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Ender Dragon in Minecraft
EffectBreaks blocks

Ender Dragon is the largest mob boss living in the Ender biome. This is a black dragon with glowing purple eyes. Defeating the Ender dragon is the ultimate goal of a Minecraft player.

Ender dragon appears only once on the central island. He flies around Ender and destroys all blocks and entities not from his dimension. It is capable of destroying almost any blocks with the exception of obsidian and some other blocks that are formed in the Ender itself (see below). An Ender dragon can simply fly through such blocks.

The player can damage the ender dragon with any weapon, but the dragon constantly replenishes the health reserve with the help of Edge crystals, which are located on high pillars. Therefore, before starting a battle with Ender's dragon itself, you need to destroy all the crystals.

After the death of the Ender dragon, a large amount of experience drops out, a portal to the ordinary world and a dragon egg appear.

Drop: Dragon Egg
  • Minecraft versions: 11 / 10.5.1 / 1.22 / 1.21 / 1.20 / 1.19.1 / 1.19
  • COMMAND: ender_dragon
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Modify date: 01/16/2023

Questions about ender dragon

Here you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about ender dragon.

  • Notch announced the appearance of the Ender Dragon in the game in September 2011. The dragon itself was added to the game in the Official Java Edition (version 1.0.0, Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6) as the Edge boss.
  • In version 1.3.1, after the death of the dragon, 12,000 experience began to fall out instead of 20,000.
  • Since version 1.4.2, the dragon has had its own sound from damage.
  • Since version 1.8, Ender dragon can no longer break the barrier.
  • Since version 1.9, the dragon can be revived many times.
  • In version 1.15, some changes have been made to the texture of the mob and the texture of the acid.

Ender dragon will spawn at any difficulty level. But at the peaceful level, dragon attacks will not cause damage to the player.

To revive the Ender dragon, you need to place 4 Edge crystals in the center of each of the sides of the portal. This will start the process of restoring the Edge crystals on the obsidian pillars, and after their restoration, an ender dragon will appear. After killing the reborn Ender Dragon, the egg does not drop out, and the experience drops out much less.

This is a huge black dragon with glowing purple eyes. The Ender dragon has grey joints on its wings, spikes along its back and horns on its head.

  • Endstone and other blocks located in the End
  • Obsidian
  • Bedrock (Bedrock)
  • Iron grating
  • End Portal (both ways)
  • Command Block
  • Barrier
  • Minecart with Chest (entity)

    • Preparing for battle:
  • Have at least diamond armor (preferably netherite). Ideally, you need to enchant parts of the armor set for "Protection" and "Explosion Protection", boots for "Weightlessness".
  • From weapons – a good option would be a sword enchanted for "Durability" or a bow with enchantments for "Infinity". Other weapon charms don't work on Ender Dragon.
  • You need blocks for the construction of elevations and a supply of food (golden apples are best, but if you can't get the right amount, then a stack of any fried meat).
  • Various potions, a couple of buckets of water, Ender's pearls will come in handy.
  • To protect against Endermen, you can wear a pumpkin, but in this case the viewing angle is greatly reduced.
  • Destroy the crystals of the End, with which the Ender dragon is constantly being treated. If this is not done, it is almost impossible to defeat the dragon. Destroying crystals, you need to avoid the attacks of the dragon, which will release acid balls towards the player. Crystals can be destroyed with any projectiles, but the fastest way to do it is with arrows. If the crystal is out of reach of the shot, you will have to climb to a height that will allow you to shoot it down. This can be done using blocks or water (climbing with the current).
    • Directly fight with the Ender dragon:
  • It is best to conduct it at the bottom, being close to the portal.
  • When the dragon is far away, you need to shoot an arrow at him. As soon as he gets close, turns around and slows down to attack – it's time to strike with a sword.
  • If the dragon hovers over the return portal, the arrows will not cause damage to it. In this case, you also need to strike with a sword.
    • Hints:
  • You can climb to the highest pole, and already shoot all the crystals from it.
  • With the help of ender pearls, you can move along the tops of the towers.
  • If you break the Edge crystal while the Ender Dragon is restoring health, it will take away 1/10 of his health.
  • When destroyed, the End crystal explodes. You can reduce the damage from the explosion by building a wall 2 blocks high in front of you. And if you destroy the crystal while the Ender dragon is nearby, it will also receive damage.
  • If it turns out to teleport clearly to the End crystal with the help of ender pearls, then the player will not receive damage from the explosion, since first the crystal itself will explode from teleportation, and only then the player will appear.
  • If you take empty glass bottles with you, then you can collect the edge acid in them, which is poured by Ender's dragon. Thus, it is possible to reduce the concentration of acid clouds.
  • The ability of beds to explode in Ender can be used in combat. You need to put a bed, and in front of it a wall of 2 blocks. When the Ender dragon approaches, the player must lie down on the bed. The bed will explode and can deprive the dragon of up to 1/5 of health.

The Ender dragon will explode, emitting a purple glow and soaring up to a height of 128. Gradually it becomes transparent. Many spheres of experience fall out of it.

After Ender's dragon is killed, a return portal will open, on top of which there will be a dragon egg. When the player enters the portal, the credits will appear, after which the player will be in the Upper World at the point of rebirth.

Ender's dragon egg is the rarest item in the game, as it appears only once.

In order to collect the Ender dragon egg, you need to click on it and it will move to the end stone. After that, you need to install a torch under the block on which the egg is located and destroy this block. The egg will fall on the torch and fall out as an object. It remains only to collect it in the inventory.

Dragon breath is an ingredient for creating misty potions. To get it, you need to apply an empty bottle on the End acid cloud.

No, it can't be tamed.

Notch confirmed that the Ender Dragon is a female, and even gave her the nickname "Jean". As soon as Ender dragon is defeated in Minecraft, her egg appears on the portal, and this is another proof of belonging to the female sex, since only female creatures can lay eggs (with some exceptions).

  • Ender Dragon is immune to the "Ignition" and "Fire Aspect" charms.
  • Ender dragon is afraid of water and snowballs, but snowballs are not capable of causing him significant damage.
  • Ender Dragon can be revived again with the help of End crystals.
  • If you kill a dragon reborn with the End crystals, only 500 experience will fall out, and the dragon egg will not fall out.
  • Ender Dragon is the first mob boss added to the game, at the moment he is the strongest of them.
  • Ender Dragon has the biggest hitbox in the game, which repels the player and mobs (except for the giant, which has a little more).
  • Ender dragon, Shalker, Hoglin, Zoglin and the cruel Piglin are the only hostile mobs that spawn on a Peaceful Difficulty level. They can't do any damage to the player and are mostly friendly to him.
  • If you spawn Ender Dragon in the normal world, it will stick to the coordinates x-0, y-(?), z-0
  • The dragon's movement speed is 10 times the player's normal speed.
  • Initially, the Edge Dragon was supposed to have a completely gray texture.
  • The Ender Dragon consists of 61 rectangular parallelepipeds, and the number of its polygons is greater than that of any other mob.
  • Quite often, Ender dragon, when flying over the surface, touches the endermen with its body, which causes damage to them, which is why you can observe a picture of endermen running around the island after the dragon.
  • Ender Dragon is the first mob that visually used wings to fly.
  • If the player is outside the island, and all the crystals are destroyed, then the dragon will constantly attack the player, and not circle before hitting.
  • If the player drinks an invisibility potion, hides, or becomes invisible in some other way, the dragon will still see him.
  • Ender Dragon cannot be moved to the Lower World through the portal: it will break the portal blocks when flying into the portal.

Where to find ender dragon

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What to craft with ender dragon

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Drop from ender dragon

There is only one item that drops from ender dragon in Minecraft. Below you can find a detailed description of this item, which can be obtained by killing ender dragon in Minecraft.

What gives ender dragon

There is one item that can be obtained from ender dragon in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of this item, which drops from ender dragon in the game Minecraft.

Screenshots of ender dragon

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Command to summon ender dragon

There is a command that allows you to summon ender dragon in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of this command to learn how to create ender dragon in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon can be summoned using a command in creative mode. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command /summon minecraft:ender_dragon
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the coordinates by which ender dragon will be called:

/summon minecraft:ender_dragon ~ ~ ~
the current coordinates of the player
/summon minecraft:ender_dragon 100 ~ 200
X coordinate = 100, Y = current Y coordinate of the caller, Z coordinate = 200
/summon minecraft:ender_dragon ~10 50 ~-2
X = current X-coordinate + 10 blocks, Y = 50, Z = current Z-coordinate - 2 blocks

X - coordinate from west to east, Y - height, Z - coordinate from south to north.