Warm frog

Warm frog in Minecraft

The white or warm frog is a friendly mob in Minecraft, which was added to the game in the pre–build version 1.19 as part of a large-scale update of The Wild Update.

The white frog is one of the three types of frogs in Minecraft. In addition to her, the game features a green and a swamp frog. The white frog can be found in one of the warm biomes. What kind of frog will be depends on the biome where it spawns, or on the biome where the tadpole grew up.

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Questions about warm frog

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A warm frog and two other types of frogs were among the three mobs that users could vote for in the game at Minecon Live 2019. But then she took only second place, and therefore was not added to the game. Only 3 years after the event, the white frog and the other types were added to the game.

Warm frog is a small mob of light beige color, the size of which is approximately 0.5*0.5 blocks. It has 10 health units, which corresponds to 5 hearts. He can jump to a height of 3 blocks and, if he falls, he does not receive damage. The white frog has an interesting animation of inflating the throat sac and croaks periodically.

If the frog does not jump, it moves using all four paws alternately.

The white frog feeds on clots of mucus that stimulate the reproduction process, small magma cubes, after which it leaves a drop block of purple froglight, and small slugs, after eating which it leaves clots of mucus.

White frogs can be found near a water source, which they need for reproduction. They spawn in groups of up to five individuals. Frogs can live at a distance from reservoirs, but they will not be able to lay eggs in this case.

White frogs can be grown from tadpoles. They appear from the eggs that frogs lay. In order for this to happen, two adults and a water source nearby are needed. Each of the frogs needs to be fed a clot of mucus, after which the reproduction process starts. One of the frogs will approach the pond and caviar will appear on the surface of the water near the shore, from which tadpoles will appear after a while. After another 8-10 minutes, the tadpole will turn into an adult frog. This process can be accelerated if you feed the tadpole with clots of mucus. It is impossible to accelerate the maturation of eggs.

If, when breeding white frogs, the water source is far away, the frogs will not look for it, but will wander aimlessly around the world, then the breeding process will be canceled.

The type of frog does not depend either on the type of "parent" or on the biome in which the frog laid eggs. A white frog will grow out of a tadpole only if the tadpole is located in one of the following biomes at the moment of transformation into a frog:

  • Jungles
  • Wasteland
  • Savannah Desert
  • Warm ocean
  • Swamp(mangrove)

For example, if a tadpole that appeared in a temperate biome is transferred in a bucket to a warm biome, then a white frog will grow out of it.

Purple froglight is a decorative block that was added in The Wild Update. The color of the froglight block depends on the type of frog. The purple froglight drops out in the form of a drop after the white frog eats a small cube of magma.

Purple froglight in the game can only be obtained as a drop of warm frogs, it does not have a crafting recipe.

So far it has no use or function other than decorative. This block is unique and very beautiful, it generates a lighting level of 15, which is the highest lighting level in the game.

Many players create farms with one or different types of frogs in order to get blocks of frogs of all possible colors for the decoration of the dwelling. This was facilitated by the ability to lead a frog on a leash or lure it with a clot of mucus in your hand. If a frog is tied to a fence on a leash, it will not escape.

  • The color of the frogs that emerged from the summon egg or were summoned by the summon team will depend on the current biome. If you need a frog of a certain color, you can specify this when calling with the command.
  • Frogs can attack and eat small slugs and lava cubes. The attack mechanics of the frog differs from the attacks of other mobs: the frog throws out its long tongue and attracts the victim to its mouth with it, and she disappears, leaving behind a drop in the form of slime or froglight.

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