers_mask_boots
Cursed Chicken Spawn Egg cursed_chicken_spawn_egg
The Shape Spawn Egg the_shape_spawn_egg
Demogorgon Leather Chestplate demo_leather_armor_chestplate
Myers Mask Body myers_mask_chestplate
Fog Pickaxe fog_fragment_pickaxe
Bloody Knife corrupted_knife
Misterious Igniter trial
Fog Fragment fog_fragment
Corrupted Boots corrupted_armor_boots
Entity's Metal entitysmetal
Corrupted Pickaxe corrupted_pickaxe
Fog Leggings fog_fragment_armor_leggings
Entity's Head Block entityhead
Hacker Spawn Egg hacker_spawn_egg
Bear Trap beartrap
Cleaver cleaver
Auric Cell auric_cell
Corrupted Leggings corrupted_armor_leggings
Jason Spawn Egg jason_spawn_egg
Fog Helmet fog_fragment_armor_helmet
Corrupted Wood corrupted_wood_wood
Corrupted Snake Spawn Egg corrupted_snake_spawn_egg
Stripped Corrupted Log stripped_corrupted_log
Observer Spawn Egg observer_spawn_egg
Demogorgon Leather Leggings demo_leather_armor_leggings
Block of Fog Fragment fog_fragment_block
Christmas Present christmas_present
Corn Cob corncob
Fog Chestplate fog_fragment_armor_chestplate
Corn corn
Corrupted Helmet corrupted_armor_helmet
Myers Mask Leggings myers_mask_leggings
Blight Spawn Egg blight_spawn_egg
Demogorgon Spawn Egg demogorgon_spawn_egg
Corrupted Ingot corrupted_ingot
Trapper Spawn Egg trapper_spawn_egg
Corrupted Frame trial_portal_frame
Swamp Grass swamp_grass
Herobrine Spawn Egg herobrine_spawn_egg
Corrupted Hoe corrupted_hoe
Huge Knife ph_knife
Fog Hoe fog_fragment_hoe
Wraith Spawn Egg wraith_spawn_egg
Demogorgon Leather Helmet demo_leather_armor_helmet
Fog Axe fog_fragment_axe
Hag Spawn Egg hag_spawn_egg
Cursed Pig Spawn Egg cursed_pig_spawn_egg
Myers' Mask myers_mask_helmet
Raw Corrupted Block raw_corrupted_block
Fake Freddy Spawn Egg fake_freddy_spawn_egg
Demogorgon Leather Boots demo_leather_armor_boots
Corrupted Fence Gate corrupted_wood_fence_gate
Cursed Cow Spawn Egg cursed_cow_spawn_egg
Corrupted Planks corrupted_wood_planks
Alarm Clock alarmclock
Huntress Spawn Egg huntress_spawn_egg
Chainsaw chainsaw
Corrupted Button corrupted_wood_button
Music Disc music_disc_terror_dbd
Corrupted Ore corrupted_ore
God Sword god_sword
Corrupted Block corrupted_block
Crow Feather crow_feather
Corrupted Axe corrupted_axe
Fog Sword fog_fragment_sword
Wraith Essence Potion wraith_essence_potion
Upside Down Portal Igniter upside_down
Trickster's Knife trickster_knife
Upside Down Portal upside_down_portal
Corrupted Trap Door corrupted_trap_door
Nightmare Spawn Egg freddy_spawn_egg
Corrupted Flower corrupted_flower
T Kammo t_kammo
Stripped Corrupted Wood stripped_corrupted_wood
Corrupted Berry Bush corrupted_berry_bush
Fog Shovel fog_fragment_shovel
Blighted Serum blighteddrop
Corrupted Berry corrupted_berry
Corrupted Leaves corrupted_wood_leaves
Ghostface Spawn Egg ghostface_spawn_egg
Generator Part gen_part
Leatherface Spawn Egg bubba_spawn_egg
Flashlight flashlight
Corrupted Shovel corrupted_shovel
Machete machete
Executioner Spawn Egg executioner_spawn_egg
The Entity Spawn Egg the_entity_boss_spawn_egg
Chain ph_chain
Corrupted Door corrupted_door_1
Corrupted Log corrupted_wood_log
Corrupted Tree Sapling corrupted_tree_plantain
Corrupted Sword corrupted_sword
Corrupted Tree Sapling corrupted_tree_sapling
TP Potion tp_potion
Nurse Spawn Egg nurse_spawn_egg
Fog Boots fog_fragment_armor_boots
Deepslate Corrupted Ore deepslate_corrupted_ore
Corrupted Body corrupted_armor_chestplate
Demogorgon Leather demogorgon_leather
Ghostface's Knife gf_knife
Swamp Vines swamp_vines
Fog Fragment Ore fog_fragment_ore
Hag Trap hagtrap
Corrupted Stairs corrupted_wood_stairs
Corrupted Pressure Plate corrupted_wood_pressure_plate
Corrupted Slab corrupted_wood_slab

Emerald D Portal Igniter emerald_d
Iron D Portal Igniter iron_d
Diamond D Portal Igniter diamond_d
Red Stone D Portal Igniter red_stone_d
Coal D Portal Igniter coal_d
Gold D Portal Igniter gold_d
Lapis D Portal Igniter lapis_d

Oak Wood Helmet oak_wood_helmet
Oak Wood Chestplate oak_wood_chestplate
Oak Wood Leggings oak_wood_leggings
Oak Wood Boots oak_wood_boots
Birch Wood Helmet birch_wood_helmet
Birch Wood Chestplate birch_wood_chestplate
Birch Wood Leggings birch_wood_leggings
Birch Wood Boots birch_wood_boots
Jungle Wood Helmet jungle_wood_helmet
Jungle Wood Chestplate jungle_wood_chestplate
Jungle Wood Leggings jungle_wood_leggings
Jungle Wood Boots jungle_wood_boots
Spruce Wood Helmet spruce_wood_helmet
Spruce Wood Chestplate spruce_wood_chestplate
Spruce Wood Leggings spruce_wood_leggings
Spruce Wood Boots spruce_wood_boots
Dark Oak Wood Helmet dark_oak_wood_helmet
Dark Oak Wood Chestplate dark_oak_wood_chestplate
Dark Oak Wood Leggings dark_oak_wood_leggings
Dark Oak Wood Boots dark_oak_wood_boots
Acacia Wood Helmet acacia_wood_helmet
Acacia Wood Chestplate acacia_wood_chestplate
Acacia Wood Leggings acacia_wood_leggings
Acacia Wood Boots acacia_wood_boots
Cactus Helmet cactus_helmet
Cactus Chestplate cactus_chestplate
Cactus Leggings cactus_leggings
Cactus Boots cactus_boots
Obsidian Helmet obsidian_helmet
Obsidian Chestplate obsidian_chestplate
Obsidian Leggings obsidian_leggings
Obsidian Boots obsidian_boots
Magma Helmet magma_helmet
Magma Chestplate magma_chestplate
Magma Leggings magma_leggings
Magma Boots magma_boots
Melon Helmet melon_helmet
Melon Chestplate melon_chestplate
Melon Leggings melon_leggings
Melon Boots melon_boots
Quartz Helmet quartz_helmet
Quartz Chestplate quartz_chestplate
Quartz Leggings quartz_leggings
Quartz Boots quartz_boots
Bone Helmet bone_helmet
Bone Chestplate bone_chestplate
Bone Leggings bone_leggings
Bone Boots bone_boots
Molten Helmet molten_helmet
Molten Chestplate molten_chestplate
Molten Leggings molten_leggings
Molten Boots molten_boots
Pumpkin Helmet pumpkin_helmet
Pumpkin Chestplate pumpkin_chestplate
Pumpkin Leggings pumpkin_leggings
Pumpkin Boots pumpkin_boots
Phantom Helmet phantom_helmet
Phantom Chestplate phantom_chestplate
Phantom Leggings phantom_leggings
Phantom Boots phantom_boots
Ghost Helmet ghost_helmet
Ghost Chestplate ghost_chestplate
Ghost Leggings ghost_leggings
Ghost Boots ghost_boots
Crying Obsidian Helmet crying_obsidian_helmet
Crying Obsidian Chestplate crying_obsidian_chestplate
Crying Obsidian Leggings crying_obsidian_leggings
Crying Obsidian Boots crying_obsidian_boots
Ice Helmet ice_helmet
Ice Chestplate ice_chestplate
Ice Leggings ice_leggings
Ice Boots ice_boots
Snow Helmet snow_helmet
Snow Chestplate snow_chestplate
Snow Leggings snow_leggings
Snow Boots snow_boots
Glowstone Helmet glowstone_helmet
Glowstone Chestplate glowstone_chestplate
Glowstone Leggings glowstone_leggings
Glowstone Boots glowstone_boots
Prismarine Shard Helmet prismarine_shard_helmet
Prismarine Shard Chestplate prismarine_shard_chestplate
Prismarine Shard Leggings prismarine_shard_leggings
Prismarine Shard Boots prismarine_shard_boots
Prismarine Crystal Helmet prismarine_crystal_helmet
Prismarine Crystal Chestplate prismarine_crystal_chestplate
Prismarine Crystal Leggings prismarine_crystal_leggings
Prismarine Crystal Boots prismarine_crystal_boots
Honeycomb Helmet honeycomb_helmet
Honeycomb Chestplate honeycomb_chestplate
Honeycomb Leggings honeycomb_leggings
Honeycomb Boots honeycomb_boots
Emerald Helmet emerald_helmet
Emerald Chestplate emerald_chestplate
Emerald Leggings emerald_leggings
Emerald Boots emerald_boots
Ender Helmet ender_helmet
Ender Chestplate ender_chestplate
Ender Leggings ender_leggings
Ender Boots ender_boots
Feather Helmet feather_helmet
Feather Chestplate feather_chestplate
Feather Leggings feather_leggings
Feather Boots feather_boots
Slime Helmet slime_helmet
Slime Chestplate slime_chestplate
Slime Leggings slime_leggings
Slime Boots slime_boots
Lapis Helmet lapis_helmet
Lapis Chestplate lapis_chestplate
Lapis Leggings lapis_leggings
Lapis Boots lapis_boots
Copper Helmet copper_helmet
Copper Chestplate copper_chestplate
Copper Leggings copper_leggings
Copper Boots copper_boots
Amethyst Helmet amethyst_helmet
Amethyst Chestplate amethyst_chestplate
Amethyst Leggings amethyst_leggings
Amethyst Boots amethyst_boots

Fregit Leggings fregit_armour_leggings
Caldium Ingot caldium_ingot
Capulabis Chestplate capulabis_armour_chestplate
Pink Diamond Sword pink_diamond_sword
Haranae Ore haranae_ore
Fregit Ingot fregit_ingot
Caldium Helmet caldium_armour_helmet
Capulabis Pickaxe capulabis_pickaxe
Virtum Ingot virtum_ingot
Virtum Shovel virtum_shovel
Capulabis Helmet capulabis_armour_helmet
Capulabis Ingot capulabis_ingot
Frigus Sword frigus_sword
Pink Diamond Shovel pink_diamond_shovel
Haranae Ingot haranae_ingot
Capulabis Hoe capulabis_hoe
Pink Diamond Sword pink_diamond_sword
Capulabis Shovel capulabis_shovel
Fregit Axe fregit_axe
Fregit Chestplate fregit_armour_chestplate
Pink Diamond Ore pink_diamond_ore
Caldium Chestplate caldium_armour_chestplate
Raw Haranae raw_haranae
Haranae Ore haranae_ore
Pink Diamond Pickaxe pink_diamond_pickaxe
Capulabis Boots capulabis_armour_boots
Virtum Sword virtum_sword
Capulabis Leggings capulabis_armour_leggings
Pink Diamond Pickaxe pink_diamond_pickaxe
Caldium Boots caldium_armour_boots
Fregit Chestplate fregit_armour_chestplate
Virtum Ore virtum_ore
Pink Diamond Leggings pink_diamond_armour_leggings
Caldium Boots caldium_armour_boots
Fregit Boots fregit_armour_boots
Capulabis Sword capulabis_sword
Haranae Axe haranae_axe
Frigus frigus
Haranae Pickaxe haranae_pickaxe
Capulabis Axe capulabis_axe
Caldium Leggings caldium_armour_leggings
Fregit Sword fregit_sword
Frigus Shovel frigus_shovel
Caldium Hoe caldium_hoe
Capulabis Sword capulabis_sword
Pink Diamond Block pink_diamond_block
Fregit Shovel fregit_shovel
Fregit Helmet fregit_armour_helmet
Capulabis Axe capulabis_axe
Frigus Boots frigus_armour_boots
Haranae Sword haranae_sword
Caldium Axe caldium_axe
Caldium Block caldium_block
Frigus Boots frigus_armour_boots
Pink Diamond Chestplate pink_diamond_armour_chestplate
Haranae Sword haranae_sword
Fregit Axe fregit_axe
Fregit Helmet fregit_armour_helmet
Pink Diamond Axe pink_diamond_axe
Haranae Pickaxe haranae_pickaxe
Fregit Shovel fregit_shovel
Haranae Chestplate haranae_armour_chestplate
Virtum Hoe virtum_hoe
Haranae Helmet haranae_armour_helmet
Caldium Ore caldium_ore
Raw Haranae raw_haranae
Virtum Leggings virtum_armour_leggings
Virtum Axe virtum_axe
Haranae Block haranae_block
Haranae Shovel haranae_shovel
Caldium Sword caldium_sword
Caldium Sword caldium_sword
Frigus Helmet frigus_armour_helmet
Haranae Helmet haranae_armour_helmet
Capulabis Ingot capulabis_ingot
Pink Diamond Hoe pink_diamond_hoe
Pink Diamond pink_diamond
Caldium Hoe caldium_hoe
Fregit Ore fregit_ore
Fregit Ore fregit_ore
Frigus Helmet frigus_armour_helmet
Capulabis Shovel capulabis_shovel
Virtum Hoe virtum_hoe
Virtum Pickaxe virtum_pickaxe
Caldium Leggings caldium_armour_leggings
Caldium Axe caldium_axe
Caldium Chestplate caldium_armour_chestplate
Caldium Ingot caldium_ingot
Fregit Block fregit_block
Frigus Block frigus_block
Fregit Pickaxe fregit_pickaxe
Frigus Pickaxe frigus_pickaxe
Virtum Shovel virtum_shovel
Virtum Chestplate virtum_armour_chestplate
Caldium Pickaxe caldium_pickaxe
Capulabis Helmet capulabis_armour_helmet
Virtum Ore virtum_ore
Haranae Block haranae_block
Pink Diamond Hoe pink_diamond_hoe
Fregit Hoe fregit_hoe
Haranae Hoe haranae_hoe
Raw Virtum raw_virtum
Pink Diamond Helmet pink_diamond_armour_helmet
Capulabis Pickaxe capulabis_pickaxe
Pink Diamond pink_diamond
Pink Diamond Shovel pink_diamond_shovel
Pink Diamond Axe pink_diamond_axe
Pink Diamond Chestplate pink_diamond_armour_chestplate
Frigus Block frigus_block
Virtum Block virtum_block
Fregit Boots fregit_armour_boots
Caldium Pickaxe caldium_pickaxe
Virtum Axe virtum_axe
Frigus Leggings frigus_armour_leggings
Frigus Sword frigus_sword
Virtum Pickaxe virtum_pickaxe
Caldium Shovel caldium_shovel
Frigus Pickaxe frigus_pickaxe
Frigus Shovel frigus_shovel
Pink Diamond Boots pink_diamond_armour_boots
Haranae Shovel haranae_shovel
Pink Diamond Ore pink_diamond_ore
Virtum Leggings virtum_armour_leggings
Pink Diamond Leggings pink_diamond_armour_leggings
Caldium Ore caldium_ore
Virtum Sword virtum_sword
Caldium Block caldium_block
Virtum Chestplate virtum_armour_chestplate
Pink Diamond Helmet pink_diamond_armour_helmet
Fregit Leggings fregit_armour_leggings
Capulabis Chestplate capulabis_armour_chestplate
Raw Virtum raw_virtum
Capulabis Block capulabis_block
Capulabis Block capulabis_block
Frigus Hoe frigus_hoe
Fregit Hoe fregit_hoe
Haranae Chestplate haranae_armour_chestplate
Frigus Axe frigus_axe
Haranae Leggings haranae_armour_leggings
Fregit Sword fregit_sword
Haranae Ingot haranae_ingot
Fregit Pickaxe fregit_pickaxe
Frigus Ore frigus_ore
Frigus Leggings frigus_armour_leggings
Frigus Ore frigus_ore
Haranae Hoe haranae_hoe
Virtum Boots virtum_armour_boots
Virtum Ingot virtum_ingot
Frigus Chestplate frigus_armour_chestplate
Haranae Boots haranae_armour_boots
Capulabis Hoe capulabis_hoe
Pink Diamond Boots pink_diamond_armour_boots
Fregit Block fregit_block
Capulabis Boots capulabis_armour_boots
Haranae Axe haranae_axe
Caldium Shovel caldium_shovel
Haranae Boots haranae_armour_boots
Virtum Block virtum_block
Fregit Ingot fregit_ingot
Virtum Helmet virtum_armour_helmet
Frigus frigus
Frigus Chestplate frigus_armour_chestplate
Caldium Helmet caldium_armour_helmet
Capulabis Leggings capulabis_armour_leggings
Frigus Axe frigus_axe
Virtum Boots virtum_armour_boots
Haranae Leggings haranae_armour_leggings
Frigus Hoe frigus_hoe
Pink Diamond Block pink_diamond_block
Virtum Helmet virtum_armour_helmet

Jerell's Yellow Colour me_fav_colour_ish_yellow
FGR Airlines Spawn Egg fgr_airlinez_spawn_egg
Defensive Wood defensive_wood
Dream dream
Subscribe To Jer Gamez! the_subscribe_dimension
Stone Knife stone_knife
Magical Diamond Sword magical_diamond_sword
Better Wooden Pickaxe + better_wooden_pickaxe_s
Subscribeblock subscribeblock
Enchanted Porkchop enchanted_porkchop
Lets Obtain Bedrock! lets_obtain_bedrock
Better Wooden Pickaxe better_wooden_pickaxe
Defensive Cobblestone defensive_cobblestone

Leprechaun Spawn Egg leprechaun_spawn_egg
Wizard Spawn Egg wizard_spawn_egg
Unicorn Spawn Egg unicorn_spawn_egg
Unicorn Baby Spawn Egg unicorn_baby_spawn_egg
Staff staff

Flytmoremaker flytmoremaker
Flytmore Spawn Egg flytmore_spawn_egg

Raw Sweet Berry Pie raw_sweet_berry_pie
Sweet Berry Pie sweet_berry_pie
Raw Glow Berry Pie raw_glow_berry_pie
Glow Berry Pie glow_berry_pie
Raw Pumpkin Pie raw_pumpkin_pie
Pumpkin Pie pumpkin_pie
Dough dough
Salt salt
Sugar sugar
Bread Slice bread_slice
Toast toast
Baked Apple baked_apple
Honey Apple honey_apple
Hard Boiled Egg hard_boiled_egg
French Toast french_toast
Cheese cheese
Butter butter
Buttered Toast buttered_toast
Grilled Cheese grilled_cheese
Honey Bun honey_bun
Salt Cube salt_cube
Sugar Cube sugar_cube
Ipopkat ipopkat

Cooked Ramen cooked_ramen
Microwave microwave
Burger burger
Dough dough
Pizza pizza
Burger Bun burger_bun
Mini Refrigerator mini_refrigerator
Cheese cheese
Butter butter
Peanut Butter Sandwitch peanut_butter_sandwitch
Sesame Seeds sesame_seeds
Cooked Bread cooked_bread
Lettuce lettuce
Flour flour
Arrow of Coke tipped_arrow.effect.coke
Chicken Strips chicken_strips
Pepperoni pepperoni
Patty patty
Jelly jelly
Ham And Cheese Sandwich ham_and_cheese_sandwitch
Splash Potion of Coke splash_potion.effect.coke
Lingering Potion of Coke lingering_potion.effect.coke
Flat Bread flat_bread
Knife knife
Ham ham
Peanut Butter peanut_butter
Potion of Coke potion.effect.coke
Uncooked Ramen uncooked_ramen
Rameninabowl rameninabowl

Neutrona wand MK-2 neutronawandmk_2
Neutrona wand MK-3 neutronawandmk_3
Old Wood Trapdoor old_wood_trapdoor
Alarms alarms
Rusty Ecto-1 rusty_ecto_1
Cyclotron cyclotron
White Painted Steel white_painted_steel
Containment Grid MK 1 containment_grid_mk_1
Ghost Trap in dirt active dirtattive
Mini Puff Spawn Egg mini_puff_spawn_egg
Keymaster Statue keymaster_statue
Ecto Goggles Boots ecto_goggles_boots
Ghost Trap RC Spawn Egg ghost_trap_rc_spawn_egg
Stay Puft Spawn Egg stay_puff_spawn_egg
Engine engine
Spectre Spawn Egg spectre_spawn_egg
ECTO-1 Spawn Egg car_spawn_egg
Tubing tubing
Wires wires
ECTO-1 (Aged) Spawn Egg after_life_ecto_spawn_egg
Slimer Spawn Egg slimer_spawn_egg
Neutrona Wand testwand
Dirtttapped dirtttapped
Ghost Trap (Vex) vex
Proton Pack MK-3 proton_pack_mk_3_chestplate
Gatekeeper Statue gate_keeper_statue
Old Wood Fence old_wood_fence
Gozer's Skull gozerskull
Proton Pack MK 2 Helmet proton_pack_mk_2_helmet
Proton Pack MK 2 Helmet proton_pack_mk_3_helmet
Spark Plug spark_plu
Ecto Cooler ecto_cooler
Roof Rack roof_rack
Ghost Trap (Bug eye ghost) bugeyetrapped
Ghost Trap in dirt {GOZER} gozercaught
Old Wood Fence old_wood_fence_gate
Muncher Spawn Egg muncher_spawn_egg
Toaster toaster
Fakechest fakechest
PKE Meter pke_meter
Rawrubber rawrubber
Neutrona Wand neutrona_wand
Impy Spawn Egg impy_spawn_egg
Ghost Trap (Gatekeeper) dog_2
Ghost Trap (Keymaster) dog_1
Vinz Clortho The Keymaster Spawn Egg keymaster_spawn_egg
Car Battery car_battery
Rubber rubbercooked
Pink Slime pink_slime
Ghost Trap (Male suit ghost) ghosttrap_caught
Ghost Trap in dirt {caught} dirtcaught
Proton Pack MK 2 Leggings proton_pack_mk_3_leggings
Ecto-1 ecto_1
Egon Spengler Spawn Egg egon_spengler_spawn_egg
Zuul The Gatekeeper Spawn Egg gatekeeper_spawn_egg
Twinkie twinkie
Proton Pack MK 1 Boots proton_pack_mk_1_boots
Old Wood Door old_wood_door
Ghostbusters Patch ghostbusters_patch
Gozer Rituals Book 2 gozerrituals_book_2
Pink Slime Bucket pink_slime_bucket
Proton Pack MK 2 Leggings proton_pack_mk_2_leggings
Old Wood Slabs old_wood_slabs
RC Ghost Trap rc_ghost_trap
Trap trappng
Ecto Goggles ecto_goggles_helmet
Ecto Goggles Body ecto_goggles_chestplate
Steel steel
Ghost Trap (Muncher) munchertrapped
Ghost Trap (Slimer) slimertrap
Gozer Rituals Book gozerrituals_book
Throwable Ghost trap throwabale_ghosttrap
Red Painted Steel red_painted_steel
Ghost Trap in dirt dirttrap
Bug Eye Ghost Spawn Egg bugeyeghost_spawn_egg
Proton Pack MK 1 Helmet proton_pack_mk_1_helmet
Proton Pack MK-2 proton_pack_mk_2_chestplate
Roof equipment roofequipment
Proton Pack MK 2 Boots proton_pack_mk_3_boots
GhostBusters Mod Theme theme_16
Proton Pack MK 1 Leggings proton_pack_mk_1_leggings
Cleanin up the town theme_17
Ghost Trap (Spectre) spectretrap
Ghost Trap (Impy) impytrapped
Savin the night theme_18
Proton Pack MK-1 proton_pack_mk_1_chestplate
Tire tire
Ghostbusters Sign ghostbusters_sign
Ecto Goggles Leggings ecto_goggles_leggings
Ghost Spawn Egg ghost_male_1_spawn_egg
Cyclotron mk 2 cyclotronmk_2
Old Wood old_wood
Gozer the gozerian Spawn Egg gozerthegozerian_spawn_egg
Car chassis carchassis
Old Wood Stairs old_wood_stairs
Ghost Trap ghosttrapmain
Gozerlighting gozerlighting
NPCWAND npcwand
Ghost Trap (Gozer) gozertrapped
Cyclotron mk 3 cyclotronmk_3
Ghost Trap Active ghost_trap
Proton Pack MK 2 Boots proton_pack_mk_2_boots

Goblin Villager Spawn Egg villager_goblin_2_spawn_egg
Goblin Meat goblin_meat
Goblin Steak goblin_steak
Goblin Knife goblin_knife
Goblin Warrior Spawn Egg warrior_goblin_spawn_egg
Goblin Spawnpoint goblin_spawnpoint
Goblin Pickaxe goblin_pickaxe
Goblin Spawnpoint goblin_hunter_spawnpoint
Goblin Bomb goblin_bomb
Goblin Bow goblin_bow
Goblin Villager Spawn Egg villager_goblin_spawn_egg
Wild Goblin Spawn Egg wild_goblin_spawn_egg
Zombie Goblin Spawn Egg zombie_goblin_spawn_egg
Goblin Bomber Spawn Egg bomber_goblin_spawn_egg
Goblin Lumberjack Spawn Egg lumberjack_goblin_spawn_egg
Rotten Goblin Meat goblin_rotten_meat
Goblin Hunter Spawn Egg goblin_hunter_spawn_egg
Goblin Archer Spawn Egg archer_goblin_spawn_egg
Goblin Miner Spawn Egg miner_goblin_spawn_egg
Goblin Axe goblin_axe
Goblin Wondering Trader Spawn Egg goblin_wondering_spawn_egg

Rodan Spawn Egg fire_rodan_spawn_egg
Mecha G mecha_g
Space Godzilla Spawn Egg space_godzilla_spawn_egg
Moguera Spawn Egg moguera_spawn_egg
King Ghidorah Spawn Egg mecha_king_ghidorah_spawn_egg
Moguera mogera
Space Breath space_breath
Biollante Spawn Egg biollante_spawn_egg
Breath breath
Cobweb cobweb
Littlegodzilla Spawn Egg littlegodzilla_spawn_egg
Iron Nugget Spawn Egg iron_nugget_spawn_egg
Godzilla Spawn Egg burnig_godzilla_spawn_egg
Rodan Spawn Egg rodan_spawn_egg
Iron Nugget Spawn Egg iron_nugget_2_spawn_egg
Mothra Spawn Egg mothra_spawn_egg
Mecha Godzilla Spawn Egg mecha_godzilla_spawn_egg
Godzilla Spawn Egg godzilla_spawn_egg
King Ghidorah Spawn Egg king_ghidorah_spawn_egg
Battra Spawn Egg battra_spawn_egg
Breathlittle breathlittle
Mothra Imago Spawn Egg mothra_imago_spawn_egg
Battra Imago Spawn Egg battra_imago_spawn_egg

OP guardian soul op_guardian_soul
Cobbled Redstone cobbled_redstone
Fireball fireball
Red shard red_prismarine_shard
Overpowered Guardian Spawn Egg super_elder_guardian_spawn_egg

Enhanced Golden Hammer enhanced_golden_hammer
Enhanced Stone Hammer enhanced_stone_hammer
Golden Hammer golden_hammer
Enhanced Diamond Hammer enhanced_diamond_hammer
Enhanced Wooden Hammer enhanced_wooden_hammer
Enhanced Iron Hammer enhanced_iron_hammer
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Wooden Hammer wooden_hammer
Enhanced Netherite Hammer enhanced_netherite_hammer
Stone Hammer stone_hammer
Netherite Hammer netherite_hammer
Diamond Hammer diamond_hammer
Iron Hammer iron_hammer

Hardened iron block hardenedironblock
Hardened iron pickaxe hardenedironpickaxe
Hardened iron sword hardenedironsword
Hardened iron axe hardenedironaxe
Hardened iron shovel hardenedironshovel
Hardened iron nugget hardenedironnugget
Hardened iron ingot hardenedironingot

Yıldız Bot yildizarmor_boots
Kara Tahta kara_tahta
Yıldız Göğüslük yildizarmor_chestplate
Tüfek tufek
Kara Toprak kara_toprak
Yıldırım Külçesi yildirimkulcesi
TNT 10s tnt_10s
İnsan Spawn Egg insan_3_spawn_egg
Ucucu Leggings ucucu_leggings
Anattar kara_diyar
Hız Kumu hizkumu
Jatpack ucucu_chestplate
Yıldız Pantolon yildizarmor_leggings
Söndürülmüş Yıldırım Kılıcı sondurulmusyildirimkilic
Kara demir göğüslük karametalarmor_chestplate
Kara Demir Kazma karametalkazma
Ucucu Boots ucucu_boots
Kara demir pantolon karametalarmor_leggings
İnsan Spawn Egg insan_5_spawn_egg
Kara Demir Kılıç karametalkilic
Tosun Spawn Egg tat_spawn_egg
Karayaprak karayaprak
Ucucu Helmet ucucu_helmet
Kara demir blok karametalblogu
Mermi mermi
İnsan Spawn Egg insan_2_spawn_egg
Ayı Spawn Egg ayi_spawn_egg
Kara Odun kara_odun
İnsan Spawn Egg insan_spawn_egg
Başlangıç Evi ev
Özel Çubuk islakodun
Şarjor sarjor
TNT tnt_2
Kara Demir Külçesi karametal
TNT 40s tnt_40s
Tabanci tabanci
Kara demir cevheri karametalcevheri
Yıldırım Kılıcı yildirimkilic
Kule kule
Kara Demir Balta karametalbalta
Sonsuz Yemek sonsuz_yemek
Kara demir bot karametalarmor_boots
TNT 3s tnt
İnsan Spawn Egg insan_4_spawn_egg
Yıldırım Cevheri yildirimcevheri
Kara demir kask karametalarmor_helmet
Nether Yıdlızı Bloğu netheryildiziblok
Çubuk Demeti cubukdmt
Yıldız Kask yildizarmor_helmet

Arrow of Cure Potion tipped_arrow.effect.cure_potion
Medkit medkit
Assault Rifle Ammo assault_rifle_ammo
Hammer hammer
VillagerZombie Spawn Egg villager_warm_zombie_2_spawn_egg
Cop Spawn Egg cop_spawn_egg
Tactic Boots tactical_boots
Brute Zombie Spawn Egg zombie_brute_warm_spawn_egg
Specops Helmet specops_helmet
Lingering Potion of Cure Potion lingering_potion.effect.cure_potion
Assault Rifle assault_rifle
Mech Spawn Egg mech_spawn_egg
Minigun minigun
GuardZombie Spawn Egg guard_warm_zombie_spawn_egg
Medic Book medic_book
Arrow of Infection potion tipped_arrow.effect.infectionpotion
Fire axe fireaxe
Tmp tmp
Blood blood
Military Spawn Egg military_spawn_egg
Beret Boots beret_boots
Police Body police_chestplate
Shotgunshell shotgunshell
Zombie Polarbear Spawn Egg zombie_polarbear_spawn_egg
Specops Boots specops_boots
Zombie Chicken Spawn Egg chickenzombie_spawn_egg
Tactic Body tactical_chestplate
Splash Potion of Cure Potion splash_potion.effect.cure_potion
Parachute parachute
VillagerWarm Spawn Egg farmer_female_warm_spawn_egg
Rpgrocketitem rpgrocketitem
Tactic knife tacticknife
Sniper Spawn Egg sniper_warm_spawn_egg
Filter filter
Tank Spawn Egg tank_spawn_egg
VillagerWarm Spawn Egg farmer_male_warm_spawn_egg
Beret Body beret_chestplate
Zom Spawn Egg zom_spawn_egg
Syringe syringe
Tactic Leggings tactical_leggings
Ration Mre ration_mre
Guard Spawn Egg guard_sniper_spawn_egg
Cap Spawn Egg cap_sword_spawn_egg
Zombie Pig Spawn Egg zgoat_spawn_egg
SuperDynamiteMan Spawn Egg super_dynamite_man_spawn_egg
MilitaryZombie Spawn Egg military_zombie_spawn_egg
Police Boots police_boots
HeadllessZombie Spawn Egg headlless_zombie_spawn_egg
RobberZombie Spawn Egg robber_zombie_spawn_egg
Zombie Police Spawn Egg copzombie_spawn_egg
Executioner Spawn Egg executioner_spawn_egg
Zombie Cat Spawn Egg catzombie_spawn_egg
Splash Potion of Infection potion splash_potion.effect.infectionpotion
Zombie Police Spawn Egg zombie_police_spawn_egg
Halfman Spawn Egg halfman_spawn_egg
Zombie Sheep Spawn Egg zombie_sheep_spawn_egg
InfantryZombie Spawn Egg infantry_zombie_spawn_egg
Police Leggings police_leggings
Gunner Spawn Egg gunner_warm_spawn_egg
Bottle of wine bottleofwine
Specops Leggings specops_leggings
Bat bat
Zombie Fox Spawn Egg zombie_fox_spawn_egg
Brute Spawn Egg brute_warm_spawn_egg
Zombie Pig Spawn Egg zombie_pig_spawn_egg
Sledgehammer sledgehammer
Sniper Rifle sniper_rifle
Infantry Spawn Egg infantry_warm_spawn_egg
JJ Spawn Egg gatlinglooter_spawn_egg
Molotov molotov
Specops Chestplate specops_chestplate
Rifleammo rifleammo
Potion of Infection potion potion.effect.infectionpotion
Rpg rpg
Robber Spawn Egg robber_warm_spawn_egg
Shotgun shotgun
Lingering Potion of Infection potion lingering_potion.effect.infectionpotion
Tmp Charger tmp_charger
Cap Spawn Egg cap_spawn_egg
Batteries batteries
Pistol Ammo pistol_ammo
Guardbook guardbooks
Landmine landmine
Gasmask tactical_helmet
Zombie Wolf Spawn Egg zombie_wolf_spawn_egg
Minigunammo minigunammo
Walking Hive Spawn Egg walking_hive_spawn_egg
Tazer tazer
Cloth cloth
Pistol pistol
Parachute 3 Spawn Egg parachute_3_spawn_egg
Rubber rubber
Pain Killer pain_killer
Dynamite dynamite
Beret Leggings beret_leggings
Guard Spawn Egg guard_gunner_spawn_egg
Potion of Cure Potion potion.effect.cure_potion
Bullet Proof Zombie Spawn Egg bullet_proof_zombie_spawn_egg
GunnerZombie Spawn Egg gunner_warm_zombie_spawn_egg
GuardZombie Spawn Egg guard_warm_zombie_2_spawn_egg
MedicZombie Spawn Egg mediczombie_spawn_egg
Police cap police_helmet
Rubberore rubberore
Griefer Spawn Egg griefer_warm_spawn_egg
Zombie Cow Spawn Egg zombie_cow_spawn_egg
VillagerWarmZombie Spawn Egg villager_warm_zombie_1_spawn_egg
SniperZombie Spawn Egg sniper_zombie_spawn_egg
Rebel Zombie Spawn Egg rebel_zombie_spawn_egg
Beret Helmet beret_helmet

Hover Pelle hover_pelle
Hover Sword hover_sword
Plastron de Hover hover_armure_chestplate
Hover Pioche hover_pioche
Hover Hache hover_hache
Minerai de Hover minerai_de_hover
Hover Houe hover_houe
Hover hover_minerai
Bottes de Hover hover_armure_boots
Hover Fromage hover_fromage
Hover Block hover_block
Jambière de Hover hover_armure_leggings
Hover Spawn Egg hover_mob_spawn_egg
Casque de Hover hover_armure_helmet
Hover Pizza hover_frite

Item Lucky Block item_lucky_block

Jetpack jetpack_2
Refiller refiller

Godingots godingots
God Sword god_sword

Lucky Oak Leaf lucky_lead

Orange Rose orange_rose
Mud Bucket mud
Obsidian Brick obsidian_brick
Empty Rose Bush empty_rose_bush
Electical Web electical_web
Gold Stair gold_stair
Jungle Web jungle_web
Iron Slab iron_slab
Cooked Sardine cooked_cod
Golden Button golden_button
Bamboo Trap Door bamboo_trap_door
Craved Pumkin pumkin
Pink Rose pink_rose
White Oak Fence Gate hg_fence_gate
Unstable TNT unstable_tnt
Wax Block wax_block
Blue Berry Stage 2 cactus_stage_3
Blue Berry Stage 1 cactus_stage_2
Blue Berry Stage 0 cactus_stage_1
White Oak Leaves hg_leaves
Black Salmon black_salmon
Snow Dirt snow_grass
Polished Gold Slab polished_gold_slab
White Rose Bush witch_rose_bush
Blue Berry Stage 3 cactus_stage_4
Fish Barrel fish_barrel
Blue Rose blue_rose
Dirt Stairs dirt_stair
Bamboo Planks bamboo_plank
Gold Slab gold_slab
Paeonia paeonia
Blue Berry Fruit blue_berry_fruit
Obsidian Brick Stairs obsidian_brick_stairs
White Oak Stairs hg_stairs
Rose rose
Purple Rose Bush purple_rose_bush
Ocean Web ocean_web
Polished Gold Bloc polished_gold_bloc
White Rose witch_rose
Quick Sand Bucket quick_sand
Raw Sardine raw_cod
Blue Bookshelf blue_bookshelf
Dirt Slab dirt_slab
Yellow Leaves yellow_leaves
Honey Barrel honey_barrel
White Oak Wood hg_wood
Obsidian Brick Slab obsidian_brick_slab
White Oak Fence hg_fence
Bamboo Fence bamboo_fence
Falling Stone falling_stone
Orange Rose Bush orange_rose_bush
Iron Button iron_button
Bamboo PressurePlate bamboo_preacureplate
Iron Stair iron_stair
Glowshroom Block glowshroom_block
Green Bookshelf green_bookshelf
TNT Barrel tnt_barrel
Jack O'Lantern jack_o_lantern
Glowshroom glowshroom
Yellow Rose Bush yellow_rose_bush
White Oak Planks hg_planks
Dark Bleu Rose Bush dark_bleu_rose_bush
Purple Rose purple_rose
White Oak Button hg_button
Dark Bleu Rose dark_bleu_rose
Bamboo Brish bamboo_brish
Hieroglyph hieroglyph
Blue Berry Stage 1 blue_berry_stage_1
Blue Berry Stage 0 blue_berry_stage_0
Bamboo Slab bamboo_slab
Blue Berry Stage 3 blue_berry_stage_3
Blue Berry Stage 2 blue_berry_stage_2
Glowshroom Slab glowshroom_slab
White Oak Log hg_log
Brown Mushroom Slab mushroom_slab
White Oak Slab hg_slab
Mushroom Red Slab mushroom_red_slab
White Oak Pressure Plate hg_pressure_plate
Flower Cactus flower_cactus
Bamboo Button bamboo_button
Yellow Rose yellow_rose
Polished Gold Stair polished_gold_stair
Pink Rose Bush pink_rose_bush
Bamboo Fence Gate bamboo_fance_gate
Obsidian Brick Wall obsidian_brick_wall
Yellow Bookshelf yellow_bookshelf
Cut Sandstone cut_sandstone
Ice Chunk ice_chunk
Fluff fluff_block
Blue Rose Bush blue_rose_bush
Empty Barrel empty_barrel
Bamboo Stairs bamboo_stairs
Red Bookshelf red_bookshelf

Jungle Zombie Spawn Egg jungle_zombie_spawn_egg
Mummy Spawn Egg mummy_spawn_egg
Moobloom Spawn Egg moobloom_spawn_egg
Candy Cane red_candy_cane
Disc Music trillion
Dairy Cow Spawn Egg dairy_cow_spawn_egg
Music Disc dance_of_the_block
Ashen Cow Spawn Egg ashen_cow_spawn_egg
Music Disc giftwarpedd
Swamp Zombie Spawn Egg swamp_zombie_spawn_egg
Corn Seed corn_seed
Icy Creeper Spawn Egg icy_creeper_spawn_egg
Music Disc calm
Pearl pearl
Bone Shard bone_shard
Crystallized Honey crystallized_honey
Buttercup golden_flower
Buttercup buttercup
Raimbow Wool Carpet carpet_wool
Corn Bloc corn_bloc
Magma Creeper Spawn Egg magma_creeper_spawn_egg
Recorder Bloc recorder_bloc
Stormy Chicken Spawn Egg stormy_chicken_spawn_egg
Mossy Skeleton Spawn Egg mossy_skeleton_spawn_egg
Fancy Chicken Spawn Egg fancy_chicken_spawn_egg
Music Disc none_music
Raimbow Wool raimbow_wool
Unrotten Flesh unrotten_flesh
Music Disc halland_darland
Horn horn
Pink Daisy pink_daisy
Bronzed Chicken Spawn Egg bronzed_chicken_spawn_egg
Zombie Wandering Trader Spawn Egg zombie_wandering_trader_spawn_egg
Lobber Zombie Spawn Egg lobber_zombie_spawn_egg
Candy Corn candy_corn
Music Disc festif
Corn corn
Enchanted Golden Carrot enchanted_golden_carrot
Gingearbread Zombie Spawn Egg gingearbread_zombie_spawn_egg
Moolip Spawn Egg moolip_spawn_egg
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_7
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_6
Coocked Egg coocked_egg
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_5
Cluckshroom Spawn Egg cluckshroom_spawn_egg
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_4
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_3
Music Disc earth
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_2
Corn Stage 1 corn_stage_1
Blue Clam blue_clam
Starfish starfish
Lost Evocation lost_evocation
Ruby ruby
Green Candy Cane candy_cane
Bouldering Zombie Spawn Egg bouldering_zombie_spawn_egg
Green Apple green_apple
Mooboo Spawn Egg mooboo_spawn_egg
Clam clam
Skewbald Chicken Spawn Egg skewbald_chicken_spawn_egg
Midnight Chicken Spawn Egg midnight_chicken_spawn_egg
Music Disc toys_a_on_tear
Ruby Bloc ruby_bloc
Bowl of Mash mash
Sooty Pig Spawn Egg sooty_pig_spawn_egg
Bone Spider Spawn Egg bone_spider_spawn_egg
Music Disc happy_halloween
Umbra Cow Spawn Egg umbra_cow_spawn_egg
Sand Clam sand_clam
Pink Buttercup pink_buttercup
Sunset Cow Spawn Egg sunset_cow_spawn_egg
Ruby Ore ruby_ore
Fancy Feather fancy_feather

Steel Chestplate steel_armor_chestplate
Banana banana
Steel Leggings steel_armor_leggings
Plate Chetplate plate_armor_chestplate
Golden Chainmail Leggings golden_chainmail_armor_leggings
Dinamyte dinamyte
Steel Ingot steel_ingot
Steel Helmet steel_armor_helmet
Silver Ore silver_ore
Bomb Pillar bomb_pillar
Totem of Shielding totem_shielding
Rope rope
Bottes en Shulker Helmet shulker_helmet_boots
Big Dinamyte big_dinamyte
Plate Helmet plate_armor_helmet
Shulker Helmet shulker_helmet_helmet
Steel Boots steel_armor_boots
Pillar pillar
Wind wind
Totem of Regeneration totem_regeneration
Totem of Soul Protection totem_soul_protection
Banana Pickaxe banana_pickaxe
Block of Steel steel_block
Golden Chainmail Chetplate golden_chainmail_armor_chestplate
Golden Chainmail Helmet golden_chainmail_armor_helmet
Jambières de Shulker Helmet shulker_helmet_leggings
Water water
Golden Chainmail Boots golden_chainmail_armor_boots
Sun Sword sun_sword
Block of Silver silver_block
Iron Golem Kit iron_golem_kit
Plate Leggings plate_armor_leggings
Fire fire
Plastron de Shulker Helmet shulker_helmet_chestplate
Earth earth
Silver Ingot silver_ingot
Plate Boots plate_armor_boots
Iron Golem Kit snow_golem_kit

The Sword Of The Cubes the_sword_of_the_cubes
Champions Armor Leggings champions_armor_leggings
Endling Spawn Egg endling_spawn_egg
End Doomer Spawn Egg end_doomer_spawn_egg
Steves Shield steves_shield_use
Guardian Spawn Egg guardian_spawn_egg
Steves Shield steves_shield
Champions Armor Helmet champions_armor_helmet
Champion's Tunic champions_armor_chestplate
Champion's Shoes champions_armor_boots
Bow Of Light bow_of_light

Calamity Blight Spawn Egg calamity_blight_spawn_egg

Golden carrot Boots golden_carrot_armor_boots
Stone Chestplate stone_armor_chestplate
Emerald Helmet emerald_armor_helmet
Coal Leggings coal_armor_leggings
Dirt Leggings dirt_armor_leggings
Cobble stone Boots cobble_stone_armor_boots
Bone Boots bone_armor_boots
Golden carrot Chestplate golden_carrot_armor_chestplate
Bone Chestplate bone_armor_chestplate
Apple Leggings apple_armor_leggings
Copper Boots copper_armor_boots
Coal Chestplate coal_armor_chestplate
Amethyst Chestplate amethyst_armor_chestplate
Dirt Chestplate dirt_armor_chestplate
Dirt Helmet dirt_armor_helmet
Copper Chestplate copper_armor_chestplate
Amethyst Boots amethyst_armor_boots
Apple Helmet apple_armor_helmet
Bone Helmet bone_armor_helmet
Cobble stone Leggings cobble_stone_armor_leggings
Totem Leggings totem_armor_leggings
Totem Helmet totem_armor_helmet
Apple Chestplate apple_armor_chestplate
Coal Helmet coal_armor_helmet
Coal Boots coal_armor_boots
Red stone Boots red_stone_armor_boots
Emerald Chestplate emerald_armor_chestplate
Stone Boots stone_armor_boots
Hay Leggings hay_armor_leggings
Emerald Boots emerald_armor_boots
Golden carrot Leggings golden_carrot_armor_leggings
Stone Helmet stone_armor_helmet
Copper Leggings copper_armor_leggings
Hay Chestplate hay_armor_chestplate
Hay Helmet hay_armor_helmet
Nether star Chestplate nether_star_armor_chestplate
Copper Helmet copper_armor_helmet
Stone Leggings stone_armor_leggings
Amethyst Leggings amethyst_armor_leggings
Cobble stone Helmet cobble_stone_armor_helmet
Bone Leggings bone_armor_leggings
Emerald Leggings emerald_armor_leggings
Cobble stone Chestplate cobble_stone_armor_chestplate
Nether star Helmet nether_star_armor_helmet
Golden carrot Helmet golden_carrot_armor_helmet
Amethyst Helmet amethyst_armor_helmet
Totem Chestplate totem_armor_chestplate
Red stone Leggings red_stone_armor_leggings
Hay Boots hay_armor_boots
Red stone Chestplate red_stone_armor_chestplate
Totem Boots totem_armor_boots
Apple Boots apple_armor_boots
Nether star Leggings nether_star_armor_leggings
Nether star Boots nether_star_armor_boots
Red stone Helmet red_stone_armor_helmet
Dirt Boots dirt_armor_boots

Knife knife
Spear spear
Labrys labrys
Scythe scythe
Sai sai
Gladius gladius
Mace mace
Spearbullet spearbullet
Katana katana
Club club

Wooden Multitool wooden_multitool
Stone Multitool stone_multitool
Copper Multitool copper_multitool
Iron Multitool iron_multitool
Rosegold Multitool rosegold_multitool
Titanium Multitool titanium_multitool
Diamond Multitool diamond_multitool
Netherite Multitool netherite_multitool
Enderite Multitool enderite_multitool
Golden Multitool golden_multitool
Debug Multitool debug_multitool
Ipopkat ipopkat

Tomato tomato
Food Tray food_tray
Soda Cup soda_cup
Kitchen Knife kitchen_knife
Soda Machine soda_machine
Red Cushion red_cushion
Soda soda
Fries fries
§2Uncooked Pizza uncooked_pizza
Soda lemonade
Potato Slice potato_slice
Fry Container fry_container
Tomato Bush tomato_bush
Sandwich sandwich
Burger burger
Cooked Pizza cooked_pizza
Pizza Slice pizza_slice
Cheese cheese

Mutant Villager Spawn Egg mutant_villager_spawn_egg
Cooked Mutant Villager Meat mutabt_cooked_meat_villager
Raw Mutant Villager Meat mutant_meat_villager

Yummyberry_tools Sword yummyberry_tools_sword
Treap treap
Stilltreapmob Spawn Egg paradisemob_spawn_egg
Yummy_armor Helmet yummy_armor_armor_helmet
Yummyberry_tools Hoe yummyberry_tools_hoe
Coolaniadirt coolaniadirt
Yummy_armor Boots yummy_armor_armor_boots
Yummyberry yummyberry
Yummy_armor Chestplate yummy_armor_armor_chestplate
Coolania Portal Igniter coolania
Coolayaanore coolayaanore
Yummyberry_tools Shovel yummyberry_tools_shovel
Coolania Grass coolania_grass
Yummyberry_tools Pickaxe yummyberry_tools_pickaxe
Yummy_armor Leggings yummy_armor_armor_leggings
Treap Bucket treap_bucket
Yummyberry_tools Axe yummyberry_tools_axe

Dirt Shovel dirt_shovel
Compressed Shovel compressed_shovel
Nightvision Goggles nightvision_goggles_ar_helmet
Compressed Crafter compressed_crafter
Quantam Core quantum_core
Compressed Wood compressed_wood
Compressed Dirt compressed_dirt
Compressed Obsidian Leggings LVL 5 compressed_obsidian_lvl_5_ar_leggings
Compressed Obsidian Helmet LVL 5 compressed_obsidian_lvl_5_ar_helmet
Compressed Obsidian Leggings LVL 4 compressed_obsidian_lvl_4_ar_leggings
Compressed Offensive Crafter compressed_offensive_crafter
Nightvision Goggles AR Leggings nightvision_goggles_ar_leggings
AntiFall anti_fall
Compressed Obsidian Body compressed_obsidian_ar_chestplate
Compressed Sword compressed_sword
Compressed Obsidian Leggings LVL 2 compressed_obsidian_lvl_2_ar_leggings
Elemental Bomb elemental_bomb
Compressed Dirt LVL 5 compressed_dirt_lvl_5
Compressed Dirt LVL 4 compressed_dirt_lvl_4
Compressed Obsidian Leggings LVL 3 compressed_obsidian_lvl_3_ar_leggings
Obsidian Helmet obsidian_ar_helmet
Compressed Obsidian Body LVL 4 compressed_obsidian_lvl_4_ar_chestplate
Hyper Solid Fuel Bomb hyper_solid_fuel_bomb
Compressed Obsidian Boots LVL 2 compressed_obsidian_lvl_2_ar_boots
Explosion Debree explosion_debree
Compressed Obsidian LVL 5 compressed_obsidian_lvl_5
Compressed Obsidian Helmet compressed_obsidian_ar_helmet
Compressed Obsidian LVL 4 compressed_obsidian_lvl_4
Compressed Obsidian LVL 3 compressed_obsidian_lvl_3
Obsidian Leggings obsidian_ar_leggings
Compressed Obsidian LVL 2 compressed_obsidian_lvl_2
Compressed Cobblestone compressed_cobblestone
Compressed Obsidian Boots LVL 5 compressed_obsidian_lvl_5_ar_boots
Makeshift Pickaxe makeshift_pickaxe
Compressed Dirt LVL 3 compressed_dirt_lvl_3
Compressed Obsidian Body LVL 3 compressed_obsidian_lvl_3_ar_chestplate
Compressed Dirt LVL 2 compressed_dirt_lvl_2
Compressed Shovel LVL 2 compressed_shovel_lvl_2
Emergency Pocket Crafter pocket_crafter
Compressed Shovel LVL 3 compressed_shovel_lvl_3
Compressed Shovel LVL 4 compressed_shovel_lvl_4
Nightvision Goggles AR Boots nightvision_goggles_ar_boots
Compressed Shovel LVL 5 compressed_shovel_lvl_5
Item Teleporter item_teleporter
Compressed Cobblestone LVL 5 compressed_cobblestone_lvl_5
Hyper Solid Fuel hyper_solid_fuel
Compressed Pickaxe LVL 5 compressed_pickaxe_lvl_5
Compressed Cobblestone LVL 4 compressed_cobblestone_lvl_4
Compressed Pickaxe LVL 4 compressed_pickaxe_lvl_4
Compressed Cobblestone LVL 3 compressed_cobblestone_lvl_3
Compressed Obsidian Helmet LVL 3 compressed_obsidian_lvl_3_ar_helmet
Compressed Cobblestone LVL 2 compressed_cobblestone_lvl_2
Compressed Pickaxe LVL 3 compressed_pickaxe_lvl_3
Compressed Pickaxe LVL 2 compressed_pickaxe_lvl_2
Compressed Obsidian Boots LVL 4 compressed_obsidian_lvl_4_ar_boots
Fuel Bomb fuel_bomb
Compressed Obsidian Body LVL 2 compressed_obsidian_lvl_2_ar_chestplate
Obsidian Body obsidian_ar_chestplate
Obsidian Boots obsidian_ar_boots
Compressed Obsidian Helmet LVL 2 compressed_obsidian_lvl_2_ar_helmet
Nightvision Goggles AR Body nightvision_goggles_ar_chestplate
Compressed Wood LVL 2 compressed_wood_lvl_2
Compressed Obsidian Boots LVL 3 compressed_obsidian_lvl_3_ar_boots
Compressed Sword LVL 4 compressed_sword_lvl_4
Compressed Sword LVL 5 compressed_sword_lvl_5
Compressed Obsidian Body LVL 5 compressed_obsidian_lvl_5_ar_chestplate
Compressed Sword LVL 2 compressed_sword_lvl_2
Compressed Sword LVL 3 compressed_sword_lvl_3
Compressed Obsidian Boots compressed_obsidian_ar_boots
Obsidian Sword obsidian_sword
Compressed Water compressed_water
Solid Fuel Bomb solid_fuel_bomb
Nightvision Block nightvision_block
Compressed Obsidian Leggings compressed_obsidian_ar_leggings
Converter converter
Compressed Obsidian Helmet LVL 4 compressed_obsidian_lvl_4_ar_helmet
Unknown Element unknown_element
Solid Fuel solid_fuel
Compressed Diamond compressed_diamond
Compressor compressor
Fuel fuel
YTeleporter y_teleporter
Explosive Crafter explosive_crafter
Compressed Obsidian compressed_obsidian
Compressed Pickaxe compressed_pickaxe

Nether Pickaxe netherpickaxe

The first illager 2 Spawn Egg thefirstillager_2_spawn_egg
Illager phantom tamer Spawn Egg illagerphantomtamer_spawn_egg
Ender knight illager 2 Spawn Egg enderknightillager_2_spawn_egg
Illager Warped Forest Spawn Egg illager_warped_forest_spawn_egg
Illager diamond miner Spawn Egg illagerdiamondminer_spawn_egg
Ravager rider illager Spawn Egg ravagerriderillager_spawn_egg
Illager diamond miner Spawn Egg illagerdiamondminer_spawn_egg
Scoutllager Spawn Egg scoutllager_spawn_egg
Illager afton Spawn Egg illagerafton_spawn_egg
Mage illager Spawn Egg mageillager_spawn_egg
Illager iron miner Spawn Egg illagerironminer_spawn_egg
Ravager rider illager Spawn Egg ravagerriderillager_spawn_egg
Doctor Gaster 2 Spawn Egg doctor_gaster_2_spawn_egg
Arch-illager Without a crown Spawn Egg archillager_withoutacrown_spawn_egg
Illager Warped Forest 2 Spawn Egg illager_warped_forest_2_spawn_egg
Illager barbarian Spawn Egg illagerbarbarian_spawn_egg
Butler illager Spawn Egg butlerillager_spawn_egg
Better whitch remade Spawn Egg betterwitchsremade_spawn_egg
Illager emerald miner Spawn Egg illageremeraldminer_spawn_egg
Illager gold miner Spawn Egg illagergoldminer_spawn_egg
Wandering Trader illager 2 Spawn Egg wandering_traderillager_2_spawn_egg
Soulless Illager Spawn Egg soulless_illager_spawn_egg
Illager Epidemic Doctor Spawn Egg illager_epidemic_doctor_spawn_egg
Arch-illager Spawn Egg archillager_spawn_egg
Illager based Spawn Egg illager_based_spawn_egg
Illager 2 Spawn Egg illager_2_spawn_egg
Illager iron miner Spawn Egg illagerironminer_spawn_egg
Illager vex Spawn Egg illagervex_spawn_egg
Better whitch Spawn Egg betterwhitch_spawn_egg
Wandering Trader Illager Spawn Egg wandering_trader_illager_spawn_egg
Illager Spawn Egg illager_spawn_egg
Mage illager 2 Spawn Egg mageillager_2_spawn_egg
Illager based Spawn Egg illager_based_spawn_egg
Defense illager Spawn Egg defenseillager_spawn_egg
Illager emerald miner 2 Spawn Egg illageremeraldminer_2_spawn_egg
Blood-Moon Wizard Illager Spawn Egg blood_moon_wizard_illager_spawn_egg
Illager gold miner Spawn Egg illagergoldminer_spawn_egg
Better whitch Spawn Egg betterwhitch_spawn_egg
Illager emerald miner 2 Spawn Egg illageremeraldminer_2_spawn_egg
Better whitch remade Spawn Egg betterwitchsremade_spawn_egg
Illager vex Spawn Egg illagervex_spawn_egg
Arch-illager Without a crown Spawn Egg archillager_withoutacrown_spawn_egg
Doctor Gaster Spawn Egg doctor_gaster_spawn_egg
Knight illager Spawn Egg knightillager_spawn_egg
Prisoner illager Spawn Egg prisonerillager_spawn_egg
Wandering Trader Illager Spawn Egg wandering_trader_illager_spawn_egg
Illager windcaller Spawn Egg illager_windcaller_spawn_egg
Doctor Gaster Spawn Egg doctor_gaster_spawn_egg
The first illager Spawn Egg thefirstillager_spawn_egg
Mage illager Spawn Egg mageillager_spawn_egg
Illager Warped Forest Spawn Egg illager_warped_forest_spawn_egg
Arch-illager Spawn Egg archillager_spawn_egg
Doctor Gaster 2 Spawn Egg doctor_gaster_2_spawn_egg
Ender knight illager Spawn Egg enderknightillager_spawn_egg
Illager phantom tamer Spawn Egg illagerphantomtamer_spawn_egg
Illager windcaller Spawn Egg illager_windcaller_spawn_egg
Entertainer Illager Spawn Egg entertainer_illager_spawn_egg
Mage illager 2 Spawn Egg mageillager_2_spawn_egg
Illager Warped Forest 2 Spawn Egg illager_warped_forest_2_spawn_egg
Illager Epidemic Doctor Spawn Egg illager_epidemic_doctor_spawn_egg
Illager emerald miner Spawn Egg illageremeraldminer_spawn_egg

Strange Stalk chorus_stalk
End Iron Ore end_iron_ore
Nullstone Button nullstone_button
Chorus Mammoth Spawn Egg chorus_mammoth_spawn_egg
Nullstone nullstone
Chorus Thatch chorus_thatch
Voidsteel Boots voidsteel_armor_boots
Stalk Slab stalk_slab
End Rubble end_rubble
Bundle of Strange Stalk chorus_stalk_block
Darkshard raw_voidsteel
Stalk Fence stalk_fence
Purpur Bricks purpur_bricks
Chorus Paste chorus_paste
Polished Malachite polished_malachite
Malachite Pillar malachite_pillar
Nullstone Brick Wall nullstone_brick_wall
Jelly Bulb Stem Block jelly_bulb_stem_block
Tall End Weeds tall_end_weeds
End Iron Ore end_iron_ore
End Stone Slab end_stone_slab
Malachite Brick Slab malachite_brick_slab
Voidsteel Leggings voidsteel_armor_leggings
Nullstone Wall nullstone_wall
Polished Nullstone Slab polished_nullstone_slab
Chorus Stew chorus_soup
Malachite Stairs malachite_stairs
Nullstone nullstone
Voidsteel Sword voidsteel_sword
Shulker Shell Slab shulker_shell_slab
Shulker Shell Stairs shulker_shell_stairs
Stalk Pressure Plate stalk_pressure_plate
Voidsteel Chestplate voidsteel_armor_chestplate
Polished Nullstone Stairs polished_nullstone_stairs
Shulker Shell Block shulker_shell_block
Rooted End Stone rooted_end_stone
Voidsteel Helmet voidsteel_armor_helmet
Malachite Ore malachite_ore
Darkshard Ore voidsteel_ore
Raw Chorus Mammoth raw_chorus_mammoth
Malachite Bricks malachite_bricks
Chiseled Shulker Shell Block chiseled_shulker_shell_block
Voidsteel Shovel voidsteel_shovel
Voidsteel Axe voidsteel_axe
Mixed End Seeds chorus_sprouts
Jelly Bulb chorus_bulb
Polished Nullstone Wall polished_nullstone_wall
Stalk Door stalk_door
Stalk Trapdoor stalk_trapdoor
End Lapis Ore end_lapis_ore
Stalk Stairs stalk_stairs
Nullstone Outcrop nullstone_outcrop
Stalk Button stalk_button
Block of Darkshard raw_voidsteel_block
Cooked Chorus Mammoth cooked_chorus_mammoth
Nullstone Brick Slab nullstone_brick_slab
End Stone Wall end_stone_wall
Malachite Block blockofmalachite
Nullstone Slab nullstone_slab
Voidsteel Hoe voidsteel_hoe
Jelly Bulb Stem chorus_bulb_stalk
Voidsteel Pickaxe voidsteel_pickaxe
End Stone Stairs end_stone_stairs
Voidsteel Nugget voidsteel_nugget
End Weeds end_weeds
Chorus Weeds chorus_weeds
Nullstone Brick Stairs nullstone_brick_stairs
Cracked Nullstone Bricks cracked_nullstone_bricks
Jelly Bulb chorus_bulb_natural
Block of Voidsteel voidsteel_block
Cracked Purpur Bricks cracked_purpur_bricks
Polished Malachite Stairs polished_malachite_stairs
End Rose end_rose
Stalk Planks stalk_planks
Malachite Brick Stairs malachite_brick_stairs
Polished Nullstone polished_nullstone
Jelly Bulb Slice chorus_bulb_slice
Malachite malachite
Cracked End Stone Bricks cracked_end_stone_bricks
Voidsteel Ingot voidsteel_ingot
Nullstone Stairs nullstone_stairs
Polished Malachite Slab polished_malachite_slab
Malachite Slab malachite_slab
Music Disc tall_music_disc
Nullstone Pressure Plate nullstone_pressure_plate
Stalk Fence Gate stalk_fence_gate
Shulker Shell Wall shulker_shell_wall
Chorus Sprouts chorus_sprouts
Rooted End Stone rooted_end_stone
Jelly Bulb Spores chorus_bulb_sprout
Nullstone Bricks nullstone_bricks

Obsidian Sword obsidian_sword
Emerald Sword emeraldsword

Yellowchicken yellowchicken
Firechicken Spawn Egg firechicken_spawn_egg
Yellowchickenraw yellowchickenraw
Pistolmagazine pistolmagazine
Funtimekillermask Leggings funtimekillermask_leggings
Funtimekillermask Body funtimekillermask_chestplate
Firedager firedager
Glock pistol
Funtimekillermask Helmet funtimekillermask_helmet
Peteradon Spawn Egg peteradon_spawn_egg
Funtimekillermask Boots funtimekillermask_boots
Worm worm
Funtime killer Spawn Egg funtimekiller_spawn_egg
Wurm Spawn Egg wurm_spawn_egg
Tyrannosaurusrex Spawn Egg tyrannosaurusrex_spawn_egg

Ogre Bone ogre_bone
Ogre Meat ogre_meat
Ogre Villager Spawn Egg ogre_vil_1_spawn_egg
Ogre Villager Spawn Egg ogre_vil_ran_spawn_egg
Ogre Skin Helmet ogre_armor_helmet
Ogre Skin Leggings ogre_armor_leggings
Ogre Bone Shovel ogre_shovel
Ogre Skin Boots ogre_armor_boots
Ogre Bone Pickaxe ogre_pickaxe
Ogre Skin ogre_skin
Ogre Bone Axe ogre_axe
Ogre Spawnpoint 1 ogre_spawnpoint_1
Ogre Skin Chestplate ogre_armor_chestplate
Ogre Villager Spawn Egg ogre_vil_2_spawn_egg
Cooked Ogre Meat cooked_ogre_meat
Ogre Bone Sword ogre_sword
Ogre Bone Hoe ogre_hoe

Dirt Sword dirt_sword
Amethyst Sword amethyst_sword
Gilded Mana-Infused Iron Sword gilded_gold_sword
Pure Gold Block pure_gold_block
Mana-Infused Ender Pearl mana_infused_ender_pearl
Air Grass Block air_grass_block
Pure Gold Ingot pure_gold
Solid Mana solid_mana
Pure Mana pure_mana
Air Dirt air_dirt
Ender Sword ender_sword
Pure Mana Block pure_mana_block

Opmaker opmaker

White Crystal Ore white_crystal_ore
Red Crystal Ore red_crystal_ore
Blue Crystal Block blue_crystal_block
Blue Crystal blue_crystal
Blue Crystal Mining Wand blue_crystal_exploder
White Crystal Ladder Tier 3 white_crystal_ladder_t_3
Blue Crystal Ore blue_crystal_ore
White Crystal Armor Boots white_crystal_armor_boots
Green Crystal Aidic Liquid green_crystal_alkaline
Speed Boost Power speed_boost_power
Mana Crystal mana_crystal
White Crystal SpeedBoost Tier 1 white_crystal_speed_boost_block
Blue Crystal Pickaxe blue_crystal_pickaxe
Potion of Blue Crystal Haste Potion potion.effect.blue_crystal_haste_potion
Red Crystal Seal red_crystal_seal
Green Crystal Crate green_crystal_crate
Red Crystal Speedboost Block T1 red_crystal_speedboost_block
Explosion Boost explosion_boost
Green Crystal Boots green_crystal_armor_boots
Arrow of Blue Crystal Haste Potion tipped_arrow.effect.blue_crystal_haste_potion
Green Crystal Immunity Block §7Tier 1 green_crystal_immunity_block
White Crystal white_crystal
White Crystal Armor Body white_crystal_armor_chestplate
White Crystal Ladder Tier 2 white_crystal_ladder_t_2
White Crystal Block white_crystal_block
Blaze Protector Spawn Egg blaze_protector_spawn_egg
Blue Crystal Drill blue_crystal_drill
Green Crystal Block green_crystal_block
Green Crystal Helmet green_crystal_armor_helmet
Green Crystal green_crystal
White Crystal JumpBoost Tier 3 white_crystal_jump_boost_block_3
Mana Ore manaore
White Crystal JumpBoost Tier 2 white_crystal_jump_boost_block_2
Green Crystal Immunity green_crystal_immunity
Green Crystal Aidic Bucket green_crystal_alkaline_bucket
Lingering Potion of Blue Crystal Haste Potion lingering_potion.effect.blue_crystal_haste_potion
White Crystal SpeedBoost Tier 2 white_crystal_speed_boost_block_tier_2
Green Crystal Net green_crystal_catch_block
White Crystal SpeedBoost Tier 3 white_crystal_speed_boost_block_tier_3
Red Crystal Hammer red_crystal_hammer
White Crystal JumpBoost Tier 1 white_crystal_jump_boost_block
White Crystal Magma Protector Spawn Egg white_crystal_magma_protector_spawn_egg
Mana Bundle mana_bundle_item
White Crystal Staff white_crystal_magma_protecter_spawner
Red Crystal Explosion red_crystal_tnt
Red Crystal Sword red_crystal_sword
Blue Crystal Auto-Drill blue_crystal_tnt
Red Crystal redcrystal
Green Crystal Ore green_crystal_ore
Red Crystal Launcher red_crystal_launcher
Red Crystal Block red_crystal_block
Splash Potion of Blue Crystal Haste Potion splash_potion.effect.blue_crystal_haste_potion
Red Crystal Fright red_crystal_fright
Lightning Boost lightning_boost
Red Crystal Claymore red_crystal_claymore
White Crystal Armor Helmet white_crystal_armor_helmet
White Crystal Armor Leggings white_crystal_armor_leggings
White Crystal Traversal white_crystal_traversal
Jump Boost jump_boost
Green Crystal Leggings green_crystal_armor_leggings
Red Crystal Staff red_crystal_staff
Prosperity Pickaxe blue_crystal_prosperity_pickaxe
Green Crystal Body green_crystal_armor_chestplate
White Crystal Ladder white_crystal_ladder
Blue Crystal Crate blue_crystal_crate
Blue Crystal DuoPickaxe blue_crystal_super_pickaxe
Green Crystal Immunity Block §7Tier 2 green_crystal_immunity_block_t_2
Green Crystal Immunity Block §7Tier 3 green_crystal_immunity_block_t_3
Health Refill health_increase

Paper plane paperplane

Perfect purple perfect_purple
Perfect blue slab perfect_blue_slab
Perfect cyan perfect_cyan
Perfect gray perfect_gray
Perfect yellow slab perfect_yellow_slab
Perfect brown slab perfect_brown_slab
Perfect green slab perfect_green_slab
Perfect green perfect_green
Perfect black slab perfect_black_slab
Perfect yellow perfect_yellow
Perfect lime perfect_lime
Perfect orange perfect_orange
Perfect brown perfect_brown
Perfect red perfect_red
Perfect magenta perfect_magenta
Perfect orange slab perfect_orange_slab
Perfect light blue perfect_light_blue
Perfect cyan slab perfect_cyan_slab
Perfect white slab perfect_white_slab
Perfect blue perfect_blue
Perfect pink slab perfect_pink_slab
Perfect white perfect_white
Perfect pink perfect_pink
Perfect lime slab perfect_lime_slab
Perfect red slab perfect_red_slab
Perfect black perfect_black
Perfect light blue slab perfect_light_blue_slab
Perfect magenta slab perfect_mangeta_slab
Perfect gray slab perfect_gray_slab
Perfect purple slab perfect_purple_slab

Evilvillager Spawn Egg evilvillager_spawn_egg

Bullet bullet
Gun gun

End Wood end_wood
Endronium Shovel endronium_shovel
Raw Endronium raw_endronium
Stripped End Wood stripped_end_wood
Chorus Grass chorus_grass
End Button end_button
End Vines end_vines_item
Endronium Sword endronium_sword
Endronium Nugget endronium_nugget
End Door end_door
Endronium Ingot endronium_ingot
End Shroom Cells end_shroom_cells
Endronium Axe endronium_axe
End Vines end_vines
End Shroom Stem end_shroom_stem_iem
Stripped End Stem stripped_end_stem
Ender Fly Spawn Egg ender_fly_spawn_egg
Endronium Leggings endronium_leggings
Ender Skeleton Spawn Egg ender_skeleton_spawn_egg
Endronium Body endronium_chestplate
Airsda2 air_sga_2
End Shroom Stem end_shroom_stem
Endronium Pickaxe endronium_pickaxe
End Stairs end_stairs
End Pressure Plate end_pressure_plate
End Shroom Light Moss end_shroom_light_moss
End Trapdoor end_trapdoor
Airsda3 air_sha_3
Endronium Hoe endronium_hoe
Ender Eggs ender_eggs
End Fence end_fence
Endronium Ore endronium_ore
Block Of Endronium block_of_endronium
End Planks end_planks
Endronium Helmet endronium_helmet
End Mushroom end_mushroom
End Stem end_stem
Raw Endronium Block raw_endronium_block
End Grass Block end_grass_block
End Fence Gate end_fence_gate
Endronium Boots endronium_boots
End Slab end_slab
End Shroom Light end_shroom_light
End Grass end_grass
Airsda airsda

Diamond Portal igniter cooldimension

Rail Wand railwand

Rail Wand Lite railwandlite

Redstone_tools Axe redstone_tools_axe
Redstone_tools Hoe redstone_tools_hoe
Redstone_tools Shovel redstone_tools_shovel
Redstone_tools Pickaxe redstone_tools_pickaxe

Reward Casket reward_casket

Rickroll rickroll

Pustysharingan pustysharingan
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_11
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_10
Teleportblock teleportblock
Kunai kunaishot
Papkado Sharingana papkado_sharingana
Shuriken shuriken
Portal bean kamui
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_7
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_8
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_9
Mangekyo sharingan Basia sharinganserce
Eternal Mangekyo sharingan Saske mangekyosharingan_15
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_14
Sharingan tomoe 3 sharingantomoe_3
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_1
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_13
Kunai kunai
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_2
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_12
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_3
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_4
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_5
Mangekyo sharingan mangekyosharingan_6

Plane Workbench plane_workbench
Charging Station charging_station
Electric Engine electric_engine
Furnace Engine furnace_engine
Propeller propeller
Rocket Booster booster
Floaty Bedding floaty_bedding
Quick Fix Kit healing
Wrench wrench
FE charging station charger_block
Plane fueling station fueling_block
Plane plane
Large Plane large_plane
Helicopter helicopter

Essence of Daylight essenceof_daylight
Rod of Sunrise rodof_sunrise

Sticky Leave sticky_leave
Slime Scrap slime_scrap

Oak Sled sled_oak
Birch Sled sled_birch
Spruce Sled sled_spruce
Jungle Sled sled_jungle
Dark Oak Sled sled_dark_oak
Acacia Sled sled_acacia
Ginger ginger
Wild Ginger wild_ginger
Ginger Flower ginger_flower
Gingerbread gingerbread
Frosted Gingerbread gingerbread_frosted
Gingerbread Door gingerbread_door
Gingerbread Trapdoor gingerbread_trapdoor
Wreath wreath
Candy Cane Block candy_cane_block
Candy Cane candy_cane
Red Gumdrop gumdrop_red
Orange Gumdrop gumdrop_orange
Yellow Gumdrop gumdrop_yellow
Lime Gumdrop gumdrop_lime
Green Gumdrop gumdrop_green
Cyan Gumdrop gumdrop_cyan
Light Blue Gumdrop gumdrop_light_blue
Blue Gumdrop gumdrop_blue
Purple Gumdrop gumdrop_purple
Magenta Gumdrop gumdrop_magenta
Pink Gumdrop gumdrop_pink
White Gumdrop gumdrop_white
Light Gray Gumdrop gumdrop_light_gray
Gray Gumdrop gumdrop_gray
Black Gumdrop gumdrop_black
Brown Gumdrop gumdrop_brown
Red Glow Lights glow_lights_red
Orange Glow Lights glow_lights_orange
Yellow Glow Lights glow_lights_yellow
Lime Glow Lights glow_lights_lime
Green Glow Lights glow_lights_green
Cyan Glow Lights glow_lights_cyan
Light Blue Glow Lights glow_lights_light_blue
Blue Glow Lights glow_lights_blue
Purple Glow Lights glow_lights_purple
Magenta Glow Lights glow_lights_magenta
Pink Glow Lights glow_lights_pink
White Glow Lights glow_lights_white
Light Gray Glow Lights glow_lights_light_gray
Gray Glow Lights glow_lights_gray
Black Glow Lights glow_lights_black
Brown Glow Lights glow_lights_brown
Prismatic Glow Lights glow_lights_prismatic
Eggnog eggnog
Music Disc winter_disc
Snow Globe snow_globe

Red_team Leggings red_team_armor_leggings
Small Goal goal
Red Card red_card
Blue_team Chestplate blue_team_armor_chestplate
Referee Helmet referee_armor_helmet
Goal Up Left goal_up_left
Referee Chestplate referee_armor_chestplate
Goal Down Left goal_down_left
Kick weak
Red_team Chestplate red_team_armor_chestplate
Goal Up Right goal_up_right
Blue_team Boots blue_team_armor_boots
Goal Down Right goal_down_right
Blue Seat red_seat
Whistle whistle
Out Line Block out_line_block
Red_team Boots red_team_armor_boots
Blue Seat blue_seat
Red_team Helmet red_team_armor_helmet
Ball Spawn Egg ball_spawn_egg
Referee Boots referee_armor_boots
Referee Leggings referee_armor_leggings
Yellow Card yellow_card
Blue_team Helmet blue_team_armor_helmet
Blue_team Leggings blue_team_armor_leggings
Corner Flag corner_flag
Ad Block ad_block

Horror Spawn Egg horror_spawn_egg
Ankyloraptortoy ankyloraptortoy
Ankyloraptor Spawn Egg ankyloraptor_spawn_egg
Hybridizer hybridizer

Bluespider Chest bluespider_armor_chestplate
Evil human Spawn Egg evilhuman_spawn_egg
Yellowspider Pickaxe yellowspider_pickaxe
Icewalker Boots icewalker_boots
Iceball iceball
Yellowspider Leggings yellowspider_armor_leggings
Yellowspider Helmet yellowspider_armor_helmet
Yellowspider Boots yellowspider_armor_boots
Yellowspider Ore yellowspider_ore
Block of Yellowspider yellowspider_block
Yellowspider Hoe yellowspider_hoe
Yellowspider Chestplate yellowspider_armor_chestplate
Yellowspider Sword yellowspider_sword
Waterorb waterorb
Icewalker Leggings icewalker_leggings
Fire chicken Spawn Egg firechicken_spawn_egg
Firesword firesword
Yellowspider Axe yellowspider_axe
Bluespider shoes bluespider_armor_boots
Toy fnasptoy
Icewalker Body icewalker_chestplate
Bluespider mask bluespider_armor_helmet
Bluespider Legs bluespider_armor_leggings
Yellowspider Shovel yellowspider_shovel
Fireincased yellowspider
Icewalker Helmet icewalker_helmet

Spider-man tobye Helmet spidermantobye_helmet
Spider-man basic Boots spidermanbasic_boots
Spider-man tobye Body spidermantobye_chestplate
Spiderman supreme Leggings spidermansupreme_leggings
Iron spider Boots ironspider_boots
Spiderman simbionte Helmet spidermansimbionte_helmet
Wool black woolblack
Spider-man andew Leggings spidermanandew_leggings
Rebanada de pizza puza
Spiderman tom Body spidermantom_chestplate
Telaraña artificial telaranaartificial
Wool white suprem woolsuprem
Spiderman tom v2 Leggings spidermantomv_2_leggings
Spidermanmagic Helmet spidermanmagic_helmet
Spidermanmagic Leggings spidermanmagic_leggings
Spidermanmagic Boots spidermanmagic_boots
Spiderman tom Helmet spidermantom_helmet
Multiverse block multiverseblock
Wool red woolred
Spider-man basic Helmet spidermanbasic_helmet
Spider-man tobye Leggings spidermantobye_leggings
Spiderman simbionte Body spidermansimbionte_chestplate
Lanza telaraña v3 diper
Spiderman tom v2 Helmet spidermantomv_2_helmet
Spiderman tom Boots spidermantom_boots
Splash Potion of Spider radiactive splash_potion.effect.spiderradiactive
Multiverso Portal Igniter multiverso
Spider-man basic Leggings spidermanbasic_leggings
Spiderman tom Leggings spidermantom_leggings
Spiderman supreme Helmet spidermansupreme_helmet
Wool yellow yellow
Spiderman ultimet Boots spidermanultimet_boots
Escalar escalar
Spiderman ultimet Body spidermanultimet_chestplate
Spider-man tobye Boots spidermantobye_boots
Spiderman supreme Body spidermansupreme_chestplate
Arrow of Spider radiactive tipped_arrow.effect.spiderradiactive
Spider-man andew Body spidermanandew_chestplate
Spiderman ultimet Helmet spidermanultimet_helmet
Lingering Potion of Spider radiactive lingering_potion.effect.spiderradiactive
Spiderman tom v2 Body spidermantomv_2_chestplate
Iron spider Body ironspider_chestplate
Spiderman simbionte Leggings spidermansimbionte_leggings
Spidermanmagic Body spidermanmagic_chestplate
Spiderman tom v2 Boots spidermantomv_2_boots
Spiderman supreme Boots spidermansupreme_boots
Spiderman ultimet Leggings spidermanultimet_leggings
Lanza telarañas v1 diparadores
Spider-man andew Boots spidermanandew_boots
Iron spider Leggings ironspider_leggings
Spider-man andew Helmet spidermanandew_helmet
Lanza telaraña v4 diop
Pizza pizzo
Spider-man basic Body spidermanbasic_chestplate
Wool blue woolblue
Iron spider Helmet ironspider_helmet
Spiderman simbionte Boots spidermansimbionte_boots
Araña radiactiva Spawn Egg aranaradiactiva_spawn_egg
Potion of Spider radiactive potion.effect.spiderradiactive
Lanza telarañas v2 disparadores

Squidward Spawn Egg squidward_spawn_egg

Steal Shovel steal_shovel
Steal Helmet steal_armor_helmet
Steal Stick steal_stick
Super Steal Tool super_steal_tool
Steal Sword steal_sword
Steal Dust steal_dust
Steal Nugget steal_nugget
Steal Coal steal_coal
Steal Pickaxe steal_pickaxe
Steal Boots steal_armor_boots
Stea Axe stea_axe
Steal Leggings steal_armor_leggings
Steal Hoe steal_hoe
Steal Body steal_armor_chestplate
Steal Ingot steal_ingot
Steal Ore steal_ore
Block Of Steal block_of_steal
Steal Compresure steal_compresure
Steal Crusher steal_crusher

Alter pig Spawn Egg alterpig_spawn_egg
The alter dimension Portal Igniter thealterdimension
Dark haunn Spawn Egg darkhaunn_spawn_egg
Swampy_water swampywater
Alter sheep Spawn Egg altersheep_spawn_egg
Swampy water Bucket swampywater_bucket
Alter_ore alterore
Alter cow Spawn Egg altercow_spawn_egg
Scrip Spawn Egg scrip_spawn_egg
Dark hunter Spawn Egg darkhunter_spawn_egg
Strange_milk strangemilk
Others_spawner othersspawner
Haunn Spawn Egg haunn_spawn_egg

Jeremy jeremy
Purple Guy purple_guy
Moon moon
Ghostblock ghostblock
Nftblock nftblock
Molden Cookie molden_cookie
Lemon Demon lemon_demon
Webshooter webshooter
Purplething purplething
Lego lego
Monster can pickaxe monstercanpickaxe
Miku Sword miku_sword
Currency currency
Koeda koeda
Glitch Anomoly glitch_bucket
Pizzabox pizzabox
Glitch glitch
Flare flare
Multiverse Material multiverse_material
Pizza(projectile) pizza
Powdered glass powderedglass

FLASH Chestplate flash_armor_chestplate
FLASH Boots flash_armor_boots
FLASH Leggings flash_armor_leggings
FLASH Helmet flash_armor_helmet

Pedestool 3 pedestool_3_use
Guardian Stalker Spawn Egg guardian_2_spawn_egg
Sword Of The Cubes sword_of_the_cubes
Sheikah Slate sheikah_slate
Bomb Bow bomb_bow
Steves Shield steves_shield
Ancient Screw ancient_screw
Yiga Foot Soldier Spawn Egg yiga_foot_soldier_spawn_egg
Pedestool pedestool_2
Logo Show Body logo_show_chestplate
Champion's Leggings champions_leggings
Pedestool pedestool_3
Glider glider
Decayed Guardian Spawn Egg guardian_1_spawn_egg
Spirit Orb spirit_orb
Champions Helmet champions_helmet
Champion's Tunic champions_chestplate
Potion of Spirit Guardian potion.effect.spirit_guardian
Guardian's Blade guardians_blade
Horse Spawn Egg horse_v_2_spawn_egg
Ancient Gear ancient_gear
Champion's Boots champions_boots
Logo Show logo_show_helmet
Broken Down Guardian broken_down_guardian
Bokoblin Spawn Egg bokoblin_spawn_egg
Bomb Arrow bomb_arrow
Alexs Strength alexs_strength
Burned Grass burned_grass
Lingering Potion of Spirit Guardian lingering_potion.effect.spirit_guardian
Bomb Arrow Model bomb_arrow_model
Splash Potion of Spirit Guardian splash_potion.effect.spirit_guardian
Logo Show Leggings logo_show_leggings
Logo Show Boots logo_show_boots
Steves Shield steves_shield_use
Bow Of Light bow_of_light
Ancient Cube ancient_cube
Alex Spawn Egg alex_spawn_egg
Arrow of Spirit Guardian tipped_arrow.effect.spirit_guardian
Bomb Bow bomb_bow_use
Calamity Ganon Spawn Egg calamity_ganon_spawn_egg
Pedestool pedestool
Beedle Spawn Egg beedle_spawn_egg
Boko Club boko_club
Guard_laser guardian_laser
Steve Glider steve_glider
Rock Golem Spawn Egg rock_golem_spawn_egg

Wisdom Shovel wisdom_shovel
Block of Strong strong_block
Strong Splash Potion splash_potion.effect.strongck
Strong Potion potion.effect.strongck
Master sword mastersword
Wisdom Hoe wisdom_hoe
A Bright Light Potion potion.effect.brightlight
Mipha Grace mipha_grace
Power Leggings power_armor_leggings
Power Boots power_armor_boots
Triforce Shard triforce_shard
Bright bucket light_bucket
Strong Lingering Potion lingering_potion.effect.strongck
Wisdom Axe wisdom_axe
Trailforce trailforce
Strong Arrow tipped_arrow.effect.strongck
Strong strong
Strong Ore strong_ore
Power Helmet power_armor_helmet
Wisdom Pickaxe wisdom_pickaxe
Wisdom Sword wisdom_sword
Lingering Bright light lingering_potion.effect.brightlight
Light Arrow tipped_arrow.effect.brightlight
Bright Light light
Splash Bright light splash_potion.effect.brightlight
Bowl of light couragebow
Power Chestplate power_armor_chestplate

Attendence Book attendence_book
Book book
Cross Light cross_light
Pictureframe pictureframe
Hanging Light hanging_light

Peep Spawn Egg peep_spawn_egg

Crimson Stick crimson_stick
T1 Shard t1_shard
T1 Ingot t1_ingot
T1 Orb t1_orb
T1 Sword t1_sword
T1 Dagger t1_dagger
T1 Spear t1_spear
T1 Pickaxe t1_pickaxe
T1 Axe t1_axe
T1 Shovel t1_shovel
T1 Hoe t1_hoe
T1 Helmet t1_helmet
T1 Chestplate t1_chestplate
T1 Leggings t1_leggings
T1 Boots t1_boots
T2 Shard t2_shard
T2 Powder t2_powder
T2 Ingot t2_ingot
T2 Orb t2_orb
T2 Sword t2_sword
T2 Dagger t2_dagger
T2 Spear t2_spear
T2 Pickaxe t2_pickaxe
T2 Axe t2_axe
T2 Shovel t2_shovel
T2 Hoe t2_hoe
T2 Helmet t2_helmet
T2 Chestplate t2_chestplate
T2 Leggings t2_leggings
T2 Boots t2_boots
T1-2 Hammer t1_2_hammer
T3 Helmet t3_helmet
T3 Chestplate t3_chestplate
T3 Leggings t3_leggings
T3 Boots t3_boots
T3 Orb t3_orb
T3 Scrap t3_scrap
T3 Ingot t3_ingot
T3 Sword t3_sword
T3 Dagger t3_dagger
T3 Spear t3_spear
T3 Pickaxe t3_pickaxe
T3 Axe t3_axe
T3 Shovel t3_shovel
T3 Hoe t3_hoe
T1 Upgraded Sword t1_upgraded_sword
T1 Upgraded Dagger t1_upgraded_dagger
T1 Upgraded Spear t1_upgraded_spear
T1 Upgraded Pickaxe t1_upgraded_pickaxe
T1 Upgraded Axe t1_upgraded_axe
T1 Upgraded Shovel t1_upgraded_shovel
T1 Upgraded Hoe t1_upgraded_hoe
T1 Upgraded Helmet t1_upgraded_helmet
T1 Upgraded Chestplate t1_upgraded_chestplate
T1 Upgraded Leggings t1_upgraded_leggings
T1 Upgraded Boots t1_upgraded_boots
T2 Upgraded Sword t2_upgraded_sword
T2 Upgraded Dagger t2_upgraded_dagger
T2 Upgraded Spear t2_upgraded_spear
T2 Upgraded Pickaxe t2_upgraded_pickaxe
T2 Upgraded Axe t2_upgraded_axe
T2 Upgraded Shovel t2_upgraded_shovel
T2 Upgraded Hoe t2_upgraded_hoe
T2 Upgraded Helmet t2_upgraded_helmet
T2 Upgraded Chestplate t2_upgraded_chestplate
T2 Upgraded Leggings t2_upgraded_leggings
T2 Upgraded Boots t2_upgraded_boots
T3 Upgraded Helmet t3_upgraded_helmet
T3 Upgraded Chestplate t3_upgraded_chestplate
T3 Upgraded Leggings t3_upgraded_leggings
T3 Upgraded Boots t3_upgraded_boots
T3 Upgraded Sword t3_upgraded_sword
T3 Upgraded Dagger t3_upgraded_dagger
T3 Upgraded Spear t3_upgraded_spear
T3 Upgraded Pickaxe t3_upgraded_pickaxe
T3 Upgraded Axe t3_upgraded_axe
T3 Upgraded Shovel t3_upgraded_shovel
T3 Upgraded Hoe t3_upgraded_hoe
T1 Electro Sword t1_electro_sword
T1 Electro Dagger t1_electro_dagger
T1 Electro Spear t1_electro_spear
T1 Electro Pickaxe t1_electro_pickaxe
T1 Electro Axe t1_electro_axe
T1 Electro Shovel t1_electro_shovel
T1 Electro Hoe t1_electro_hoe
T1 Electro Helmet t1_electro_helmet
T1 Electro Chestplate t1_electro_chestplate
T1 Electro Leggings t1_electro_leggings
T1 Electro Boots t1_electro_boots
T2 Electro Sword t2_electro_sword
T2 Electro Dagger t2_electro_dagger
T2 Electro Spear t2_electro_spear
T2 Electro Pickaxe t2_electro_pickaxe
T2 Electro Axe t2_electro_axe
T2 Electro Shovel t2_electro_shovel
T2 Electro Hoe t2_electro_hoe
T2 Electro Helmet t2_electro_helmet
T2 Electro Chestplate t2_electro_chestplate
T2 Electro Leggings t2_electro_leggings
T2 Electro Boots t2_electro_boots
T1 Flame Sword t1_flame_sword
T1 Flame Dagger t1_flame_dagger
T1 Flame Spear t1_flame_spear
T1 Flame Pickaxe t1_flame_pickaxe
T1 Flame Axe t1_flame_axe
T1 Flame Shovel t1_flame_shovel
T1 Flame Hoe t1_flame_hoe
T1 Flame Helmet t1_flame_helmet
T1 Flame Chestplate t1_flame_chestplate
T1 Flame Leggings t1_flame_leggings
T1 Flame Boots t1_flame_boots
T2 Flame Sword t2_flame_sword
T2 Flame Dagger t2_flame_dagger
T2 Flame Spear t2_flame_spear
T2 Flame Pickaxe t2_flame_pickaxe
T2 Flame Axe t2_flame_axe
T2 Flame Shovel t2_flame_shovel
T2 Flame Hoe t2_flame_hoe
T2 Flame Helmet t2_flame_helmet
T2 Flame Chestplate t2_flame_chestplate
T2 Flame Leggings t2_flame_leggings
T2 Flame Boots t2_flame_boots
Flame Shard flame_shard
Electro Shard electro_shard
Soul Shard soul_shard
Nature Shard nature_shard
Soul Fragment soul_fragment
Soul soul
Flame Ingot flame_ingot
Electro Ingot electro_ingot
Ingot of Souls soul_ingot
Nature Ingot nature_ingot
Bottle With Poison T1 bottle_with_poison_t1
Bottle With Poison T2 bottle_with_poison_t2
Bottle With Poison T3 bottle_with_poison_t3
Bottle With Poison T4 bottle_with_poison_t4
Explosion Spell Book explosion_book
Lightning Bolt Spell Book lightning_bolt_book
Insta Kill Spell Book death_note
Random Negative Effect Spell Book negative_book
Random Positive Effect Spell Book positive_book
Fireball Spell Book fireball_book
Hook Spell Book hook_book
Teleport Spell Book teleport_book
Swap Spell Book swap_book
Random Spell Book T1 random_book_t1
Random Spell Book T2 random_book_t2
SoulCollector soulcoll
Safe Amulet safe_amulet
T1 Ore t1_ore
T2 Ore t2_ore
T3 Ore t3_ore
T1 Block t1_block
T2 Block t2_block
T3 Block t3_block
Jump Block T1 jump_block_t1
Jump Block T2 jump_block_t2
Jump Block T3 jump_block_t3
Tiering Block tiering_block
Flame Crystal flame_crystal
Electro Crystal electro_crystal
Soul Crystal soul_crystal
Nature Crystal nature_crystal
Electrify damaged enemy electro
Electrify and paralyse damaged enemy electro_paralyse
Set fire on damaged enemy fire

Titanium Shovel titanium_shovel
Titanium Hoe titanium_hoe
Titanium Pickaxe titanium_pickaxe
Titanium Sword titanium_sword
Titanium Axe titanium_axe
Titanium Helmet titanium_helmet
Titanium Chestplate titanium_chestplate
Titanium Leggings titanium_leggings
Titanium Boots titanium_boots
Raw Titanium raw_titanium
Titanium Ingot titanium_ingot
Deepslate Titanium Ore deepslate_titanium_ore
Titanium Ore titanium_ore
End Titanium Ore end_titanium_ore
Raw Titanium Block raw_titanium_block
Titanium Block titanium_block
Ipopkat ipopkat

Tnt staff tntstaff

Nasiona pomidora pomidornasiona
Parówki tarczy?skie parowka
Pomidor pomidorjedzenie
Hot dog hotdog
Krzak z pomidorami pomidor
Ketchup ketchup

Enhanced Diamond Double Axe enhanced_diamond_double_axe
Netherite Double Axe netherite_double_axe
Enhanced Golden Double Axe enhanced_golden_double_axe
Enhanced Netherite Double Axe enhanced_netherite_double_axe
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Enhanced Wooden Double Axe enhanced_wooden_double_axe
Diamond Double Axe diamond_double_axe
Enhanced Stone Double Axe enhanced_stone_double_axe
Iron Double Axe iron_double_axe
Enhanced Iron Double Axe enhanced_iron_double_axe
Stone Double Axe stone_double_axe
Wooden Double Axe wooden_double_axe
Golden Double Axe golden_double_axe
Diamond Spaxer diamond_spaxer
Enhanced Stone Hammer enhanced_stone_hammer
Enhanced Golden Hammer enhanced_golden_hammer
Wooden Hammer wooden_hammer
Wooden Spade wooden_spade
Netherite Hammer netherite_hammer
Wooden Hammer wooden_hammer
Enhanced Wooden Spade enhanced_wooden_spade
Stone Hammer stone_hammer
Netherite Hammer netherite_hammer
Enhanced Diamond Spade enhanced_diamond_spade
Stone Double Axe stone_double_axe
Enhanced Wooden Double Axe enhanced_wooden_double_axe
Enhanced Netherite Spade enhanced_netherite_spade
Netherite Spade netherite_spade
Enhanced Diamond Hammer enhanced_diamond_hammer
Netherite Spaxer netherite_spaxer
Enhanced Iron Hammer enhanced_iron_hammer
Iron Spaxer iron_spaxer
Diamond Hammer diamond_hammer
Iron Spade iron_spade
Golden Spaxer golden_spaxer
Enhanced Diamond Double Axe enhanced_diamond_double_axe
Wooden Spaxer woodenspaxer
Enhanced Diamond Hammer enhanced_diamond_hammer
Stone Spaxer stone_spaxer
Golden Hammer golden_hammer
Golden Hammer golden_hammer
Diamond Hammer diamond_hammer
Iron Hammer iron_hammer
Enhanced Golden Double Axe enhanced_golden_double_axe
Enhanced Stone Double Axe enhanced_stone_double_axe
Iron Double Axe iron_double_axe
Golden Spade golden_spade
Diamond Spade diamond_spade
Golden Double Axe golden_double_axe
Netherite Double Axe netherite_double_axe
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Enhanced Wooden Hammer enhanced_wooden_hammer
Diamond Double Axe diamond_double_axe
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Enhanced Golden Spade enhanced_golden_spade
Enhanced Netherite Double Axe enhanced_netherite_double_axe
Wooden Double Axe wooden_double_axe
Enhanced Iron Double Axe enhanced_iron_double_axe
Enhanced Wooden Hammer enhanced_wooden_hammer
Enhanced Stone Spade enhanced_stone_spade
Enhanced Golden Hammer enhanced_golden_hammer
Enhanced Netherite Hammer enhanced_netherite_hammer
Enhanced Netherite Hammer enhanced_netherite_hammer
Enhanced Iron Hammer enhanced_iron_hammer
Iron Hammer iron_hammer
Stone Spade stone_spade
Enhanced Stone Hammer enhanced_stone_hammer
Stone Hammer stone_hammer
Enhanced Iron Spade enhanced_iron_spade

Towen Kenteen Spawn Egg towen_kenteen_spawn_egg

Troll Meat troll_meat
Troll Warrior Spawn Egg troll_warrior_1_spawn_egg
Troll Warrior Spawn Egg troll_warrior_2_spawn_egg
Troll Villager Spawn Egg troll_villager_2_spawn_egg
Troll Villager Spawn Egg troll_villager_3_spawn_egg
Troll Villager Spawn Egg troll_vil_spawn_1_spawn_egg
Grilled Troll Meat cooked_troll_meat
Troll Villager Spawn Egg troll_villager_1_spawn_egg
Troll Spawn Point 1 troll_spawn_point_1

Special Spawner special_spawner
Brazier brazier
Soul Brazier soul_brazier
Oak Post oak_post
Spruce Post spruce_post
Birch Post birch_post
Jungle Post jungle_post
Acacia Post acacia_post
Dark Oak Post dark_oak_post
Warped Post warped_post
Crimson Post crimson_post
Cut Oak Post cut_oak_post
Cut Spruce Post cut_spruce_post
Cut Birch Post cut_birch_post
Cut Jungle Post cut_jungle_post
Cut Acacia Post cut_acacia_post
Cut Dark Oak Post cut_dark_oak_post
Cut Warped Post cut_warped_post
Cut Crimson Post cut_crimson_post
Lapidified Jungle Post lapidified_jungle_post
Metal Framed Glass metal_framed_glass
Metal Framed Glass Pane metal_framed_glass_pane
Paper Wall paper_wall
Hanging Vines hanging_vines
Glazed Jar glazed_jar
Cracked Glazed Jar cracked_glazed_jar
White Glazed Jar white_glazed_jar
Orange Glazed Jar orange_glazed_jar
Magenta Glazed Jar magenta_glazed_jar
Light Blue Glazed Jar light_blue_glazed_jar
Yellow Glazed Jar yellow_glazed_jar
Lime Glazed Jar lime_glazed_jar
Pink Glazed Jar pink_glazed_jar
Gray Glazed Jar gray_glazed_jar
Light Gray Glazed Jar light_gray_glazed_jar
Cyan Glazed Jar cyan_glazed_jar
Purple Glazed Jar purple_glazed_jar
Blue Glazed Jar blue_glazed_jar
Brown Glazed Jar brown_glazed_jar
Green Glazed Jar green_glazed_jar
Red Glazed Jar red_glazed_jar
Black Glazed Jar black_glazed_jar
Big Glazed Jar big_glazed_jar
Cracked Big Glazed Jar cracked_big_glazed_jar
Big White Glazed Jar big_white_glazed_jar
Big Orange Glazed Jar big_orange_glazed_jar
Big Magenta Glazed Jar big_magenta_glazed_jar
Big Light Blue Glazed Jar big_light_blue_glazed_jar
Big Yellow Glazed Jar big_yellow_glazed_jar
Big Lime Glazed Jar big_lime_glazed_jar
Big Pink Glazed Jar big_pink_glazed_jar
Big Gray Glazed Jar big_gray_glazed_jar
Big Light Gray Glazed Jar big_light_gray_glazed_jar
Big Cyan Glazed Jar big_cyan_glazed_jar
Big Purple Glazed Jar big_purple_glazed_jar
Big Blue Glazed Jar big_blue_glazed_jar
Big Brown Glazed Jar big_brown_glazed_jar
Big Green Glazed Jar big_green_glazed_jar
Big Red Glazed Jar big_red_glazed_jar
Big Black Glazed Jar big_black_glazed_jar
Big Jar Top big_jar_top
Lapidified Jungle Log lapidified_jungle_log
Lapidified Jungle Wood lapidified_jungle_wood
Lapidified Jungle Planks lapidified_jungle_planks
Lapidified Jungle Slab lapidified_jungle_slab
Lapidified Jungle Stairs lapidified_jungle_stairs
Lapidified Jungle Pressure Plate lapidified_jungle_pressure_plate
Lapidified Jungle Button lapidified_jungle_button
Lapidified Jungle Fence lapidified_jungle_fence
Lapidified Jungle Fence Gate lapidified_jungle_fence_gate
Explorer's Tent explorers_tent
Hibiscus hibiscus
Giant Fern giant_fern
Doused Torch doused_torch
Doused Soul Torch doused_soul_torch
Dungeon Door dungeon_door
Bone Pile bone_pile
Bone Pile Block bone_pile_block

Red Candy Cane red_candy_cane
Green Candy Cane green_candy_cane
Blue Candy Cane blue_candy_cane
Cryomarble Shard cryomarble_shard
Cryomarble cryomarble
Cryomarble Sword cryomarble_sword
Cryomarble Shovel cryomarble_shovel
Cryomarble Pickaxe cryomarble_pickaxe
Cryomarble Axe cryomarble_axe
Cryomarble Hoe cryomarble_hoe
Red Santa Hat red_santa_hat
Blue Santa Hat blue_santa_hat
White Scarf white_scarf
Blue Scarf blue_scarf
Red Scarf red_scarf
Green Scarf green_scarf
Icicle icicle
Icicle Block icicle_block
Icicle Bars icicle_bars
Icicle Pane icicle_pane
Snowguy snowguy
Snowball Wall snowball_wall
Dense Snow dense_snow
Dense Snow Stairs dense_snow_stairs
Dense Snow Slab dense_snow_slab
Snow Bricks snow_bricks
Snow Brick Stairs snow_brick_stairs
Snow Brick Slab snow_brick_slab
Raw Cryomarble Shard raw_cryomarble_shard
Paper Block paper_block
Paper Bricks paper_bricks
Red Paper Block red_paper_block
Red Paper Bricks red_paper_bricks
Green Paper Block green_paper_block
Green Paper Bricks green_paper_bricks
Blue Paper Block blue_paper_block
Blue Paper Bricks blue_paper_bricks
Purple Paper Block purple_paper_block
Purple Paper Bricks purple_paper_bricks
Yellow Paper Block yellow_paper_block
Yellow Paper Bricks yellow_paper_bricks
Black Paper Block black_paper_block
Black Paper Bricks black_paper_bricks
Light Blue Paper Block light_blue_paper_block
Light Blue Paper Bricks light_blue_paper_bricks
Lime Paper Block lime_paper_block
Lime Paper Bricks lime_paper_bricks
Pink Paper Block pink_paper_block
Pink Paper Bricks pink_paper_bricks
Cyan Paper Block cyan_paper_block
Cyan Paper Bricks cyan_paper_bricks
Light Gray Paper Block light_gray_paper_block
Light Gray Paper Bricks light_gray_paper_bricks
Gray Paper Block gray_paper_block
Gray Paper Bricks gray_paper_bricks
Magenta Paper Block magenta_paper_block
Magenta Paper Bricks magenta_paper_bricks
Brown Paper Block brown_paper_block
Brown Paper Bricks brown_paper_bricks
Garland Lights garland_lights
Rainy Garland Lights rainy_garland_lights
White Present white_present
Red Present red_present
Green Present green_present
Blue Present blue_present
Purple Present purple_present
Yellow Present yellow_present
Black Present black_present
Light Blue Present light_blue_present
Lime Present lime_present
Pink Present pink_present
Cyan Present cyan_present
Light Gray Present light_gray_present
Gray Present gray_present
Magenta Present magenta_present
Brown Present brown_present

Shadow Sword my_tool
Fire Steel my_dimension
Shadow pickaxe my_tool_6
Mirium MultiTool my_tool_5
Mirium axe my_tool_4
White scale my_item_2
Mirium Gem my_item_4
Invocation egg my_item_3
Mirium Gem my_item_4
Invocation egg my_item_3
Zalimite Ingot my_item_5
Mirium Pickaxe my_tool_3
Fire Steel my_dimension
Mirium sword my_tool_2
Zalimite ore myb_lock_2
Mirium ore my_block
Dragon scale my_item
Zalimite axe zalimite_axe
Zalimite Legs my_armor_leggings
Dragon scale my_item
Shadow Sword my_tool
Shadow Sword my_tool
Condemned soul Spawn Egg my_mob_spawn_egg
Condemned soul Spawn Egg my_mob_spawn_egg
Zalimite helmet my_armor_helmet
Zalimite helmet my_armor_helmet
Crazy Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_2
Crazy Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_2
Fire Steel my_dimension
Fire Steel my_dimension
Death Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_3
Death Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_3
Zalimite Chastplate my_armor_chestplate
Zalimite Chastplate my_armor_chestplate
Dragon scale my_item
Dragon scale my_item
Condemned soul Spawn Egg my_mob_spawn_egg
Condemned soul Spawn Egg my_mob_spawn_egg
Shadow Sword my_tool
Shadow Sword my_tool
Zalimite ore myb_lock_2
Zalimite ore myb_lock_2
Mirium Pickaxe my_tool_3
Mirium Pickaxe my_tool_3
Zalimite boots my_armor_boots
Zalimite boots my_armor_boots
White scale my_item_2
White scale my_item_2
Mirium sword my_tool_2
Mirium sword my_tool_2
Mirium sword my_tool_2
Mirium sword my_tool_2
Invocation egg my_item_3
Invocation egg my_item_3
Mirium MultiTool my_tool_5
Mirium MultiTool my_tool_5
Mirium Pickaxe my_tool_3
Mirium Pickaxe my_tool_3
Mirium Gem my_item_4
Mirium Gem my_item_4
Mirium axe my_tool_4
Mirium axe my_tool_4
Zalimite Legs my_armor_leggings
Zalimite Legs my_armor_leggings
Mirium axe my_tool_4
Mirium axe my_tool_4
Zalimite Ingot my_item_5
Zalimite Ingot my_item_5
Mirium MultiTool my_tool_5
Mirium MultiTool my_tool_5
Shadow pickaxe my_tool_6
Shadow pickaxe my_tool_6
Zalimite boots my_armor_boots
Zalimite boots my_armor_boots
Zalimite Sword my_tool_7
Zalimite Sword my_tool_7
Interdimensional portal my_block_3
Interdimensional portal my_block_3
Zalimite helmet my_armor_helmet
Zalimite helmet my_armor_helmet
Shadow pickaxe my_tool_6
Shadow pickaxe my_tool_6
Zalimite Pickaxe my_tool_8
Zalimite Pickaxe my_tool_8
Mirium ore my_block
Mirium ore my_block
Death Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_3
Death Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_3
Crazy Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_2
Crazy Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_2
White scale my_item_2
White scale my_item_2
Zalimite Chastplate my_armor_chestplate
Zalimite Chastplate my_armor_chestplate
Crazy Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_2
Mirium ore my_block
Death Dimension Portal Igniter my_dimension_3

Bad Idea bad_idea
Break Up With You Girlfriend break_up_with_you_girlfriend
Thank U, Next thank_u_next
7 Rings rings

Letter letter
Oak Crate oak_crate
Birch Crate birch_crate
Spruce Crate spruce_crate
Jungle Crate jungle_crate
Acacia Crate acacia_crate
Dark Oak Crate dark_oak_crate
Birch Chair birch_chair
Oak Chair oak_chair
Acacia Chair acacia_chair
Jungle Chair jungle_chair
Spruce Chair spruce_chair
Furniture Workbench furniture_workbench
Chimney Cap chimney_cap
Drum Tom (WIP) drum_tom
Drum Snare (WIP) drum_snare
Purple Amphora purple_amphora
Red Amphora red_amphora
Yellow Amphora yellow_amphora
Book Pile book_pile
Red-Orange Bunting red_bunting
Blue-Yellow Bunting yellow_bunting
Purple-Lime Bunting green_bunting
Metal Mailbox metal_mailbox
Brick Chimney Conduit brick_chimney_conduit
Oak Square Table oak_square_table
Oak Table oak_table
Oak Bedside Table oak_bedside_table
Oak Kitchen Cabinet oak_kitchen_cabinet
Oak Cabinet oak_cabinet
Oak Stool oak_stool
Oak Wardrobe oak_wardrobe
Oak Shutter oak_shutter
Birch Cabinet birch_cabinet
Birch Wardrobe birch_wardrobe
Birch Kitchen Cabinet birch_kitchen_cabinet
Birch Bedside Table birch_bedside_table
Birch Table birch_table
Birch Square Table birch_square_table
Birch Stool birch_stool
Birch Shutter birch_shutter
Acacia Cabinet acacia_cabinet
Acacia Wardrobe acacia_wardrobe
Acacia Kitchen Cabinet acacia_kitchen_cabinet
Acacia Table acacia_table
Acacia Square Table acacia_square_table
Acacia Stool acacia_stool
Acacia Shutter acacia_shutter
Jungle Cabinet jungle_cabinet
Jungle Wardrobe jungle_wardrobe
Jungle Kitchen Cabinet jungle_kitchen_cabinet
Jungle Bedside Table jungle_bedside_table
Jungle Table jungle_table
Jungle Square Table jungle_square_table
Jungle Stool jungle_stool
Jungle Shutter jungle_shutter
Dark Oak Cabinet dark_oak_cabinet
Dark Oak Wardrobe dark_oak_wardrobe
Dark Oak Bedside Table dark_oak_bedside_table
Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinet dark_oak_kitchen_cabinet
Dark Oak Table dark_oak_table
Dark Oak Square Table dark_oak_square_table
Dark Oak Throne dark_oak_chair
Dark Oak Stool dark_oak_stool
Dark Oak Shutter dark_oak_shutter
Spruce Cabinet spruce_cabinet
Spruce Wardrobe spruce_wardrobe
Spruce Kitchen Cabinet spruce_kitchen_cabinet
Spruce Bedside Table spruce_bedside_table
Spruce Table spruce_table
Spruce Square Table spruce_square_table
Spruce Stool spruce_stool
Spruce Shutter spruce_shutter
White Sofa white_sofa
Black Sofa black_sofa
Blue Sofa blue_sofa
Brown Sofa brown_sofa
Cyan Sofa cyan_sofa
Gray Sofa gray_sofa
Green Sofa green_sofa
Light Blue Sofa light_blue_sofa
Light Gray Sofa light_gray_sofa
Lime Sofa lime_sofa
Magenta Sofa magenta_sofa
Orange Sofa orange_sofa
Pink Sofa pink_sofa
Purple Sofa purple_sofa
Red Sofa red_sofa
Yellow Sofa yellow_sofa
White Awning white_awning
Black Awning black_awning
Blue Awning blue_awning
Brown Awning brown_awning
Cyan Awning cyan_awning
Gray Awning gray_awning
Green Awning green_awning
Light Blue Awning light_blue_awning
Light Gray Awning light_gray_awning
Lime Awning lime_awning
Magenta Awning magenta_awning
Orange Awning orange_awning
Pink Awning pink_awning
Purple Awning purple_awning
Red Awning red_awning
Yellow Awning yellow_awning
Amphora amphora
White Amphora white_amphora
Black Amphora black_amphora
Blue Amphora blue_amphora
Brown Amphora brown_amphora
Cyan Amphora cyan_amphora
Gray Amphora gray_amphora
Green Amphora green_amphora
Light Blue Amphora light_blue_amphora
Light Gray Amphora light_gray_amphora
Lime Amphora lime_amphora
Magenta Amphora magenta_amphora
Orange Amphora orange_amphora
Pink Amphora pink_amphora
Acacia Bedside Table acacia_bedside_table

Crafting Sword craftingsword
Crafting Pickaxe craftingpickaxe
Crafting Helmet crafting_helmet
Crafting Leggings crafting_leggings
Crafting Shovel craftingshovel
Crafting Axe craftingaxe
Craftinghoe craftinghoe
Crafting Boots crafting_boots
Crafting Chestplate crafting_chestplate

Sun planet_sun
Mercury planet_mercury
Venus planet_venus
Earth planet_earth
Moon planet_moon
Mars planet_mars
Jupiter planet_jupiter
Europa planet_europa
Io planet_io
Ganymede planet_ganymede
Saturn planet_saturn
Titan planet_titan
Uranus planet_uranus
Neptune planet_neptune
Pluto planet_pluto
Filter set to fluid_filter
Empty fluid_empty
Water fluid_water
Oxygen fluid_oxygen
Hydrogen fluid_hydrogen
Methane fluid_methane
Hydrocarbon Sludge fluid_sludge
Lava fluid_lava
Bucket of Methane methane_bucket
Crude Rocket Ship rocket_ship_box
Basic Rocket Ship rocket_ship_box_v2
Liquid Fuel Rocket Ship rocket_ship_box_v3
Hover Bike hoverbike_box
Shuttle shuttle_a_box
Space Cat space_cat
Personal Beamer personal_beamer
Fuel Canister fuel_can
Trajectory Plot (Mars) launch_solution_mars
Trajectory Plot (Ganymede) launch_solution_ganymede
Trajectory Plot (Mercury) launch_solution_mercury
Trajectory Plot (Titan) launch_solution_titan
Trajectory Plot (Europa) launch_solution_europa
Trajectory Plot (IO) launch_solution_io
Protective Helmet enviro_helmet
Protective Leggings enviro_legs
Protective Suit enviro_armor
Protective Boots enviro_feet
Heat Resistant Helmet cooling_helmet
Heat Resistant Leggings cooling_legs
Heat Resistant Suit cooling_armor
Heat Resistant Boots cooling_feet
Night Vision Helmet enhanced_helmet
Oxide life_support_o2
Cold Shard shard_cold
Radiant Shard shard_hot
Power Shard shard_power
Living Shard shard_living
Crude Rocket Engine part_engine_crude
Basic Rocket Engine part_engine_basic
Liquid Rocket Engine part_engine_liquid
Rocket Booster part_booster
Laser Pistol laser_pistol
Package package_item
Airlock Base airlock_base
Airlock Field airlock_field
Titan Sludge titan_sludge
Manual Crank manual_crank
Packing Machine packer
Motor motor
Mining Drill miner_drill
Fan fan
Gearbox gearbox
Conveyor Duct conveyor
Storage Box storage
Press press
Redstone Motor redstone_motor
Redstone Generator redstone_generator
Powered Furnace power_furnace
Fluid Pipe fluid_pipe
Fluid Extractor fluid_extractor
Fluid Pump fluid_pump
Fluid Tank fluid_tank
Catalyzer catalyzer
Scoria rockpile_a
Copper Rich Rock rockpile_b
Aluminum Block aluminum_block
Transport Duct transport_duct
Life Suport Generator life_support
Furnace Generator powergen
Electrolyzer electro
Cloning Device cloning_device
Crusher crusher
Cosmic Generator solargen
Oxygen Generator oxy_gen
Red Powered Lamp red_lamp
Green Powered Lamp green_lamp
Blue Powered Lamp blue_lamp
Light Soil moon_soil
Dark Soil dark_soil
Red Soil red_soil
Sulfuric Soil sulfuric_soil
Sulfur Vent sulfur_vent
Scorched Soil scorched_soil
Icy Sand titan_sand
Icy Rock titan_ice
Sediment europa_sediment
Gemmed Sediment europa_sediment_diamond
Deep Stalk europa_stalk
Squid Jelly Block europa_squid_jelly
Deep Coral europa_coral
Deep Gem Coral europa_gemcoral
Transport Core transport_core
Red Rock red_rock
Rich Deposit rich_rock
Powered Panel powered_panel
Sealed Glass sealed_glass
Sealed Glass (Light) sealed_glass_light
Panel (Bright) panel_bright
Panel (Dark) panel_dark
Metal Block metal_block
Metal Column metal_column
Metal Wall metal_pirate
Metal Frame metal_frame
Cold Element element_cold
Radiant Element element_hot
Living Element element_living
Power Element element_power
Space Debris space_debris
Ender Beamer Base portal_beam_block
Chroma Crystal chroma_crystal
Cosmic Crystal space_crystal
Plotting Station plotter_station
Machinist Station machinist_station
Salvager Station salvager_station
Battery Block battery_block
Power Cable wire
Copper Ore copper_ore
Aluminum Ore aluminum_ore
Starship Control starship_control
Starship Engine starship_engine
Starship Powersource starship_powersource
Starship Conduit starship_conduit
Colony Command Center colony_command
Video Game luxury_game1
Video Game luxury_game2
Rocket Launch Station rocket_station
Launch Pad launch_pad
Dome Constructor auto_constructor
Fire Weed fire_weed
Fire Weed fire_weed_stem
Starship Core starship_core
Starship Assembly starship_assembly
Starship Coordinates starship_plot
Starship Beamer portal_beam_fuel
Oxygen Tank oxygen_tank
Build Platform build_platform
Raw Aluminum raw_aluminum
Copper Ingot copper_ingot
Copper Plate copper_plate
Aluminum Ingot aluminum_ingot
Aluminum Plate aluminum_plate
Aluminum Catalyst aluminum_catalyst
Iron Plate iron_plate
Gold Plate gold_plate
Iron Gear iron_gear
Netherite Gear netherite_gear
Copper Wire copper_wire
Gold Wire gold_wire
Gear Template gear_template
Wire Template wire_template
Cryo Tube cryo_tube
Cryo Tube (Villager) cryo_villager
Cryo Tube (Sheep) cryo_sheep
Cryo Tube (Cow) cryo_cow
Display Component component_display
Gold Coil component_coil
Capacitor Component component_capacitor
Redstone Magnet component_redstone_magnet
Isotope Battery component_isotope_battery
Salvaged Isotope scrap_isotope
Salvaged Amplifier scrap_amplifier
Salvaged Magnet scrap_magnet
Salvaged Disk scrap_disk
Salvaged Circuit scrap_circuit
Common Token token_green
Rare Token token_gold
Precious Token token_pink

Mango mango
Mango's Seed seed
Mango Seed Helmet mango_seed_helmet
Golden Mango golden_mango
Enchanted Golden Mango enchanted_golden_mango
Block of Mango blockofmango
Mango Log mango_log
Mango Wood mango_wood
Stripped Mango Log stripped_mango_log
Stripped Mango Wood stripped_mango_wood
Mango Planks mango_planks
Mango Stair mango_stair
Mango Slab mango_slab
Mango Fence mango_fence
Mango Fence Gate mango_fence_gate
Mango Button mango_button
Mango Pressure plate mango_pressure_plate
Mango door mango_door
Mango Trapdoor mango_trapdoor
Mango Leaves mango_leaves
Mango Sapling mango_sapling

Raw Mythril Block raw_mythril_block
Mythril Chunk mythril_chunk
Arcanium Beacon (WIP) arcanium_beacon
Mythril Knife mythril_knife
Mythril Chunk mythril_chunk
End Pebble end_chunk
Lapis Orb lapis_orb
Arcanium Beacon Frame arcanium_beacon_frame
Empty Arcanium Bottle empty_arcanium_bottle
Mythril Ore mythril_ore
Arcanium Bottle arcanium_bottle
Mythril Bar mythril_bar
End Copper Ore end_copper_ore
Mythril Bar mythril_bar
Mythril Ore mythril_ore
Mythril Staff mythril_staff
Evoked Tomb (WIP) evoked_tomb
Block of Mythril mythril_block
Mythril Staff mythril_staff
Lapis Orb lapis_orb
End Pebble end_chunk
Mythril Knife mythril_knife

White Discholder white_discholder
Orange Discholder orange_discholder
Magenta Discholder magenta_discholder
Light Blue Discholder light_blue_discholder
Yellow Discholder yellow_discholder
Lime Discholder lime_discholder
Pink Discholder pink_discholder
Gray Discholder gray_discholder
Light Gray Discholder light_gray_discholder
Cyan Discholder cyan_discholder
Purple Discholder purple_discholder
Blue Discholder blue_discholder
Brown Discholder brown_discholder
Red Discholder red_discholder
Green Discholder green_discholder
Black Discholder black_discholder
LaRaikaa - Baroque Nightmare music_disc_baroque_nightmare
Yellow Tune - Cleopatra music_disc_cleopona
Mumble - For The New Lunar Republic music_disc_for_the_new_lunar_republic
Jeffthestrider - No Strings Attached music_disc_no_strings_attached
Panic - Sun Burst music_disc_sun_burst
Flyghtning - The Tree of Harmony music_disc_harmony
MrMehster - SP1RIT ANIMAL music_disc_spirit_animal
Any Disc music_disc_empty

Enhanced Diamond Spade enhanced_diamond_spade
Enhanced Wooden Spade enhanced_wooden_spade
Enhanced Netherite Spade enhanced_netherite_spade
Enhanced Iron Spade enhanced_iron_spade
Golden Spade golden_spade
Netherite Spade netherite_spade
Enhanced Stick enhanced_stick
Enhanced Golden Spade enhanced_golden_spade
Wooden Spade wooden_spade
Iron Spade iron_spade
Diamond Spade diamond_spade
Enhanced Stone Spade enhanced_stone_spade
Stone Spade stone_spade