Chainmail Leggings

Chainmail Leggings in Minecraft

Chainmail leggings are a special type of leg armor that can only be crafted in creative mode. Zombies rarely appear in chainmail armor, and if you kill them, chainmail leggings may fall out. They give 4 points of armor.

Chain leggings can sometimes be purchased from the armorer.

Chainmail Leggings as armor

By wearing chainmail leggings, the player increases his level of protection in Minecraft by
. This armor can hold back 225 hits before it shatters and disappears. But you can enchant chainmail leggings for durability or repair to increase durability.
  • Minecraft versions: 11 / 10.5.1 / 1.22 / 1.21 / 1.20 / 1.19.1 / 1.19
  • COMMAND: chainmail_leggings
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Modify date: 10/16/2022

How to craft chainmail leggings

Unfortunately, there is no recipe how to craft chainmail leggings in Minecraft. But you can see where you can find chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

How to craft chainmail leggings в Minecraft
Can't be crafted

Unfortunately, chainmail leggings cannot be crafted in the inventory or on the workbench in Minecraft.

Chainmail Leggings you can buy with emeralds from villagers.

Chainmail Leggings can be obtained using commands in creative mode.

What to craft with chainmail leggings

There are 2 recipes that use chainmail leggings in crafting in Minecraft. Below you can see a description of all the recipes: pictures with ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to use chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

What can be done with chainmail leggings in mods

Есть только один рецепт, в котором используется chainmail leggings в модах Майнкрафт. Ниже вы можете посмотреть описание данного рецепта: картинка с ингредиентами и пошаговая инструкция, как использовать chainmail leggings в модах игры Minecraft.

Where to buy chainmail leggings

There is only one villager who sells chainmail leggings in Minecraft. Below you can find a detailed description of this villager from which you can buy chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

How to enchant chainmail leggings

There are 6 types of enchantments that can be applied to chainmail leggings in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of these types of enchantments that are useful to use on chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

Screenshots of chainmail leggings

There are 2 screenshots on the site, which has chainmail leggings in Minecraft. Below you can see these screenshots to get a better idea of what chainmail leggings looks like in Minecraft.

How to repair chainmail leggings

There are 3 ways how to repair chainmail leggings in Minecraft, they will to restore the durability of chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

If chainmail leggings is not enchanted, then you can combine 2 chainmail leggingss right in the inventory to get 1, but with a large remaining durability. If, when combining, one of the items had an enchantment, then after combining the enchantment will disappear. With this method of repair, neither experience nor additional resources are expended.

If chainmail leggings is enchanted, then repairs are best done on the anvil so that the enchantment is preserved or added. You can repair using chainmail leggings, chainmail leggings with enchantments, or the appropriate material that is used to craft the item.

Repairing an anvil requires experience and additional resources.

You also need to take into account that when using an anvil, its durability is lost. Therefore, it is better to combine chainmail leggings and the enchanted chainmail leggings or book at once.

And do not forget that each new repair on the anvil will cost more and more experience. Therefore, it is better to combine enchanted items right away.

Command to get chainmail leggings

There is a command that allows you to get chainmail leggings in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of this command to learn how to create chainmail leggings in Minecraft.

Chainmail Leggings can be got using a command in creative mode. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command /give @p minecraft:chainmail_leggings
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the number and who chainmail leggings will be given:

/give @p minecraft:chainmail_leggings 10
get 10 chainmail leggings
/give MinecraftMax minecraft:chainmail_leggings
chainmail leggings will be given to the player with the nickname MinecraftMax