Creeper in Minecraft

Creeper is a hostile mob in Minecraft. The creeper is dangerous because it quietly sneaks up on the player, and then begins to hiss and explode, causing significant damage to the player (up to 7.5 hearts) and nearby buildings.

Creepers are not afraid of sunlight; they can hide in the tall grass, becoming almost invisible to the player. If the player noticed the creeper in time and killed him before the explosion, then gunpowder falls out. To prevent the creeper from exploding, you can run away from it by 12 blocks.

Creepers are afraid of cats and ocelots and try to move away from them for a short distance.

Because of the unusual appearance and high efficiency of killing, the creeper has become one of the symbols of Minecraft.

Drop: Gunpowder
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Modify date: 01/17/2023

Questions about creeper

Here you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about creeper.

  • Creepers are added to Minecraft in the Classic version of Java Edition. Initially, they had 10 health points (5 hearts). For killing a creeper, the player received 250 points. They fought the player like zombies, but exploded at death.
  • In the Indev version of Java Edition, gunpowder drops out after killing a creeper, and an explosion occurs when the creeper approaches the player.
  • In the Beta version of Java Edition in version 1.4, the creeper's head appeared in the letter "A" in the Minecraft logo. In version 1.5, charged creepers appeared. In version 1.6, creepers do not see the player through doors and windows.
  • In the Official release of Java Edition in version 1.0.0, creepers do not attack the player in the creative mode of the game, and in version 1.2.1, creepers began to be afraid of cats. Since version 1.3.1, the damage a player receives from a creeper depends on the difficulty of the game. Starting from version 1.7.2, the creeper can be blown up with a flint. In version 1.9, in snapshot 15w39a, the creeper's height has been changed from 1.8 to 1.7 blocks.

This is a green-colored mob without arms, but with four short legs on which there are black claws. On the head there are empty eye sockets and a mouth curved downwards.

The creeper will become charged, which can be determined by the blue "glow" around it. The explosion force of such a creeper is increased. If such a creeper explodes next to other mobs, their heads will fall out.

Creepers are hostile only to the player and begin to feel him as soon as the distance between them is reduced to 16 blocks. From that moment on, the creeper starts chasing the player. When 3 blocks remain between the creeper and the player, the creeper begins to hiss and blink, and after 1.5 seconds it explodes. If you kill the creeper before it explodes, there will be no explosion. Also, during the hissing of the creeper, the player can move away from the creeper by 3-5 blocks. If the distance between the creeper and the player increases by more than 16 blocks, the creeper stops chasing.

Creepers are able to climb stairs, but do not do it on their own. They are not afraid of water; they are able to overcome difficult obstacles.

Creepers will not approach cats and ocelots closer than 5 blocks, even if they are chasing the player.

  • Tamed mobs and iron golems, as well as zoglins, will never attack creepers
  • The creeper does not attack residents and is safe for them
  • If the creeper explodes on the stove, then only the stove on which it was standing will break. The terrain is not damaged at the same time
  • There will be no destruction of the environment during an explosion in the water, although damage to players and mobs will still be inflicted
  • Creeper was Notch's failed attempt to create a pig
  • According to Notch, he recorded the sound of the creeper preparing for an explosion while frying bacon
  • If you manage to throw a trident with Thunderer charms at a creeper ready to explode during a thunderstorm, then it will not explode, but will become charged
  • It is easier to kill a creeper in Bedrock Edition than in Java Edition, since with each hit the creeper is dropped by 1 block, and cannot detonate. In Java Edition, this can only happen if the sword is enchanted to be discarded, but even then you often have to step back
  • If the player enters the reed, the creeper will lose sight of him and stop chasing him. This trick can be used in the battle with clusters of creepers

The creeper explosion is 4 times weaker than the TNT explosion.

The damage depends on the difficulty of the game: if the player is wearing a full set of diamond armor, then on a light difficulty, the damage from the explosion will be no more than 2 hearts (4 health points). And on the "hardcore" difficulty - 7.5 hearts (15 experience points).

Only blocks with an explosion resistance of more than 63.5. These are for example obsidian, crying obsidian and a block of netherite.

If you kill creepers before they explode, then gunpowder will fall out.

If the creeper is killed by a skeleton or a zymogor, then a random plate will fall out of it, except Otherside, Pigstep or 5.

The easiest way to do this is with a bow. With a full stretch of the bowstring, two shots will leave the creeper with only 1 to 4 health points (0.5-2 hearts). After that, it will remain to finish him off with a sword blow. If the bow is enchanted with "Strength", then you will not need to finish it off.

A creeper can be set on fire with a flint, and the creeper will explode.

Melee combat with a creeper is best avoided. But if you have to fight him face to face, then in this case it is better to strike with a sword while retreating.

  • Illuminate the entire area near the dwelling
  • Do not install pressure plates in front of the door; otherwise the creeper will easily enter the house
  • To protect the territory with a fence, wall or rails – the creeper cannot pass through the rails
  • Use explosion-resistant materials in buildings
  • Place cats around the perimeter every 5-7 blocks

How to craft creeper

There is only one recipe for how to craft creeper in Minecraft. Below you can see a description of this recipe: a picture with ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make creeper in Minecraft.

Where to find creeper

There are 37 places where you can get creeper in Minecraft. Below you can find a detailed description of all these places where you can get creeper in the game Minecraft.

What to craft with creeper

There is only one recipe that uses creeper in crafting in Minecraft. Below you can see a description of this recipe: a picture with ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to use creeper in Minecraft.

Drop from creeper

There is only one item that drops from creeper in Minecraft. Below you can find a detailed description of this item, which can be obtained by killing creeper in Minecraft.

Screenshots of creeper

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Command to summon creeper

There is a command that allows you to summon creeper in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of this command to learn how to create creeper in Minecraft.

Creeper can be summoned using a command in creative mode. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command /summon minecraft:creeper
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the coordinates by which creeper will be called:

/summon minecraft:creeper ~ ~ ~
the current coordinates of the player
/summon minecraft:creeper 100 ~ 200
X coordinate = 100, Y = current Y coordinate of the caller, Z coordinate = 200
/summon minecraft:creeper ~10 50 ~-2
X = current X-coordinate + 10 blocks, Y = 50, Z = current Z-coordinate - 2 blocks

X - coordinate from west to east, Y - height, Z - coordinate from south to north.