Brown Mushroom

The brown mushroom grows in the Swamp biome, in a Dark Forest, on a Mushroom Island, in a forest mansion and in many other shaded places. They are also generated in the Cluster.

Brown mushroom is not only a food source, but also a component of some potions.

Brown mushrooms can be grown by creating the necessary conditions for their growth.

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Questions about brown mushroom

Here you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about brown mushroom.

For the first time mushrooms appeared in Minecraft in the Classic version, and had only a decorative function. Later, brown mushrooms became food, and in version 0.31 they could be eaten only in the form of stewed mushrooms. With the launch of beta 1.6, mushrooms got the property to spread, which gave players the opportunity to create mushroom farms.

In version 1.0.0 of the official release, the "Mushroom Island" biomes appeared. Then the mushrooms seemed to have been forgotten for two whole years. In version 1.7.2, a podzole block was added to the game, which, like mycelium, allowed growing mushrooms without paying attention to the level of illumination.

In version 1.8, brown mushrooms became one of the ingredients for crafting stewed rabbit, and in version 1.14 – suspicious soup (mysterious stew).

Brown mushrooms, which appear due to natural generation, can be collected without a tool, just by hitting them. To speed up the collection, you can pour water on them, or by increasing the lighting level – in this case, they will simply "fall out" and they will just have to be collected.

Brown mushrooms can spread to neighboring blocks under certain conditions.

  • Mushrooms grow on neighboring blocks, while neighboring blocks can be higher or lower than the block with the "parent" mushroom. However, the chance of mushroom growth on blocks in the same plane is about 50%, and on layers with a level higher or lower – 25%.
  • Mushrooms will not grow on translucent blocks and semi-blocks.
  • The block must not be touched by water or lava.

A brown mushroom also requires a certain level of illumination to appear and grow. Best of all, it will grow into neighboring blocks at a lighting level of 6. The upper limit of the permissible brightness is 12. The exception is the mycelium and podzole blocks, on which the brown mushroom will grow at any level of illumination.

For reference: the level of illumination from the torch — 14, red torch — 7, sunlight - 15. The intensity of light decreases with distance from the light source with each block by 1 unit.

The unpretentiousness of the brown mushroom to the growing conditions contributed to the emergence of mushroom farms for the mass cultivation of mushrooms. But the updates of version 1.8 have limited the reproduction of mushrooms to up to 5 pieces in the zone 9*9*3, and mushroom farms have become ineffective.

However, growing huge mushrooms with bone meal is still widely used by players.

If we talk about the natural generation of brown mushrooms, then they can be found in abundance in the mushroom biome and in almost all other biomes where there are favorable conditions for their growth. Including in caves and even in the Nether.

If you find a mushroom cow (brown fly agaric) and cut it with scissors, you can get 5 mushrooms at once, and if you milk it with an empty bowl, you get a bowl of stewed mushrooms.

A brown mushroom can be found planted in a pot in a village or mansion. If it is destroyed, then a mushroom and a pot will fall out separately.

If you destroy a huge mushroom with a tool without the "Silk Touch" charm, then there is a chance of brown mushrooms falling out.

You can buy a brown mushroom from a Wandering Trader for an emerald.

A brown mushroom can be placed in a frame and hung on the wall in a dwelling, or planted in a pot and used as a decor.

Mushroom biome is a great place to live. The only mob that can appear there is a brown mooshroom and bats. This makes the mushroom biome a peaceful environment for players who can enjoy playing the game and not worry about being attacked by hostile mobs.

From blocks of huge brown mushrooms, you can get brown mushrooms, which can then be turned into mushroom soup or planted in a suitable soil. To do this, you need to put a block of brown mushroom on the ground and destroy it again with a usual pickaxe.

Blocks of huge mushrooms can also be used as fuel: they will burn in the furnace, melting 1.5 items per block. Due to their unusual texture, they are sometimes used as decorative blocks and building material for the creation and decoration of various buildings.

If you use scissors on a brown mooshroom, five brown mushrooms will fall out, and the brown mooshroom will turn into an ordinary cow.

  • Mushroom biome and cold ocean biome.
(Seed 96351635)
The player appears right on the shore of the mushroom biome. Next to it is a frozen ocean biome where you can find polar bears.
  • Floating houses of villagers near the mushroom biome.
(Seed 50089308080408)
Not far from the player's spawn point there is a taiga village and a mushroom biome. The village was generated in such a way that it rises strangely above the ravine, which leads to the fact that some houses seem to float in the air. Crossing the mushroom biome, players will be able to find the destroyed portal at the point -282, 66, -229.
  • Mushroom Island and other biomes.
(Seed 39458670046542)
The player will spawn on a mushroom island. Various biomes and structures are generated within a radius of two thousand blocks from this island. There is also a warm ocean biome with a coral reef near Spawn Island.

The classic method of growing mushrooms involves planting them and further natural distribution, if the lighting level allows it (the lighting level is below 13). For example, sunlight is the illumination level 15, torches emit light of the 14th level. Moving away from the light source, the illumination level drops by one unit with each block.

The place for the mushroom farm should be dark enough for the growth of mushrooms (12 or lower), and at the same time bright enough so that hostile mobs do not appear (8 or higher). However, if players have mycelium, nilium or podzol, mushrooms can be planted on them at any light level. But many players do not see the point in organizing mushroom farms for a number of reasons:

  • The growth of fungi is very slow.
  • Limit on the maximum number of mushrooms in a given area. Mushrooms will stop growing if there are already 6 mushrooms around them in the 9x9x3 area. After that, the mushrooms need to be collected.

Therefore, if players need a lot of mushrooms quickly, it is better to choose another method of their reproduction or create several farms.

A huge brown mushroom can be grown by sprinkling bone meal on a small brown mushroom.

The most important requirement for mushroom growth is the right level of illumination. Too low a light level can provoke the appearance of mobs on the farm, and too high – will stop the growth of mushrooms. Mushrooms require a light level of 13 or less. To check the light level, players can press F3.

How to craft brown mushroom

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Where to find brown mushroom

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What can be done with brown mushroom in mods

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Where to buy brown mushroom

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Screenshots of brown mushroom

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Command to get brown mushroom

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Brown Mushroom can be got using a command in creative mode. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command /give @p minecraft:brown_mushroom
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the number and who brown mushroom will be given:

/give @p minecraft:brown_mushroom 10
get 10 brown mushroom
/give MinecraftMax minecraft:brown_mushroom
brown mushroom will be given to the player with the nickname MinecraftMax