Dripstone Caves

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Emeralds will be translated to the author
How to get emeralds free?

You appear in a huge karst cave. Absolutely everything is in here. How to survive in such conditions?

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Original nameDripstone Caves
BiomDripstone Caves
File10Mb, zip
FeaturesSurvival mode / Version 1.18 and higher

Information for authors

Installing the map "Dripstone Caves"

Below is a detailed step-by-step instruction for installing the "Dripstone Caves" map so that you can play Minecraft with pleasure!

  1. Accumulate or buy the missing amount of emeralds.
  2. When there are enough emeralds, click the "Download" button.
  3. Emeralds will be debited from your account, and the "Download" button will immediately appear.
  4. Download the map, inside it is a zip-archive with the folder "Dripstone Caves".
  5. Go to Minecraft, the main menu will appear.
  6. Press the "Single Player" button, a list of saved worlds will appear.
  7. Select any saved world, the buttons below will be activated.
  8. Press the "Edit" button, the world settings menu will appear.
  9. Click the "Open world folder" button, the Explorer window will open.
  10. Go to the "saves" folder, a list of folders of saved Minecraft worlds will appear.
  11. Copy the "Dripstone Caves" folder (from the zip archive in step #4) to the "saves" folder.
  12. Return to Minecraft.
  13. Return to the main menu so that the menu item "Single Player" appears.
  14. Click the "Single Player" menu again to make the new map appear in the list.
  15. Start a saved world named "Dripstone Caves".
  16. Enjoy playing Minecraft!


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