Giant in Minecraft

Giant in Minecraft is a huge zombie, 11 blocks high. It can only be spawned with a command. There is no use, except for decorative. The giant zombie is motionless, always looking in one direction, not aggressive. You can only move it by hitting it.

Publish date:
Modify date: 10/16/2022

Screenshots of giant

There are 2 screenshots on the site, which has giant in Minecraft. Below you can see these screenshots to get a better idea of what giant looks like in Minecraft.

Command to summon giant

There is a command that allows you to summon giant in Minecraft. Below you can see a detailed description of this command to learn how to create giant in Minecraft.

Giant can be summoned using a command in creative mode. This requires:

  1. open chat (press "T")
  2. write command /summon minecraft:giant
  3. press "ENTER"

You can also specify the coordinates by which giant will be called:

/summon minecraft:giant ~ ~ ~
the current coordinates of the player
/summon minecraft:giant 100 ~ 200
X coordinate = 100, Y = current Y coordinate of the caller, Z coordinate = 200
/summon minecraft:giant ~10 50 ~-2
X = current X-coordinate + 10 blocks, Y = 50, Z = current Z-coordinate - 2 blocks

X - coordinate from west to east, Y - height, Z - coordinate from south to north.